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Fox Racing Motion Boots

Fox Racing Motion Boots

2023 Model
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Finding that performance sweet spot of reliable grip and rugged durability, the Motion Boots are ready to take your riding to the next level. Tailor made for intermediate to advanced level riders, looking for performance boots that can handle a wide range of situations. Motion Boots are constructed using Duratac compound on the outsole and burn guard, offering grip you can count on, without sacrificing durability. The slim and flat medial design, increases the surface area to keep you in close contact with the bike, further enhancing your grip and connection. The size range of Motion Boots means this boot is ready to race with kids and women, with that in mind, sizes 5-7 have a shorter boot height to accommodate shorter legs. Riders can now enjoy a standard, true to size fit. In terms of protection, Motion Boots incorporate TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), in strategic locations to offer reliable coverage where you need it. Behind Instinct, these boots offer the second highest level of protection. The hinge lockout system around the ankle also stops motion before hyperextension to help prevent injury. Included as part of the design is the updated buckle and closure system. This provides a durable, secure closure for a precise fit and includes extended length levers for easy opening and closing. The ball and socket mechanism ensures your mobility is never compromised, providing "float" as the boots flex and contract while you ride. This buckle and closure system is the same across all Fox boots, but Motion Boots are designed with forged metal buckles for increased durability. Combine the strategic stiffness with the mid-level comfort liner and youve got a pair of race ready boots that balance mobility, comfort, and support perfectly.

  • Exclusive DURATAC compound, on outsole and inner side of boot, balances grip and durability
  • Air mesh treated Microban antimicrobial liner helps control odor
  • Microfiber synthetic leather upper for superior comfort, fit, flex, and durability
  • Composite nylon fiberglass cuff secures and protects the ankle
  • Composite nylon fiberglass insole board provides stability in heel and flex on ball of foot
  • TPU plating on shin toe cap, heel cap and calf guard gives rider full coverage
  • Slim medial design (inner side of the boot) increases grip and contact with bike
  • Slim toe box for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile
  • Patented forged metal buckle system provides a durable, secure closure, and precise fit
  • Improved foot shaped mold offers step in comfort
  • True to size fit
  • Patented hinge lockout stops motion before hyperextension
  • Anti-shock heel pad provides impact resistance, stability and support on the foot peg
  • Resoleable outsole for a longer lasting boot even after wear and tear
  • Low ride chassis brings foot lower and closer to footpeg for enhanced feeling around brake and shifter
BrandFox Racing
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Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black 10 260-29682-001-107 In Stock. Ready to ship.7 In Stock.
Black 11 260-29682-001-116 In Stock. Ready to ship.6 In Stock.
Flo Yellow/Black 11 260-29682-130-113 In Stock. Ready to ship.3 In Stock.
Flo Yellow/Black 10 260-29682-130-103 In Stock. Ready to ship.3 In Stock.
Grey/Black 9 260-29682-330-92 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Grey/Black 12 260-29682-330-122 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Grey/Black 11 260-29682-330-112 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Flo Yellow/Black 9 260-29682-130-92 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Flo Yellow/Black 8 260-29682-130-82 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
White/Black 12 260-29682-008-122 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
White/Black 11 260-29682-008-112 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
White/Black 10 260-29682-008-102 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 9 260-29682-001-92 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 8 260-29682-001-82 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 12 260-29682-001-122 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Grey/Black 11.5 260-29682-330-1151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Black 10.5 260-29682-330-1051 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Black 10 260-29682-330-101 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Flo Yellow/Black 12 260-29682-130-121 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Flo Yellow/Black 11.5 260-29682-130-1151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Flo Yellow/Black 10.5 260-29682-130-1051 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Black 9 260-29682-008-91 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Black 8 260-29682-008-81 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Black 13 260-29682-008-131 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Black 11.5 260-29682-008-1151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Black 10.5 260-29682-008-1051 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 11.5 260-29682-001-1151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 10.5 260-29682-001-10-51 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Orange/Black/White 9.5 260-29682-824-95Unavailable.-
Orange/Black/White 9 260-29682-824-9Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 8 260-29682-824-8Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 7 260-29682-824-7Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 6 260-29682-824-6Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 5 260-29682-824-5Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 14 260-29682-824-14Unavailable.-
Orange/Black/White 13 260-29682-824-13Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 12 260-29682-824-12Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 11.5 260-29682-824-115Unavailable.-
Orange/Black/White 11 260-29682-824-11Available. 5-7 Days.-
Orange/Black/White 10.5 260-29682-824-105Unavailable.-
Orange/Black/White 10 260-29682-824-10Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Black 9.5 260-29682-330-95Unavailable.-
Grey/Black 8 260-29682-330-8Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Black 7 260-29682-330-7Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Black 6 260-29682-330-6Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Black 5 260-29682-330-5Unavailable.-
Grey/Black 14 260-29682-330-14Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Black 13 260-29682-330-13Available. 5-7 Days.-
Flo Yellow/Black 9.5 260-29682-130-95Unavailable.-
Flo Yellow/Black 7 260-29682-130-7Available. 5-7 Days.-
Flo Yellow/Black 6 260-29682-130-6Available. 5-7 Days.-
Flo Yellow/Black 5 260-29682-130-5Available. 5-7 Days.-
Flo Yellow/Black 14 260-29682-130-14Available. 5-7 Days.-
Flo Yellow/Black 13 260-29682-130-13Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 9.5 260-29682-110-95Unavailable.-
Red/Black 9 260-29682-110-9Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 8 260-29682-110-8Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 7 260-29682-110-7Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 6 260-29682-110-6Unavailable.-
Red/Black 5 260-29682-110-5Unavailable.-
Red/Black 14 260-29682-110-14Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 13 260-29682-110-13Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 12 260-29682-110-12Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 11.5 260-29682-110-115Unavailable.-
Red/Black 11 260-29682-110-11Available. 5-7 Days.-
Red/Black 10.5 260-29682-110-105Unavailable.-
Red/Black 10 260-29682-110-10Available. 5-7 Days.-
White/Black 9.5 260-29682-008-95Unavailable.-
White/Black 7 260-29682-008-7Unavailable.-
White/Black 6 260-29682-008-6Unavailable.-
White/Black 5 260-29682-008-5Unavailable.-
White/Black 14 260-29682-008-14Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black 9.5 260-29682-001-95Unavailable.-
Black 7 260-29682-001-7Unavailable.-
Black 6 260-29682-001-6Unavailable.-
Black 5 260-29682-001-5Unavailable.-
Black 14 260-29682-001-14Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black 13 260-29682-001-13Available. 5-7 Days.-
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