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Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

$164.97 - $209.95
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Alpinestars' Tech 3 Boot incorporates track proven performance technologies into an anatomically profiled performer that features protection and comfort, with a durable yet lightweight main shell, plus a range of protection features, inside and out.

  • Motocross boot with an upper construction made from innovative and light microfiber material that is flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Light microfiber on front and rear bellow gives more comfort on the flexible area
  • Toe box is made of synthetic material for high abrasion
  • Extended PU (Polyurethane) synthetic gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry
  • Entire textile lining for more comfort
  • Contoured TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) calf protector plate, TPU higher medial protector, TPU outer lateral ankle and TPU heel counter offer support and resistance to impacts
  • Soft foams surrounding the ankles and collar offer comfort and shock absorbing performance
  • Innovative one piece TPU injected dual compound foot shell, reinforced by a metal shank inside co-injected toe reinforcement
  • Injected TPU shin plate connected with the TPU medial protector panel; Velcro upper closure, plus TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) flap for broad ranging calf fit adjustment and support
  • Rear TPR gaiter patch applied on top of the TPU calf protector gives protection and comfort on rear flex
  • The TPU higher medial protector is designed with technical texture for improved grip
  • Biomechanical medial blade system allows a good front rear flex giving support and protection to the ankle
  • The ergonomic TPU triple buckle straps are wrapping harmoniously the front flex from the medial protector to the lateral side without compromising the flex
  • Closure system includes 3 polymer buckles with an innovative closure system. This closure includes a ratchet with memory and a quick release/locking system with self aligning design for easy, precise closure, all buckles are replaceable
  • Replaceable EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) footbed with textile lining on top
  • Exclusive high grip rubber compound outsole, sole is replaceable
  • C.E. certified to EN 13634:2010
These lightweight motocross boots boast a suite of performance features to give you a competitive edge. The microfiber upper is durable yet flexible for improved comfort, while contoured TPU supports throughout deliver excellent resistance to impacts. Soft foam around the collar and ankles offer a snug, anatomical fit.
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Black 15 020-2013018-10-152013018-10-1510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 14 020-2013018-1053-142013018-1053-1410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 16 020-2013018-10-162013018-10-1610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 6 020-2013018-1053-62013018-1053-610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Red 13 020-2013018-723-132013018-723-1310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 14 020-2013018-12-142013018-12-1410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 12 020-2013018-12-122013018-12-1210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Blue/White/Red 12 020-2013018-723-122013018-723-1210 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Red 10 020-2013018-723-102013018-723-1010 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 13 020-2013018-1238-132013018-1238-1310 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 9 020-2013018-12-92013018-12-910 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 8 020-2013018-12-82013018-12-810 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 13 020-2013018-12-132013018-12-1310 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 11 020-2013018-12-112013018-12-1110 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 10 020-2013018-12-102013018-12-1010 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 7 020-2013018-1053-72013018-1053-79 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Red 11 020-2013018-723-112013018-723-116 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Red 14 020-2013018-723-142013018-723-145 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 5 020-2013018-12-52013018-12-53 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 14 020-2013018-1238-142013018-1238-142 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 12 020-2013018-10-122013018-10-122 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Blue/White/Red 9 020-2013018-723-92013018-723-91 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Red 8 020-2013018-723-82013018-723-81 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 6 020-2013018-12-62013018-12-61 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 14 020-2013018-10-142013018-10-141 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 13 020-2013018-10-132013018-10-131 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 9 020-2013018-9017-92013018-9017-9Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 8 020-2013018-9017-82013018-9017-8Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 7 020-2013018-9017-72013018-9017-7Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 6 020-2013018-9017-62013018-9017-6Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 5 020-2013018-9017-52013018-9017-5Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 16 020-2013018-9017-162013018-9017-16Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 15 020-2013018-9017-152013018-9017-15Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 14 020-2013018-9017-142013018-9017-14Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 13 020-2013018-9017-132013018527013Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 12 020-2013018-9017-122013018-9017-12Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 11 020-2013018-9017-112013018-9017-11Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Cyan 10 020-2013018-9017-102013018-9017-10Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Red 7 020-2013018-723-72013018-723-7Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Red 6 020-2013018-723-62013018-723-6Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Red 5 020-2013018-723-52013018-723-5Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Red 16 020-2013018-723-162013018-723-16Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Red 15 020-2013018-723-152013018-723-15Unavailable.-
Red/White 9 020-2013018-32-92013018-32-9Unavailable.-
Red/White 8 020-2013018-32-82013018-32-8Unavailable.-
Red/White 7 020-2013018-32-72013018-32-7Unavailable.-
Red/White 12 020-2013018-32-122013018-32-12Unavailable.-
Red/White 11 020-2013018-32-112013018-32-11Unavailable.-
Red/White 10 020-2013018-32-102013018-32-10Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 9 020-2013018-1238-92013018-1238-9Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 8 020-2013018-1238-82013018-1238-8Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 7 020-2013018-1238-72013018-1238-7Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 6 020-2013018-1238-62013018-1238-6Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 5 020-2013018-1238-52013018-1238-5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 12 020-2013018-1238-122013018-1238-12Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 11 020-2013018-1238-112013018-1238-11Unavailable.-
Black/White/Flo Red/Yellow 10 020-2013018-1238-102013018-1238-10Unavailable.-
Black/White 7 020-2013018-12-72013018-12-7Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 9 020-2013018-1053-92013018-1053-9Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 8 020-2013018-1053-82013018-1053-8Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 5 020-2013018-1053-52013018-1053-5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 16 020-2013018-1053-162013018-1053-16Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 15 020-2013018-1053-152013018-1053-15Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 13 020-2013018-1053-132013018-1053-13Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 12 020-2013018-1053-122013018-1053-12Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 11 020-2013018-1053-112013018-1053-11Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red/Flo Yellow 10 020-2013018-1053-102013018-1053-10Unavailable.-
Black 9 020-2013018-10-92013018-10-9Unavailable.-
Black 8 020-2013018-10-82013018-10-8Unavailable.-
Black 7 020-2013018-10-72013018-10-7Unavailable.-
Black 6 020-2013018-10-62013018-10-6Unavailable.-
Black 5 020-2013018-10-52013018-10-5Unavailable.-
Black 11 020-2013018-10-112013018-10-11Unavailable.-
Black 10 020-2013018-10-102013018-10-10Unavailable.-
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