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Fox Racing Motocross Gear

In Sid's Garage

When Fox Racing began, it was inspired by a hometown-style feeling that one man’s innovations could become the best innovation in motorsports. To this day, Fox Racing continues to design and manufacture improvements to the components of extreme sports gear that surpass expectations, whether in cycling or moto gear. Due in no small part to this excellence in innovation, Fox Racing gear has become a favorite of professional athletes and casual motocross riders around the world. With the constant improvements to safety, comfort, design, and style, Fox Racing motorcycle gear has not only achieved its goal of keeping up with many well-known brands, but in some cases has surpassed its competitors to become the best in biking and motocross gear and apparel.

Why Riders Choose Fox Racing Motocross Race Wear?

Great riding equipment doesn’t slow you down– it brings out the best in any rider that dons them. In any terrain, and in any weather, the best riding equipment will seek to maximize efficiency and mobility to a whole new level, enhancing the rider’s overall performance without skimping on safety and comfort.

Which is why, at the end of the day, riders choose the brand that can carefully fuse both aesthetic and durability into every single component of every single product. Topped off with a high quality finish, Fox Racing Motocross Gear and Fox Racing Helmets are the products of a brand that places its riders at the forefront of its endeavors, making sure that its riders are not only bestowed with the freedom to ride, but also with an inclusive community that Fox Racing continues to represent and celebrate as each new gear that comes out.  With Fox Racing Gear, riders channel their inner foxes– fast and high-performing, tightly knit and adventurous– all polished with that unmistakable Fox Racing design.

Popular Models

Fox Racing comes with a number of popular models riders keep coming back to as their go-to gear for continuing their endless riding adventures.Fox Racing’s 180 gear boasts of its superior breathability and state-of-the-art moisture-wicking fabric, with added pads and mesh to guarantee that sought-after comfort– all at an affordable price. 

The 360 gear adds in a more durable, abrasion-free feature, carefully embellished with a more ergonomic design, optimizing support and comfort, pushing forth the core of Fox Racing’s heritage: performance and durability.

The noteworthy Legion gear, on the other hand, provides an unrestricting balance of durability and flexibility. With knee grips, thing vents, and cargo pockets, riders come prepared for almost any situation.

Finally, the lightweight Flexair is the perfect gear for even the most demanding conditions, as tested by world class motocross athletes. It boasts of TruDri moisture-wicking fabric and premium heat transfer, while actively reducing chafing in key areas. To top it all off, Flexair is extremely lightweight and breathable. Flexair moves with you, not against you– with Flexair, your mobility is everything.

Lightweight and reduces chafing, perfect for even the most demanding conditions, proven by world class motocross athletes.

About Fox Racing

Fox Racing has always been known to work closely with sponsored riders, taking research and product development to the next level as it places the rider’s needs and encounters at the top of its pedestal. The tightly-knit and family-owned Fox Racing has its humble beginnings dating back to 1974, when owner Geoff Fox pushed to be a small distributor of motocross parts and accessories in the European market. Today, the ever-striking fox head logo is now associated with specialized motocross gear– exclusively. The Fox Racing legacy aims to impart the inspiration of wild adventure and friendships that come with the joy of motocross, and of sharing your passion with the world.

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