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Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boots

Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boots

$574.99 - $579.99
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The legendary Crossfire line has evolved again for the third time. The Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boots have been completely redesigned, with only the acclaimed Sidi cam-lock buckles and straps carrying over from the Crossfire 2 SR Boots. The inner gaiter has a larger circumference than the Crossfire 2, now accommodating a wider range of calf sizes and making for a tight seal around the rider's lower leg no matter what knee brace system may be used. The upper inside of the gaiter features a suede heat protection grip panel for maximum grip. The Dual Flex ankle has been redesigned to prevent motion beyond anatomical limits that may cause injury, without restricting dexterity for normal shifting and braking. The Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boots are possibly the most durable, serviceable motorcross boots on the market - the design uses hardware instead of stitching so virtually every part is replaceable, season after season.

  • Motorcycle boot made from laminated water resistant, highly resistant to abrasion, Technomicro base material in all areas
  • Technomicro is a composite microfiber material created from strands that are so fine, each one is less than one thousandth the thickness of silk
  • These fibers act like natural leather skin, but with the advantage of better strength, softer texture and lighter weight
  • Technomicro is also water resistant, highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and is easy to clean and maintain
  • Technomicro doesn't stain and offers reduced weight, more flexibility and a better feel than leather or other synthetic material boots
  • Foot area lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle for comfort
  • Upper lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat
  • These materials will not retain water or sweat on the inside of the boot, allowing the boot to dry quickly and the treatment also prevents the onset of mold
  • Boot leg is fully assembled with screws, is stitch free and entirely replaceable
  • Dual Flex ankle pivot system designed to have a hard limit of foot/ankle hyperextension without restricting dexterity for normal shifting and braking
  • DFS (Dual Flex System) limits lateral hyperflexion, but also features hard stops at the limit of the anatomically allowed range of motion that limit hyperextension of the ankle joint
  • Four floating independent straps adjusts the exclusive¬†DFS to provide each rider with a personal fit, no matter their body shape or whether or not knee braces are used
  • Hyperextension Block, an articulated joint on the ankle, prevents the hyperextension of the ankle, the instep and the posterior tendon when the leg is flexed forwards or backwards - guaranteeing the rider's safety
  • Innovative Flex System upper offers the industry's best fit, especially with knee braces
  • Flex System upper pivot, on the bootleg, improves the flexibility of the boot and the adjustment of the bootleg itself - the rider can adjust the boot strap at the calf to personal preference and achieve an improved fit
  • Thermoplastic front shin plate is anatomically shaped and replaceable, an exclusive patented Sidi feature
  • Inner gaiter has a larger circumference than the Crossfire 2, accommodating a wider range of calf sizes and making for a tight seal around the rider's lower leg no matter what knee brace system may be used
  • Upper inside of the gaiter features a suede heat protection grip panel for maximum grip
  • Exclusive double adjustable calf plate system allows the rider to adjust the inner diameter of the¬†Crossfire boots at the calf
  • Calf plate system features an inner double adjustment that expands to fit the largest calf or knee brace system, combined with longer upper straps, riders with larger calves are accommodated much easier
  • Replaceable inner calf plate made of two different materials; rigid polyurethane to support the boot and a high grip, heat resistant printed rubber insert to protect the rider's leg from exhaust heat
  • Replaceable metatarsal inner kick starter/foot peg rigid nylon insert on the inside area of both boots
  • Malleolus external plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
  • Sole "boat" features a more cupped and thicker design so the rider's foot rests deeper into the sole system
  • Dovetail SR anti-skid rubber sole covers the arch area of the sole and is replaceable using hand tools
  • Toe and heel areas on the Dovetail SR sole are a permanent part of the sole while the central part, made with a rubber insert with the dovetail system and four screws for more security, is replaceable
  • Thermoplastic reinforced toe is entirely covered by plastic protection panels with an embossed geometric design for greater grip
  • Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped polyurethane heel holds the rider's foot firm and provides more safety to the foot in case of twisting while guaranteeing comfort and stability
  • Nylon insole with removable arch support
  • Replaceable, sleek cam-lock buckle system uses four independent micro adjustable buckle closures, with indented memory regulation nylon straps
  • All buckles move independently of each other and have just one fixed point (by a screw) which allows easy closure and the buckles can adapt to the rider's position as they pivot on the mounting screw as the rider changes position of the bike
  • Strap memory retention system allows you to adjust the straps once and they will be at the same position for every ride after that - no more readjusting for every ride or mid-day during a ride
  • Cam-lock buckle system works independently, allowing the boot to fit all shapes of feet and lower legs - making each boot that much more comfortable for each individual rider
  • Lower buckle guards help protect against opening due to an impact
  • Complete central strap system can be easily replaced and the buckles, straps, and retaining clips are easily replaceable
  • Non-bootie design keeps boot slim and cool
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable (replacement parts sold separately)
  • Meets or exceeds C.E. certifications

The popular Crossfire line of motorcycle boots or motocross boots maintains a tight seal regardless of knee brace used yet accommodates a wide range of calf sizes for a comfortable, supportive boot.


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White 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-46SID-C3S-WHWH-4610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
White 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-44SID-C3S-WHWH-4410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black/White 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-43SID-C3S-BKWH-4310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-46SID-C3S-BKBK-4610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-43SID-C3S-BKBK-4310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black/Grey 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-46SID-C3S-BKAS-4610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
White 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-45SID-C3S-WHWH-4510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-46SID-C3S-BKWH-4610+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-45SID-C3S-BKWH-4510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-44SID-C3S-BKWH-4410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-45SID-C3S-BKBK-4510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-44SID-C3S-BKBK-4410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-45SID-C3S-BKAS-4510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-44SID-C3S-BKAS-4410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-43SID-C3S-WHWH-4310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-42SID-C3S-WHWH-4210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-42SID-C3S-BKWH-4210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-42SID-C3S-BKBK-4210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-43SID-C3S-BKAS-4310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-42SID-C3S-BKAS-4210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-C3S-BKBK-4110+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0009-419 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-41SID-C3S-BKWH-417 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKBK-47SID-C3S-BKBK-477 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0207-416 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WHWH-47SID-C3S-WHWH-475 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKWH-47SID-C3S-BKWH-475 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-C3S-BKBK-405 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-47SID-C3S-BKAS-472 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0009-402 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0206-401 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/Flo Red 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-47SID-C3S-WBFR-47Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Red 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-46SID-C3S-WBFR-46Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Red 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-45SID-C3S-WBFR-45Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Red 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-44SID-C3S-WBFR-44Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Red 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-43SID-C3S-WBFR-43Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Red 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-WBFR-42SID-C3S-WBFR-42Unavailable.-
Black/Red 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-47SID-C3S-RRDB-47Unavailable.-
Black/Red 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-46SID-C3S-RRDB-46Unavailable.-
Black/Red 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-45SID-C3S-RRDB-45Unavailable.-
Black/Red 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-44SID-C3S-RRDB-44Unavailable.-
Black/Red 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-43SID-C3S-RRDB-43Unavailable.-
Black/Red 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-RRDB-42SID-C3S-RRDB-42Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-47SID-C3S-FYBL-47Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-46SID-C3S-FYBL-46Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-45SID-C3S-FYBL-45Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-44SID-C3S-FYBL-44Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-43SID-C3S-FYBL-43Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-42SID-C3S-FYBL-42Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-41SID-C3S-FYBL-41Unavailable.-
Blue/Flo Yellow 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FYBL-40SID-C3S-FYBL-40Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-47SID-C3S-FRAS-47Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-46SID-C3S-FRAS-46Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-45SID-C3S-FRAS-45Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-44SID-C3S-FRAS-44Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-43SID-C3S-FRAS-43Unavailable.-
Grey/Red/Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FRAS-42SID-C3S-FRAS-42Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-47SID-C3S-FOBW-47Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-46SID-C3S-FOBW-46Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-45SID-C3S-FOBW-45Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-44SID-C3S-FOBW-44Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-43SID-C3S-FOBW-43Unavailable.-
White/Black/Orange 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-SID-C3S-FOBW-42SID-C3S-FOBW-42Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BKAS-40SID-C3S-BKAS-40Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BAFY-46SID-C3S-BAFY-46Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-SID-C3S-BAFY-43SID-C3S-BAFY-43Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2304-0112-47Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2304-0112-46Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2304-0112-45Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-2304-0112-44Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2304-0112-43Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2304-0112-42Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0112-41Unavailable.-
Blue/Grey/Black 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0112-40Unavailable.-
Black/Red 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0101-41Unavailable.-
Black/Red 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0101-40Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2304-0015-47Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2304-0015-46Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2304-0015-45Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-2304-0015-44Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2304-0015-43Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2304-0015-42Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0015-41Unavailable.-
Army Green/Black 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0015-40Unavailable.-
Red/Black 12.5 U.S./47 Euro 043-2304-0001-47Unavailable.-
Red/Black 11.5 U.S./46 Euro 043-2304-0001-46Unavailable.-
Red/Black 11 U.S./45 Euro 043-2304-0001-45Unavailable.-
Red/Black 10 U.S./44 Euro 043-2304-0001-44Unavailable.-
Red/Black 9.5 U.S./43 Euro 043-2304-0001-43Unavailable.-
Red/Black 8.5 U.S./42 Euro 043-2304-0001-42Unavailable.-
Red/Black 7.5 U.S./41 Euro 043-2304-0001-41Unavailable.-
Red/Black 7 U.S./40 Euro 043-2304-0001-40Unavailable.-
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