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Motorcycle Fenders

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saleAcerbis Front FenderAcerbis Front Fender$17.99 - $25.49 $28.95-$29.95Save Up to 42%
saleAcerbis Rear FenderAcerbis Rear Fender$19.99 - $59.52 $24.95-$69.95Save Up to 73%salePolisport DGP Replica Rear FenderPolisport DGP Replica Rear Fender$21.24 - $86.69 $24.99-$101.99Save Up to 80%saleKTM Front FenderKTM Front Fender$29.99 - $38.49saleUFO Enduro Rear Fender With LightUFO Enduro Rear Fender With Light$34.16 - $71.95 $54.95-$76.95Save Up to 56%salePolisport DGP Replica Front FenderPolisport DGP Replica Front Fender$18.69 - $86.69 $21.99-$47.99Save Up to 62%salePolisport KTM Front Fender And Adapter KitPolisport KTM Front Fender And Adapter Kit$60.34 $70.99Save Up to 15%saleUFO Rear FenderUFO Rear Fender$22.46 - $54.89 $24.95-$60.99Save Up to 64%salePolisport Freeflow Universal Front FenderPolisport Freeflow Universal Front Fender$36.54 - $39.94 $42.99Save Up to 15%
saleKTM High Front FenderKTM High Front Fender$139.99saleUFO Rear FenderWith Side Number PanelsUFO Rear FenderWith Side Number Panels$22.46 - $64.79 $32.95-$78.95Save Up to 72%salePolisport Restyled Rear FenderPolisport Restyled Rear Fender$33.14 - $40.79 $38.99-$47.99Save Up to 30%salePolisport Restyled Front FenderPolisport Restyled Front Fender$28.04 - $35.69 $32.99-$41.99Save Up to 32%saleMaier MX Style Rear Fender Replacement PlasticMaier MX Style Rear Fender Replacement Plastic$26.99 - $118.95 $33.13-$118.95Save Up to 78%saleKTM Rear FenderKTM Rear Fender$39.99 - $72.99 $49.99-$69.99Save Up to 44%saleMaier MX Style Front Fender Replacement PlasticMaier MX Style Front Fender Replacement Plastic$30.99 - $100.95 $53.95-$100.95Save Up to 70%saleCycra Powerflow Rear FenderCycra Powerflow Rear Fender$32.95 - $49.95saleCycra Performance Supermoto Front FenderCycra Performance Supermoto Front Fender$24.95 - $27.72 $27.72Save Up to 12%saleCycra Cycralite Front FenderCycra Cycralite Front Fender$39.95 - $55.50saleUFO Restyled Front FenderUFO Restyled Front Fender$21.56 - $22.46 $23.95-$30.95Save Up to 30%saleUFO Universal Rear Fender	UFO Universal Rear Fender $18.86 - $20.66 $22.95-$23.95Save Up to 22%saleUFO Universal Rear Fender With Lights	UFO Universal Rear Fender With Lights $82.75 $100.95Save Up to 18%saleUFO Universal Front Fender	UFO Universal Front Fender $8.96 - $21.56 $23.95Save Up to 66%salePolisport Motard Universal Front FenderPolisport Motard Universal Front Fender$26.31 - $27.19 $30.95-$31.99Save Up to 17%saleCycra Performance Front FenderCycra Performance Front Fender$24.95 - $33.28saleDRC Anato Rear Fender KitDRC Anato Rear Fender Kit$47.66 $52.95Save Up to 10%saleAcerbis Universal Supermoto EVO Front FenderAcerbis Universal Supermoto EVO Front Fender$38.24 $44.95Save Up to 14%

Plastic motorcycle fenders can be the perfect way to add a touch of uniqueness to your ride without spending a lot of dollars. While many motorcycles come already equipped with front and rear fenders, a custom color can give your bike flair and help it stand out from a crowd. Custom shaping is great for specific terrain, keeping pesky debris and water from coating you or critical components of your motorcycle.

If you’re frustrated by ineffective fenders, installing an extended rear fender can prevent splattering of mud up your back. A longer front fender is designed to keep your lights, windshield, and face protected from the debris that naturally gets kicked up at higher speeds. If you prefer to expose your wheels more for a fatter look, an easy choice is to simply install a shorter fender. This allows for sufficient protection from grime and moisture, but still shows off your style. Choose from the wide selection of plastic motorcycle fenders at Chaparral Motorsports and get ready to enjoy a custom look for your ride.

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