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Gaerne SG12 Boots

Gaerne SG12 Boots

$476.99 - $575.99
sale $559.95-$639.99Save Up to 26%
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  • Dual Stage Pivot System is patented and exclusive to Gaerne
  • First pivot attaches to the Razorback to provide a strong lateral support
  • A glide plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position
  • Second pivot is fixed on a sliding glide that provides a natural feel on the peg
  • Absorbs the shock from over jumps or unwanted compression
  • Buckle system utilizes four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap
  • System provides the rider with an easy in and easy out, non-failure system
  • Interior lining features Gaerne Memory Cell Foam, known for the most comfortable feel and fit ride after ride
  • Rubber grip guard provides exceptional grip as well as heat resistant padding
  • Grip guard is improved for abrasion resistance
  • Front Plate/Shin Guard is shaped for a perfect fit
  • Thermoplastic shin plate can accommodate a bigger leg or knee brace by removing screws
  • Gaiter is made from a Swiss breathable Acronos fabric
  • Gaiter is extremely stretchy but has the perfect shape to keep the sand and debris out
  • Sole uses Gaerne Dual Composite anti-shock rubber
  • Heel cup has been designed to absorb shock in the case of a rear compression
  • Specially molded footbed to correctly support the foot
  • Front of the footbed features construction that allows the foot to vent
Secure, comfortable and adjustable, these motorcycle boots are designed to withstand the stress of motocross while keeping your feet safe. The insides of these calf-high boots are lined with memory foam and provide extra protection at the toes.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Part Numbers

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Black/Grey 11 220-2174-071-0112174-071-01110+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 12 220-2174-014-0122174-014-01210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 11 220-2174-074-0112174-074-1110+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 9 220-2174-071-0092174-071-00910+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 12 220-2174-071-0122174-071-01210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black/Grey 10 220-2174-071-0102174-071-01010+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 10 220-2174-074-0102174-074-1010+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 11 220-2174-014-112174-014-01110+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 10 220-2174-014-102174-014-01010+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 13 220-2174-071-0132174-071-01310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 9 220-2174-014-092174-014-00910+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 9 220-2174-074-0092174-074-910+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 8 220-2174-014-082174-014-00810+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 8 220-2174-071-0082174-071-00810+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 12 220-2174-074-0122174-074-1210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 13 220-2174-014-0132174-014-01310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 14 220-2174-014-0142174-014-01410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 13 220-2174-074-0132174-074-1310+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 14 220-2174-071-0142174-071-01410+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 8 220-2174-074-0082174-074-810+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
White/Grey 7 220-2174-074-0072174-074-78 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey 7 220-2174-071-0072174-071-0078 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White 7 220-2174-014-072174-014-0075 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue/White/Black 13 345-54852174-013-13Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Black 12 345-54842174-013-12Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Black 10 345-54822174-013-10Unavailable.-
Blue/White/Black 8 345-54802174-013-08Unavailable.-
Orange/White/Black 8 345-54682174-018-08Unavailable.-
White/Black 14 345-54552174-004-14Unavailable.-
White/Black 8 345-54492174-004-08Unavailable.-
Black 14 345-54482174-001-14Unavailable.-
Black 10 345-54442174-001-10Unavailable.-
Black 8 345-54422174-001-08Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 13 220-2174-078-0132174-078-013Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 12 220-2174-078-0122174-078-012Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 11 220-2174-078-0112174-078-011Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 10 220-2174-078-0102174-078-010Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 9 220-2174-078-0092174-078-009Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 8 220-2174-078-0082174-078-008Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 7 220-2174-078-0072174-078-007Unavailable.-
White/Grey 14 220-2174-074-0142174-074-14Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 13 220-2174-073-0132174-073-013Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 12 220-2174-073-0122174-073-012Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 11 220-2174-073-0112174-073-011Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 10 220-2174-073-0102174-073-010Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 9 220-2174-073-0092174-073-009Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 8 220-2174-073-0082174-073-008Unavailable.-
Black/Blue 7 220-2174-073-0072174-073-007Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 14 220-2174-053-142174-053-14Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 13 220-2174-053-132174-053-13Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 12 220-2174-053-122174-053-12Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 11 220-2174-053-112174-053-11Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 10 220-2174-053-102174-053-10Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 9 220-2174-053-092174-053-09Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 8 220-2174-053-082174-053-08Unavailable.-
White/Red/Black 7 220-2174-053-072174-053-07Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 14 220-2174-051-0142174-051-014Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 13 220-2174-051-0132174-051-013Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 12 220-2174-051-0122174-051-012Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 11 220-2174-051-0112174-051-011Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 10 220-2174-051-0102174-051-010Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 9 220-2174-051-0092174-051-009Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 8 220-2174-051-0082174-051-008Unavailable.-
White/Black/Flo Yellow 7 220-2174-051-0072174-051-007Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 14 220-2174-050-0142174-050-14Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 13 220-2174-050-0132174-050-13Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 12 220-2174-050-0122174-050-12Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 11 220-2174-050-0112174-050-11Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 10 220-2174-050-0102174-050-10Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 9 220-2174-050-0092174-050-09Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 8 220-2174-050-0082174-050-08Unavailable.-
White/Blue/Flo Yellow 7 220-2174-050-0072174-050-07Unavailable.-
Orange/Grey 12 220-2174-038-0122174-038-12Unavailable.-
Orange/Grey 7 220-2174-038-0072174-038-07Unavailable.-
Black/White 9.5 220-2174-014-952174-014-9.5Unavailable.-
Black/White 10.5 220-2174-014-1052174-014-10.5Unavailable.-
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