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Bridgestone's New Battlax Adevnturecross AX41 And AX41S Tires

Chaparral Motorsports
January 18, 2019
Last Updated: September 29, 2020

Everything old is new again rings true for just about every industry. As of the last few years Scrambler and Café style motorcycles have seen a big resurgence with companies like Ducati, Triumph, Honda and Yamaha offering their own modern interpretations. Granted these bikes are quite a bit more refined and sexier than their old dusty brethren, however, they're still eager and more than capable to take on some offroad shenanigans or "do the ton."

With the increased interest in these motorcycles comes the need for replacement tires when the stockers get worn down, and Bridgestone has stepped in with several new tires to fill that need. Whether purchasing one of Honda's Neo-Sports Café models such as the CB650R, or transforming a stock bike into something dirt worthy like the Yamaha Bolt Scrambled Egg project the Chaparral Motorsports team created a few years ago, Bridgestone has new tires to appease the street heavy rider and the more adventurous offroad type.

Introduced at the INTERMOT Show in Cologne Germany last October, the Battlax Adventurecross AX41 and its more street oriented brother the Battleax Adventurecross AX41S are ideal tires for their respective terrain. The new Battleax AX41 Adventurecross has been enhanced over the previous generation Battlax Adventure A41 in two key areas: a stronger compound and new tread design. Both of these improvements help make the new AX41 more durable and obtain better traction for serious offroad adventure riders.

The high-rigidity compound used in the new AX41 makes for a tire that is 30% stiffer and more durable than its predecessor to ensure that even in the harshest terrain riders can rely on their tires to get them up, over, and around. When it came to the tread, Bridgestone created a block cross section that is 30% larger than the A41. The larger cross section offers blocks reaching to the far edge of the tire profile to help grip and provide better traction in all conditions. Bridgestone also improved the tire tread pattern with a new block wall angle optimization technology that reduces the trailing edge angle on rotation and braking. This new angle was created to help reduce shear, limit wear, and reduce knob deformations for more even wear and better longevity.

The New Battlax Adventurecross AX41 will be available in January in sizes:

Tire Size
Front Rear
100/90 - 19M/C 57Q 140/80 B 17M/C 69Q
110/80 B 19M/C 59Q 150/70 B 17M/C 69Q
120/70 B 19M/C 60Q 170/60 B 17M/C 72Q
90/90 - 21M/C 54Q 150/70 B 18M/C 70Q TL
130/80 B 17M/C 65Q TL

The Battleax Adventure AX41S is geared for both Café racer fans and the Scrambler crowd by delivering style and performance. With its big blocky tread pattern the AX41S looks aggressive while providing an exceptionally smooth and grippy street ride. Large drainage grooves throughout ensure quick and easy water dispersion in wet conditions. Far from the rugged knobby tires found on original scramblers, the AX41S is better suited on the newer "Scrambler" iterations such as Triumph's Street Scrambler or Ducati's Scrambler Icon or Sixty2, where light duty offroading is the norm. The tires feature a sport-touring compound with a single compound in the front and a 3LC composition in the rear.

The Battleax Adventure AX41S will be available in sizes:

F/R No. Size M+S UM Availability
Front 1 120/70R 17M/C 58 H TL X X Feb 2019
2 110/80R 18M/C 58H TL X X
3 120/70R 19M/C 60H TL X -
Rear 4 160/60R 15M/C 65H TL X -
5 160/60R 17M/C 69H TL X X
6 170/60R 17M/C 72H TL X X
7 180/55R 17M/C 73H TL X X
Front 8 100/90- 18M/C 56H TL X X Jan 2020
9 100/90-19M/C 57H TL X X
10 130/80- 18M/C 57H TL X -
Rear 11 130/80- 17M/C 65H TL X X
12 180/80- 14M/C 78P TT X -

We actually got our hands on an early set of the AX41S and decided to mount them up on a BMW R1200GS-we know, not exactly what they're intended for, but we figured what the heck lest see what they got! We'll have a full review on our YouTube Channel soon.

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