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Quick Look: Stacyc 16EDrive Kids Electric Cycle

Chaparral Motorsports
November 26, 2018
Last Updated: October 9, 2020

Learning how to ride a bicycle is a major milestone in life. However, for many small children there is a lot of fear, hesitation, and frustration that typically comes before the miles of smiles on a bike. Now when you consider taking things a bit further and move a kid up to learning how to ride a mini dirt bike, the heavier weight, loud exhaust, heat from the engine, and power typically kick the fear and anxiety into overdrive.

Push bikes have been around for quite some time and have been praised for their ease of use and for enabling kids to go from pushing to pedaling and to quickly become proficient on two wheels without the need for training wheels. Basically a bike frame without a crank assembly or pedals, beginner riders start out by scooting themselves around with their feet as the power source and for stability (the "training wheels").

Then as they gain confidence, develop spatial awareness skills, and understand how to steer and maneuver they begin to roll around faster and faster coasting with their feet up on the built in platforms for longer distances. Once they have mastered all those skills you can graduate them to a traditional two wheel bicycle. With a good understanding of balance, steering and, object avoidance they won't be so preoccupied and can focus on incorporating the pedals, which they often pick up quickly and naturally.

Stacyc Mobility Cycle makes the process of learning how to ride a bicycle and dirt bike much easier and more fun for the little ones. Basically what they have done is combined a kid's push bike with an electric bicycle. This design enables small beginning riders to quickly build a a firm base of the fundamental skills necessary to ride two wheels.

For the moto family that wants to get their little ones onto a mini dirt bike the Stacyc Mobility Cycles is a great solution. Aside from teaching balance and spatial awareness, by incorporating the rechargeable battery and switching on the power, your child can learn throttle control, how to safely manage the power output, and how to operate the hand controls. It's basically like an electric dirt bike without the intimidating sound, weight, or excessive heat. Stacyc offers two models of its EDrive bikes, the 12EDrive and the 16EDrive. You can read more about the 12EDrive here. Both bikes are pretty much the same except that the wheels on the 16Edrive are slightly larger to fit taller riders.

With its 16" wheels the 16EDrive is designed for 4-7 year old kids that weigh less than 75 pounds and have an inseam of 18"-24". The wheels are made of a composite material and wrapped in rubber BMX-style pneumatic tires. The lowest seat height setting is at 17" but can be adjusted to accommodate taller riders.

The 16EDrive comes with a 20Vmax volt, 4AH, lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in 45-60 minutes. Once the battery is slid into the cradle on the frame's down tube the bike's speed can be set between three different power modes. Low/training is the slowest speed setting at around 5mph. Medium/transitional will kick the speed up to around 7.5 mph. And the high/advanced mode will allow them to rip around at 11mph. There is a specific sequence to setting the different power modes which makes it less likely that a child will inadvertently kick it into high before they are ready or without their parent's permission. Depending on the power mode setting, the child's weight, riding style, and terrain, a fully charged battery can deliver about 45-60 minutes of fun.

Even with the battery in place the Stacy16EDrive is relatively light, weighing only 19 pounds, making it easy for little ones to maneuver in tight spaces. In fact, with the bike being so compact and easy for adults to lift, it can fit into most trunks and taken to a park or riding area. And the fact that it emits not emissions and makes no noise means that it can be ridden nearly anywhere without upsetting others.

With an MSRP of $699, the 16EDrive offers all the benefits of a beginner two-wheeled cycle and makes for a great and smooth transition onto a mini dirt bike like a Yamaha PW50 or TT-R50E.

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