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Vintage And Retro Style Motorcycle Helmets: Part I

Chaparral Motorsports
July 24, 2015

Vintage motorcycle gear has increased in popularity due to the Internet and the accessibility to these items. Whether riders scour the Web on auction or collector sites, there's definitely a craving for vintage gear.

On the other hand, many motorcycle apparel manufacturers have noticed the trend in vintage designs and released their own versions of the retro-styled gear. One area in particular where this craze has grown is with motorcycle helmets. There are numerous vintage-inspired helmets on the market, but you want to be sure you know what you're buying beforehand.

In the first section of this two part series here are some of the best vintage and retro style motorcycle helmets available:

1) AGV RP60 Royal Open Face Helmet

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="AGV RP60 Royal Open Face Helmet" image="231-0104-1188" price="184.95" alignment="right" ]For a completely retro-styled helmet, the AGV RP60 Royal Open Face Helmet is a three-quarter helmet built for comfort and protection. Its classic design is what makes this helmet stand out among the rest. With a white base and single thick black racing stripe down the middle, this helmet screams retro motorcycle rider. The helmet also comes in black with a white racing stripe and black with a yellow racing stripe.

The RP60 also has an advanced composite fiber (ACF) fiberglass shell for optimal protection. This helmet meets all ECE 2205 and DOT certifications for an affordable price of $184.95.

2) Bell Bullitt Full Face Helmet

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Bell Helmets Bullitt Full Face Helmet" image="650-7047939" price="399.95" alignment="right" ]This full-face helmet is a true modern classic when it comes to vintage motorcycle gear. The Bell Bullitt Full Face Helmet has an ultra low profile fiberglass shell, which makes this helmet lightweight and stylish. The liner is made of multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS), and also includes a perforated micro-suede interior fabric and leather trim.

The easy-to-operate magnefusion shield can be locked down and secured. This helmet has five metal mesh intake vents and a rear exhaust vent to circulate cool air on hot riding days. The Bullitt helmet comes with a five year warranty and a clear or tinted face shield.

For vintage riding, this is by far one of the most iconic helmets on the market that not only looks cool, but gives full-faced protection as well. For those who want a complete retro style, check out the Bullitt TT with bubble shield. The Bell Bullitt comes in black, matte black and white for $399.95.

3) Torc Route 66 T-50 Open Face Helmet

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Torc Route 66 T-50 Sparkle Black Open Face Helmet" image="389-T5007-SBK-XS" price="89.99" alignment="right" ]If riding with as little weight or bulk on top of your head is your No. 1 priority when shopping for a retro helmet, the Torc Route 66 T-50 Open Face Helmet could be your best bet. This helmet gives you the classic fit with a super slim build and face design, along with the retro paint job.

The T-50 also has numerous graphic designs available and different colors and variations of paint. This helmet has a removable ultra suede liner that feels like leather, but actually works better by absorbing and wicking moisture. Made from a advanced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) shell, this lightweight helmet is ideal for any retro-inspired rider.

With a removable sun visor and washable suede inner padding, the helmet can be adjusted to your liking. Additionally, the Torc Route 66 T-50 is DOT approved.

4) Nolan N20 City Open Face Helmet

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Nolan N20 City Open Face Helmet" image="339-7205" price="206.99" alignment="right" ]With a lightweight polycarbonate Lexan shell, the Nolan N20 City Open Face Helmet is a perfect moderation of a vintage inspired helmet. This helmet comes with a light blue face shield and a pilot style shield that is optically correct and scratch resistant. Additionally, this shield gives UV 400 protection against the sun.

With the tri-racing white stripe down the middle, this helmet comes in red, navy, grey, black and white with grey stripes. The Nolan N20 City helmet starts at $206.99.

Find more exciting retro inspired helmets in the second part of the series.

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