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ASV Inventions C5 Sport Series Clutch Lever

ASV Inventions C5 Sport Series Clutch Lever

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All ASV levers feature a special pivot design that allows the lever to fold out of harms way in the event of a crash or tip over of the bike. Instead of bending or breaking, ASV levers simply pivot outward when impact occurs and spring back instantly. The pivot function uses a pair of high quality chrome steel, ABEC rated precision sealed bearings for years of smooth operation and zero play or slop.

  • CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum
  • Unbreakable lever with pivot design
  • Adjustable reach with 4 inches of range
  • Micro indexing dial adjuster with 180 increments
  • Precision sealed bearings in pivot
  • Standard lever is same length as stock lever
  • Shorty lever is 1 1/4" shorter than stock
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA

Note: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle.

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Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black Shorty CRC539-SKCRC539-SK2 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black Shorty CRC540-SKCRC540-SK1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Silver Shorty CRC539-SSCRC539-SS1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black Standard CRC539-KCRC539-K1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Gold Shorty CRC511-SGCRC511-SG1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Silver Shorty CRC510-SSCRC510-SS1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Silver Shorty CRC555-SSCRC555-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC555-SKCRC555-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC555-SGCRC555-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC555-SCRC555-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC555-KCRC555-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC555-GCRC555-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC552-SSCRC552-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC552-SKCRC552-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC552-SGCRC552-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC552-SCRC552-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC552-KCRC552-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC552-GCRC552-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC550-SSCRC550-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC550-SKCRC550-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC550-SGCRC550-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC550-SCRC550-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC550-KCRC550-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC550-GCRC550-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC545-SSCRC545-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC545-SKCRC545-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC545-SGCRC545-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC545-SCRC545-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC545-KCRC545-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC545-GCRC545-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC541-SSCRC541-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC541-SKCRC541-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC541-SGCRC541-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC541-SCRC541-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC541-KCRC541-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC541-GCRC541-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC540-SSCRC540-SSUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC540-SGCRC540-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC540-SCRC540-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC540-KCRC540-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC540-GCRC540-GUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC539-SGCRC539-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC539-SCRC539-SUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC539-GCRC539-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC530-SSCRC530-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC530-SKCRC530-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC530-SGCRC530-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC530-SCRC530-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC530-KCRC530-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC530-GCRC530-GUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC523-SSCRC523-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC523-SKCRC523-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC523-SGCRC523-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC523-SCRC523-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC523-KCRC523-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC523-GCRC523-GUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC514-SKCRC514-SKUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC514-KCRC514-KUnavailable.-
Silver Shorty CRC511-SSCRC511-SSUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC511-SKCRC511-SKUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC511-SCRC511-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC511-KCRC511-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC511-GCRC511-GUnavailable.-
Black Shorty CRC510-SKCRC510-SKUnavailable.-
Gold Shorty CRC510-SGCRC510-SGUnavailable.-
Silver Standard CRC510-SCRC510-SUnavailable.-
Black Standard CRC510-KCRC510-KUnavailable.-
Gold Standard CRC510-GCRC510-GUnavailable.-
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