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Klim Kodiak Jacket

Klim Kodiak Jacket

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Legendary Kodiak Jacket: The Ultimate Touring Companion

Meet the Kodiak Jacket: a motorcycle rider's dream. Designed specifically for grand journeys, this premium touring piece has been reimagined to offer unmatched comfort and protection for the most epic rides.

  • Weather Resistant: 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro shell and wind-resistant 20D nylon fabric.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Stretch Gore-Tex fabric under arms and seamless underarm design.
  • Ultimate Safety Features: D30 C.E. LP2 Pro Armor in elbows and shoulders, 3M Scotchlite reflective material.
  • Intelligent Ventilation: 2 chest vents, 2 back exhaust vents, and 2 adjustable wrist vents.
  • Convenient Storage Options: Multiple pockets including a hidden passport pocket and satellite tracker utility pocket.
  • Customizable & Comfortable Fit: Adjustable cinch collar, quick-adjust straps, articulated cuff, and jacket-to-pants zip connection.
  • Sustainable Quality: 90/10 Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified gray goose down, and durable Schoeller 4-way stretch material.
  • Additional Warmth: Includes a separate wearable down jacket (800 Fill Power Down) and removable storm collar.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: Available in regular, short, and tall sizes to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Designed for Motorcycle Touring: Engineered specifically for grand journeys, accommodating day after day of riding in any weather condition.

Weather Resistance & Comfort

Equipped with a 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro shell, the Kodiak guarantees to keep you dry, while stretch Gore-Tex fabric under the arms ensures maximum mobility. Whether you're battling the wind or caught in the rain, the front zipper storm flap and 20D nylon fabric resist the elements, so you can stay focused on the ride.

Safety & Protection

Safety comes first with Kodiak. With D30 C.E. LP2 Pro Armor at the elbows and shoulders, perforated goat leather overlays, and a D30 Viper C.E. level 2 back pad, you can ride with confidence. All armor is removable and adjustable for a tailored fit. Plus, 3M Scotchlite reflective material enhances visibility for nighttime rides.

Innovative Features

Packed with rider-focused features, the Kodiak Jacket includes 2 chest vents, 2 vertical back exhaust vents, and 2 massive adjustable wrist vents for optimal ventilation. Siliconized vented spacer mesh chest protection and an 800 Fill Power Down inner jacket offer additional warmth when needed.

Smart Storage

Never worry about where to keep your essentials. With 2 billowed front cargo pockets, 1 satellite tracker utility pocket, a hidden passport pocket, and 2 lower internal zippered stash pockets, there's room for everything from ID to gadgets.

Customizable Fit

The jacket's adjustable cinch collar, quick-adjust straps, and articulated cuff allow for a comfortable fit that interfaces perfectly with gloves. Plus, the jacket-to-pants zip connection and removable storm collar offer added convenience.

Quality & Sustainability

Constructed with Schoeller waterproof durable 4-way stretch material, and 90/10 Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified gray goose down, the Kodiak Jacket is not just a statement of quality but also a nod to sustainability.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Whether you're tall, regular, or short, we have a size that fits. [Include Sizing Information]

Klim Kodiak – Ride in Style

Embrace the open road with the Kodiak Jacket. From dusk till dawn, rain or shine, it's the only travel companion you'll ever need on your motorcycle adventures. Get yours today and experience comfort, safety, and style like never before.

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Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black 27 261-3721-002-354-0013721-002-354-0012 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 30 261-3721-002-360-6153721-002-360-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 29 261-3721-002-358-6153721-002-358-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 29 261-3721-002-358-0013721-002-358-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 28 261-3721-002-356-6153721-002-356-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 28 261-3721-002-356-0013721-002-356-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 27 261-3721-002-354-6153721-002-354-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 26 261-3721-002-352-6153721-002-352-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 26 261-3721-002-352-0013721-002-352-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 58 261-3721-002-058-6153721-002-058-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 58 261-3721-002-058-0013721-002-058-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 56 261-3721-002-056-6153721-002-056-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 54 261-3721-002-054-6153721-002-054-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 54 261-3721-002-054-0013721-002-054-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 52 261-3721-002-052-6153721-002-052-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 52 261-3721-002-052-0013721-002-052-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 50 261-3721-002-050-6153721-002-050-6151 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 50 261-3721-002-050-0013721-002-050-0011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 31 261-3721-002-362-6153721-002-362-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 31 261-3721-002-362-6053721-002-362-605Unavailable.-
Black 31 261-3721-002-362-0013721-002-362-001Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 30 261-3721-002-360-6053721-002-360-605Unavailable.-
Black 30 261-3721-002-360-0013721-002-360-001Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 29 261-3721-002-358-6053721-002-358-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 28 261-3721-002-356-6053721-002-356-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 27 261-3721-002-354-6053721-002-354-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 26 261-3721-002-352-6053721-002-352-605Unavailable.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 25 261-3721-002-350-6153721-002-350-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 25 261-3721-002-350-6053721-002-350-605Unavailable.-
Black 25 261-3721-002-350-0013721-002-350-001Unavailable.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 64 261-3721-002-064-6153721-002-064-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 64 261-3721-002-064-6053721-002-064-605Unavailable.-
Black 64 261-3721-002-064-0013721-002-064-001Unavailable.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 62 261-3721-002-062-6153721-002-062-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 62 261-3721-002-062-6053721-002-062-605Unavailable.-
Black 62 261-3721-002-062-0013721-002-062-001Unavailable.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 60 261-3721-002-060-6153721-002-060-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 60 261-3721-002-060-6053721-002-060-605Unavailable.-
Black 60 261-3721-002-060-0013721-002-060-001Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 58 261-3721-002-058-6053721-002-058-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 56 261-3721-002-056-6053721-002-056-605Unavailable.-
Black 56 261-3721-002-056-0013721-002-056-001Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 54 261-3721-002-054-6053721-002-054-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 52 261-3721-002-052-6053721-002-052-605Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 50 261-3721-002-050-6053721-002-050-605Unavailable.-
Navy Blue/Grey/Black 48 261-3721-002-048-6153721-002-048-615Unavailable.-
Grey/Black/Flo Yellow 48 261-3721-002-048-6053721-002-048-605Unavailable.-
Black 48 261-3721-002-048-0013721-002-048-001Unavailable.-
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