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Fire Power Conventional Battery With Acid Pack

Fire Power Conventional Battery With Acid Pack

$13.99 - $95.20
sale $18.67-$127.38Save Up to 90%
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  • Extremely strong polypropylene case withstands impacts and vibration
  • Designed for higher cold crank amp capacity
  • Anti-sulfate treated for longer life
  • Shelf life almost infinite due to dry charged plates
  • Includes pre-measured acid pack, just fill and charge
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty if properly pre-serviced and charged
  • Meets or exceeds O.E.M specifications

Chaparral carries several Fire Power batteries, including: 6N2-2A, 6N2-2A-1, 6N2-2A-3, 6N2-2A-4, 6N2-2A-8, 6N2A-2C, 6N2A-2C-3, 6N2A-2C-4, 6N4-2A, 6N4-2A-4, 6N4-2A-5, 6N4-2A-8, 6N4A-4D, 6N4B-2A, 6N4B-2A-4, 6N4C-1B, 6N5.5-1D, 6N5.5-1D-1, 6N6-1B, 6N6-1D, 6N6-1D-2, 6N6-3B, 6N6-3B-1, 6N8L-B, 6N11-2D, 6N11A-1B, 6N12A-2C, 6N12A-2D, 6YB8L-B, 12N5.5-3B, 12N5.5-4A, 12N5.5A-3B, 12N5-3B, 12N5-4B, 12N7-3B, 12N7-4A, 12N7-4B, 12N7D-3B, 12N9-3A, 12N9-3A1, 12N9-3B, 12N9-4B-1, 12N10-3B, 12N11-3A-1, 12N12A-4A-1, 12N14-3A, 12N16-3B, B39-6, B49-6, HYB16A-A, HYB16A-AB, SY50-N18L-AT, Y50-N18L-A, Y50-N18L-A3, Y60-N24L-A, Y60-N24L-AL-B, YB2.5L-C, YB3L-A, YB3L-B, YB4L-B, YB5L-B, YB7-A, YB7B-B, YB7C-A, YB7L-B, YB9-B, YB9A-A, YB9L-B, YB10A-A2, YB10L-A2, YB10L-B, YB10L-B2, YB12A-A, YB12A-A w/ voltage sensor, YB12A-B, YB12AL-A, YB12B-B2, YB12C-A, YB14-A2, YB14-B2, YB14A-A1, YB14A-A1, YB14A-A2, YB14L-A1, YB14L-A2, YB14L-A2 w/ voltage sensor, YB14L-B2, YB16-B, YB16AL-A2, YB16B-A, YB16B-A1, YB16CL-B, YB16L-B, YB18-A, YB18L-A, YB30L-B, and YHD-12.

BrandFire Power