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Dirt Bike Pegs

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Products 1 to 40 of 40
Flo Motorsports
Fly Racing
Pro Taper
Torc1 Racing
Warp 9
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saleDRC Wide Foot PegDRC Wide Foot Peg$49.46 $54.95Save Up to 10%
saleFlo Motorsports Pro Series FootpegsFlo Motorsports Pro Series Footpegs$125.95 - $170.06 $159.95-$188.95Save Up to 34%
saleZeta Aluminum FootpegsZeta Aluminum Footpegs$98.06 $108.95Save Up to 10%
salePro Taper 2.3 Platform FootpegsPro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpegs$170.99 - $182.30 $193.87-$202.56Save Up to 16%saleDRC Motard Foot PegDRC Motard Foot Peg$49.99 - $56.66 $62.95Save Up to 21%saleFlo Motorsports Adventure FootpegsFlo Motorsports Adventure Footpegs$152.95 - $226.76 $169.95-$251.95Save Up to 40%saleIMS Super Stock Foot PegsIMS Super Stock Foot Pegs$99.95saleIMS Pro-Series Foot PegsIMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs$96.00 - $124.95 $113.00Save Up to 16%saleDRC Ultra Wide Foot PegDRC Ultra Wide Foot Peg$52.16 $57.95Save Up to 9%saleMoose Hybrid FootpegsMoose Hybrid Footpegs$127.95saleWarp 9 Racing Oversized MX FootpegsWarp 9 Racing Oversized MX Footpegs$99.00saleIMS Bigfoot Foot PegsIMS Bigfoot Foot Pegs$113.00saleDRC Replacement Foot Peg Spring/Pin SetDRC Replacement Foot Peg Spring/Pin Set$14.36 $15.95Save Up to 7%
saleFlo Motorsports Footpeg Replacement Cleat SetFlo Motorsports Footpeg Replacement Cleat Set$17.95 $19.95Save Up to 11%
saleFly Racing Foot PegsFly Racing Foot Pegs$139.95saleMoose Hybrid Footpeg SpringMoose Hybrid Footpeg Spring$12.95saleMoose Pro 1/2 in. Back Offset FootpegsMoose Pro 1/2 in. Back Offset Footpegs$131.95saleMoose Pro Standard FootpegsMoose Pro Standard Footpegs$131.95saleTorc1 Racing Voltage FootpegsTorc1 Racing Voltage Footpegs$96.87saleSunline SL-1 Arched FootpegSunline SL-1 Arched Footpeg$139.95saleMoose Racing Qualifier FootpegsMoose Racing Qualifier Footpegs$45.95 - $151.95 $102.95-$151.95Save Up to 71%salePuig Hi-Tech Passenger Footpeg MountsPuig Hi-Tech Passenger Footpeg Mounts$31.00 - $51.97 $36.25-$54.71Save Up to 43%salePuig Hi-Tech Rider Footpeg MountsPuig Hi-Tech Rider Footpeg Mounts$32.51 - $54.83 $36.25-$57.72Save Up to 44%salePro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpeg +5mm Replacement CleatsPro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpeg +5mm Replacement Cleats$78.05 $86.72Save Up to 10%salePro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpeg Standard Replacement CleatsPro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpeg Standard Replacement Cleats$78.05 - $84.44 $86.72-$86.73Save Up to 10%saleAcerbis Foot Peg CoversAcerbis Foot Peg Covers$21.23 $24.95Save Up to 13%saleIMS ADV 2 Foot PegsIMS ADV 2 Foot Pegs$245.00saleIMS ADV 1 Foot PegsIMS ADV 1 Foot Pegs$245.00saleKuryakyn Tapered Peg AdaptersKuryakyn Tapered Peg Adapters$26.99 - $44.99 $29.99-$42.99Save Up to 39%saleKuryakyn ISO-Peg Replacement Rubber PadsKuryakyn ISO-Peg Replacement Rubber Pads$14.99 - $20.99saleKuryakyn ISO-Pegs With Male MountKuryakyn ISO-Pegs With Male Mount$55.99 - $99.99saleKuryakyn ISO-Peg Without AdapterKuryakyn ISO-Peg Without Adapter$44.99saleKuryakyn Stiletto PegsKuryakyn Stiletto Pegs$110.99 - $132.99saleKuryakyn Zombie PegsKuryakyn Zombie Pegs$103.49 - $143.99 $143.99Save Up to 28%saleKuryakyn SwingWing PegsKuryakyn SwingWing Pegs$184.99 - $195.99saleKuryakyn Switchblade PegsKuryakyn Switchblade Footpegs$155.99 - $165.99saleKuryakyn Pilot FootpegsKuryakyn Pilot Footpegs$62.99 - $88.99 $73.99-$88.99Save Up to 30%saleKuryakyn Flamin' PegsKuryakyn Flamin' Footpegs$94.49 - $132.99 $132.99Save Up to 29%saleZeta Aluminum Footpeg Replacement PinsZeta Aluminum Footpeg Replacement Pins$11.66 $12.95Save Up to 9%saleKuryakyn Dually ISO-Pegs without AdaptersKuryakyn Dually ISO-Pegs without Adapters$88.99

Dirt Bike and Motocross Riding Pegs and Parts

When you're an avid dirt biker, you need to have complete control of your machine. This means not only securing your hands on the dirt bike hand controls and grips, but keeping your feet firmly on the pegs. If you are unhappy with your current dirt bike pegs, or if you need to replace them due to a crash, make sure you log on to This massive site has the quality dirt pegs you need to feel safer on your bike. With a variety of pegs from brands like DRC, Pro Taper and Zeta, you’re bound to find a set that suits your needs and riding style.

Chaparral Motorsports is famous for its wide range of OEM parts, dirt bike aftermarket parts, dirt bike and motocross tires, and accessories. Pegs and other related products are no exception. You can search for motocross riding pegs and then type in the year, make, and model of your ride to find pegs that will specifically fit your bike. Our massive inventory of dirt bike pegs includes options like wide platform, standard platform, aluminum pegs, as well as different colors to match your bike. Changing out your dirt bike pegs can really make a difference in the handling and comfort of your dirt bike. For example, wide platform pegs give you extra room to move your feet around and are great for riders with large feet. For added grip, some pegs have additional center teeth for a more stable ride—especially in slippery condition. Check out what has in store for you, and start shopping for Dirt Bike and Motocross Riding Pegs and Parts now.

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