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Chaparral Motorsports 2018 ATV / UTV Sand Tire Flat Drag Challenge At Glamis Results

Chaparral Motorsports
October 23, 2018
Last Updated: February 1, 2021

When it comes to running your UTV in the sand there's plenty of fun to be had spinning in and out of bowls, whipping a fat wake of sand off the peak of a dune, climbing the steepest hills you can find, and of course drag racing your buddy back to camp across the flats.

To get the most out of your dune experience you want to make sure you have the best tires for the job, which in this case means a good set of paddle tires or sand tires depending on what camp you come from. With our extensive inventory of UTV paddle tires we wanted to know how some of our more popular sand tires would perform head-to-head in various tasks out in the mecca of all sand pits, Glamis.

So we loaded up two Can-Am Maverick X3 rs' and mounted up six different rear sand tires: AMS Sand King, STI Sand Drifter, System 3 DS340, Quadboss QBT34, EFX Sand Slinger, and the Sand Stripper XLs from GMZ. With temperatures over 100 degrees in the middle of August out at Glamis, we decided to keep the day relatively simple and perform the two test that matter most to sand enthusiasts: hill climbing and drag racing. You can see the full hill climb results here.

For this article we are simply going to focus on going fast and which three sand tires performed that task best.

Our Flat Drag course consisted of a 1/8th-mile stretch of sand across the base of Comp Hill. All the tires were set at 7.5 PSI and all the runs were performed in 2-wheel drive, High. It should also be noted that we used the same front sand tires, GMZ Sand Stripper XL-TT, on both cars for all of the races. We lined up the two cars and fired them off in head-to-head full throttle drag races that reached speeds up to 80mph over the 660 foot strip. We ran three races with the cars switching lanes after each race to try and keep things as even as possible. After the three races were completed we would drive back to camp and swap out the rear tires on each car for a different set.

Top Three Sand Tires in our Flat Drag Challenge

  1. EFX Sand Slinger
  2. System 3 DS340
  3. Quadboss QBT346
  4. Individual run results:

    Time Feet Traveled Per Second
    Tire 1st run 2nd run 3rd run Averaged Times
    (3 Runs)
    1st run 2nd run 3rd run Averaged Feet Per Second
    (3 Fixed Start Runs)
    X Feet
    the 1st
    Silver EFX Sand Slinger 10.39 10.58 n/a 10.485 63.523 62.382 n/a 62.947 Winner
    Silver System 3 DS340 10.45 10.54 11.18 10.723 63.158 62.619 59.034 61.548 15.00
    Black Quadboss QBT346 11.07 10.60 10.79 10.820 59.621 62.264 61.168 60.998 21.09
    Averaged Tire Name Average ET Feet Per Second Behind 1st Place Finisher in Feet
    1st Place EFX Sand Slinger10.5 62.947 660 Feet in 10.485 Seconds
    2nd PlaceSystem 3 DS340 10.7 61.548 15.00 Feet
    3rd Place Quadboss QBT346 10.8 60.998 21.09 Feet
    Single Run Fastest Tire of the Day Run Time in Sec Feet Per Second Winner by x Feet
    1st EFX Sand Slinger 1st Run 10.39 63.523 660 Feet in 10.39 Seconds
    2nd System 3 DS340 1st Run 10.45 63.158 3.81
    3rd Quadboss QBT346 2nd Run 10.60 62.264 13.34
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