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Chaparral Motorsports 2018 ATV / UTV Sand Tire Hill Climb Challenge At Glamis Results

Chaparral Motorsports
September 26, 2018
Last Updated: November 9, 2020

A couple weeks ago we posted an intro article about the Sand Tire Challenge we undertook out at Glamis. If you missed that article you can read it in full here, otherwise here's a quick synopsis:

We wanted to know exactly which UTV sand tires performed the best for the activities sand enthusiasts most commonly use their side-by-sides for, hill climbing and drag racing their buddies across the flats. So we loaded up a pair of Can-Am Maverick X3 xrs, mounted six pairs of our more popular paddle tires on wheels, and headed out to the Glamis Sand Dunes. For good measure and to show how a sand/paddle tire compares to an offroad tire in the dunes we also brought along a four Tensor Regulators and four Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 tires.

Tensor Regulator

Maxxis Big Horn 2.0

AMS Sand King

STI Sand Drifter

System 3 DS340

Quadboss QBT34

EFX SandSlinger

GMZ Sand Stripper XL

For the hill climb we marked off a 300-foot course up Competition Hill. Competition Hill isn't biggest or steepest dune out in Glamis, but it is highly popular and a reference point that most people that have been to Glamis will recognize. To try and keep everything on a fair playing field we set all the tires to the same air pressure of 7.5 PSI and all the runs were done in 2-wheel drive, High. We ran the course three times with the cars switching lanes each time. To start off we had one Maverick with Tensor Regulators at all four corners and the other with the Maxxis Big Horns and then raced the cars against each other. When it came to testing the sand tires we outfitted the front of the cars with GMS Sand Stripper XL-TT tires, and then swapped out the rear tires after each round of testing.

Here are the results for the hill climb test:

Overall Results

System 3 DS340 vs Quadboss QBT346

1st System 3 DS340

2nd EFX Sand Slinger

3rd STI Sand Drifter

4th AMS Sand King

5th Quadboss QBT346

6th GMZ Sand Stripper XL

7th Maxxis Big Horn 2.0

8th Tensor RegulatorIndividual Run Break Down

Hill Climb ET in Seconds Feet Traveled Per Second
Tire Description 1st Hill Climb 2nd Hill Climb 3rd Hill Climb Averaged Times (3 Fixed Start Runs) 1st Hill Climb 2nd Hill Climb 3rd Hill Climb Averaged Times (3 Fixed Start Runs) Overall 1st Place to 8th Place.
System 3 Paddle Tire DS340 8.77 8.71 8.58 8.687 34.208 34.443 34.965 34.536 1
EFX Sand Slinger Rear Paddle Tire 8.61 8.74 8.80 8.717 34.843 34.325 34.091 34.417 2
STI Stand Drifter Rear (vs. AMS Sand King) 8.49 9.28 9.16 8.977 35.336 32.328 32.751 33.420 3
AMS Sand King Rear (vs. STI Drifter) 9.16 8.90 8.96 9.007 32.751 33.708 33.482 33.309 4
Quadboss QBT346 Rear Paddle Tire 9.03 9.09 8.99 9.037 33.223 33.003 33.370 33.198 5
GMZ Sand Stripper XL Rear Paddle Tire 9.27 9.21 n/a 9.240 32.362 32.573 N/A 32.468 6
Maxxis Big Horn F / R Tire (vs. Tensor) 9.47 9.88 n/a 9.675 31.679 30.364 N/A 31.008 7
Tensor Regulator F / R Tire (vs. Bighorn) 11.40 11.65 n/a 11.525 26.316 25.751 N/A 26.030 8

Versus Results

Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 vs Tensor Regulator
Winner in Feet
OEM AT Tire vs. Popluar AT Upgrade Tire
Maxxis Big Horn vs. Tensor Regulator 9.675 vs 11.525 Big Horn was the winner by 57.36
Fastest AT Tire vs. Slowest Sand Tire
Maxxis Big Horn vs. Sandstripper Paddle Tire 9.675 vs 8.687 Sand Stripper was the winner by 14.12
Fastest Sand Tire vs. the Slowest Sand Tire
Sysetm 3 DS340 vs. GMZ Sand Stripper XL 8.687 vs. 9.240 System 3 was the winner by 19.11
1st Place Sand Tire vs. 2nd Place Sand Tire
System 3 DS340 vs. EFX Sand Slinger 8.687 vs. 8.717 System 3 was the winner by 1.04
1st Place Sand Tire vs. 3nd Place Sand Tire
System 3 DS340 vs. STI Sand Drifter 8.687 vs. 8.977 System 3 was the winner by 10.02
Top 3 Tire Name Average ET Feet Per Second Behind 1st Place Finisher in Feet
1st Place System 3 DS340 8.687 34.536 Winner : 300 Feet in 8.687 Seconds
2nd Place EFX Sand Slinger 8.717 34.417 1.04
3rd Place STI Stand Drifter 8.977 33.420 10.02
STI Drifter vs AMS Sand King
Single Run Fastest Tire of the Day Run Time in Sec Feet Per Second Winner by x Feet
1st STI Sand Drifter 1st Run 8.49 35.336 Winner : 300 Feet in 8.49 Seconds
2nd System 3 DS340 3rd Run 8.58 34.965 3.18
3rd EFX Sand Slinger 1st Run 8.61 34.843 4.24
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