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2018 Chaparral Motorsports 25" ATV Tire Shootout Part 3: The Best Tires For Specific Tasks

Chaparral Motorsports
March 27, 2018
Last Updated: September 2, 2020
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Welcome to part three of our 25" ATV Tire Shootout for 2018. Today we will be digging in, taking a look at which of the tires we tested are best suited for specific tasks or job duties.

To catch you up, in the previous two articles, we discussed the tests we put these tires through in Part 1 and then for Part 2 we discussed the Top 8 Best Overall Performing Tires. If you are tuning in for the first time, in a nutshell, we took 21 of our best selling or most popular ATV tires, mounted them to aluminum wheels, took them out in into the field and put them through five different tests on a 2017 Yamaha Kodiak 700. We tested their Pulling Power, how well they handle extreme Hill Climbs, how well they Brake Downhill, how fast they come to a Stop at Full Speed and how well they handle Deep Sticky Mud.

Let's dig in and explain how we scored this event to determine which tires came out on top for each specific challenge or skill set that we tested. In each test we gave the best performing tire a score of 1 and the worst performing tire a score of 21. The top tire in this Shootout brought home a total score of 25 and the worst performing tire earned a score of 85. Check out the second article in this series for a rundown of the top 8 performing tires in our ATV tire shootout.

Now let's get down and dirty talking about which tires were the best performing tires for each of the specific tests, tasks or job duties. Spoiler alert, in each test there were clear winners and those winners did not necessarily make the best overall tire line-up we covered in Part 2 of this Shootout

Sled Pull: Which Tires are The Best Tires for Pulling or Hauling

Do you primarily use your ATV for hauling heavy loads? Do you use it for pulling heavy objects or machinery? If so, the results of our Sled Pull Challenge will be of interest to you. We built a weighted sled, which had an overall weight of just over 3,500 pounds and a front skid weight of 380 pounds. We hit the throttle on the ATV and flipped the switch on the sled and as the vehicle moved forward, the weight increased at the skid. Only nine tires made a full run and here are the specs of the top five best pulling or hauling tires.

1st The Ocelot Atacama traveled for 15.8 seconds for a distance of 95 feet. (10th Overall)
2nd Kenda K3201 Mastadon AT traveled for 14.8 seconds covering 88 feet. (4th Overall)
3rd AMS Slingshot XT traveled for 13.8 seconds covering 72 feet. (1st Place Overall)
4th Kenda K299 BearClaw travaled for 18.3 seconds but covered only 71 feet. (16th Overall)
5th ITP Mud Lite II travled for 13.1 seconds covering 67 feet. (18th Overall)

Is it not interesting that of these five "best pulling or hauling" tires, only two of them made the "Top 8 Performers and the other three did not do so great in the overall results? Moving right along...

Hill Climb: Which Tires Get to the Summit the Quickest

If your passion is climbing the biggest, gnarliest hills you can find, then pay close attention. Of the 21 popular tiers we put to the test only 17 of them made it to the top of our Hill Climb Challenge. Only ten of them made it to the summit in less than 15 seconds! Three of them were Quadboss tires! If you frequently charge steep hills, take a look:

1st TG Q373 took 13.45 seconds to summit 245+ feet. (12th Place Overall)
2nd Quadboss QBT671 took 13.61 seconds to summit 245 + feet. (11th Place Overall)
3rd Quadboss QBT447 took 13.67 seconds to summit 245 + feet. (15th Place Overall)
4th AMS Swamp Fox took 13.76 seconds to summit 245 + feet. (5th Place Overall)
5th AMS Slingshot XT took 13.79 seconds to summit 245 + feet. (1st Place Overall)

Downhill Braking: How Fast Can the Tires Come to a Full Stop

Opposite of our last test, if you depend on your tires to A: stop you quickly while traveling downhill, or B: to hold you stopped on a super steep decline we have the perfect tires for you. Let's look at the five tires that will bring your rig to a stop in less than 2.5 seconds.

1st Ocelot P375 stopped in 2.15 seconds. (2nd Place Overall)
2nd Sedona Mud Rebel RT stopped in 2.31 seconds. (8th Place Overall)
3rd Kenda K3203 Mastodon AT stopped in 2.41 seconds. (4th Place Overall)
4th TG Knight Utility Tire stopped in 2.46 seconds. (9th Place Overall)
5th Kenda BearClaw HTR stopped in 2.49 seconds. (3rd Place Overall)

We found these tires stopping power to be very impressive! The majority of the other tires took nearly 2/3rds longer to stop than these winners. Now let's look at Top Speed Braking.

Top Speed Braking: 1/8 of Mile Run Full Wide Open + Panic Stop

If running your ATV wide open and your number one criteria for safety is stopping your vehicle as quickly as possible, the results of this test might peak your interest. The results here were staggering with a variance of 6 seconds of slide time. Just crazy. In distance, the 2.1-second mark was about 10 feet and the 8-second mark was about 55 feet of white knuckle sliding. Let's look at the four tires that stopped in 2.5 seconds or less:

1st Ocelot P375 slid for 2.1 seconds. (2nd Place Overall)
2nd ITP Blackwater Evolution slid for 2.2 seconds. (14th Place Overall)
3rd AMS Slinghot XT slid for 2.3 seconds. (1st Place Overall)
4th Kenda BearClaw HTR slid for 2.4 seconds. (3rd Place Overall)

If you ride your vehicle in an area where "someone or something" darts into your path on a regular basis, the tires above are your best choices if you are looking to avoid a collision. Six seconds of "extra sliding" could be the difference between a safe stop or a complete disaster. Now let's get dirty.

Mud Traction Test: Which Tires Can Make it Through The Quickest

This was a fun one, finding a mud pit in Southern California can be difficult-especially with an rather dry winter. Well, we ended up busting out the tractor and spent more than a week making the "perfect mud pit" that ended up being just under 100 feet in length complete with about 2 feet of sloppy mud. In four wheel drive on the Kodiak 700 all of the tires made it. So, we put the Kodiak into two wheel drive and hit the pit. There were four tires that really excelled here earning timed runs of less than 13 seconds! This was quick considering there was one tire that did not finish the run and seven of the tires took nearly 20 seconds to finish the run, churning and turning... but never loosing forward momentum. Let's look at those four top performers.

1st AMS Slingshot XT killed it with a 11.6 second run. (1st Place Overall)
2nd Ocelot P375 Tire took 12.4 seconds. (2nd Place Overall)
3rd Sedona Mud Rebel RT took 12.7 seconds. (8th Place Overall)
4th AMS Swamp Fox took 12.8 seconds. (5th Place Overall)

The next best performing, the ITP Blackwater Evolution, took almost 2 seconds longer (1.6 to be exact) for a run time of 14.4 seconds! Nowhere close to the champs, but way better than the Kenda BearClaw K299 which could not finish at all... or the runner up for "worst mud tire," the Sedona Coyote with a 19.3 second run.

Well that wraps up our report of which tires performed best in in the specific tests of our 25" ATV Tire Shootout of 2018. In part two you learned the Top 8 Best Overall Performing Tires and here today you learned the best tires for a specific task. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing the test results for each of the 21 tires with raw test footage to back-up our claims. Thank you for following our 2018 25" ATV Tire Shootout.

All 21 Tires Tested In Order of Overall Results
1st AMS Slingshot XT
2nd Ocelot P375
3rd Kenda Bearclaw HTR
4th Kenda K3203 Mastadon AT
5th AMS Swampfox
6th Quadboss QBT446
7th ITP Mudlite XTR
8th Sedona Mud Rebel RT
9th TG Knight

Front: Ocelot Atacama

Rear: Ocelot Atacama

11th Quadboss QBT671
12th TG Q373 Mars

Front: ITP Terracross RT

Rear: ITP Terracross RT


Front: ITP Blackwater Evolution

Rear: ITP Blackwater Evolution

15th Quadboss QBT447
16th Kenda K299 Bearclaw
17th STI Roctane XD
18th ITP Mudlite II
19th Kenda K3202 Mastodon HT

Front: Sedona Rip Saw Radial

Rear: Sedona Rip Saw Radial

21st Sedona Coyote

You can check out the video recap we posted to our YouTube channel

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