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Motorcycle Rider Miraculously Escapes Death After Sliding Under A Semi Trailer

Chaparral Motorsports
February 27, 2018
motorcycle semi

If you've ever incurred a speed wobble or tank slapper on a motorcycle you know that gut wrenching feeling of desperation that overcomes your entire body as you try to reel the bike back in. Sometimes you can settle it down and regain control and sometimes things don't so go well. In the video seen here and posted to Hammy Moto's youtube page, things goes from bad-to-worse-to-Oh $h!T!-to- Hammy Moto thanking his lucky stars in the blink of an eye as he low sides and slides under a semi trailer and then pops out the other side.

I don't think we've seen something as crazy as this motorcycle incident on a freeway in a while. I mean the one where the Harley rider kicks the car and then a chain reaction of events occurs is pretty wild but Hammy Moto's incident is like watching a miracle happen right before your eyes. We are extremely glad to see that he made it through the other side of the semi with what only seems to be road rash, the bike on the other hand? Not sure what happened to it?

H/T to the Racer X Exhaust site.

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