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12 Low Cost Upgrades For Your Custom Dirt Bike

Chaparral Motorsports
October 25, 2011
Last Updated: June 3, 2020

When I was a kid, about eight years old, I put stickers on everything. In fact, there was a sticker factory about a mile from my house. My buddies and I would ravage through the company's dumpster for any and every kind of sticker, to put on any and every thing we had. Doing so made that item our very own.

Graphics and decal kits can do the same today for any dirt bike owner. But why stop there?

You can customize your MX or off-road bike - almost any brand - with far more than just stickers. We've listed a dozen parts that serve beneficial functions along with adding to your bike's style. Even better? Most of them will cost you less than $50.

1) Factory Effex FP1 Seat Cover

The Factory Effex FP1 Seat Cover is pleated on top for superior traction, helping keep you on the seat in all riding conditions. This cover comes in OEM-branded colors to match most motorcycles.

2) Warp 9 Racing Rims

Warp 9 Racing Rims and Complete Wheels ($95 to $350 and up)

Very little looks cooler than colored rims. Warp 9 Racing makes rims in all the factory OEM colors, as well as black, silver and titanium for less than a hundred bucks. Or you can buy a complete wheel package in the same colors with stainless steel spokes and nipples, a stainless steel brake rotor and aluminum sprocket.

3) Pro Circuit Fuel Mixture Screw

Carburetor lovers, here's a handy tool to help dial in your fuel for optimal performance. The CNC-machined aluminum Pro Circuit Fuel Mixture Screw was designed to make quick and easy adjustments. The knob is easy to grab and adjust even with your gloves on and makes it easy to manipulate the fuel screw with gloves on.

4) Warp 9 Billet Axle Blocks from Factory Effex

Machined from 6061 aluminum with measurement marks for precision alignment, these Billet Axle Blocks from Factory Effex are longer than stock so the adjustment bolts don't stick out so far.

5) Acerbix 2.0 Chain Guide Block

The Acerbis 2.0 Chain Guide Block replaces the entire O.E.M unit and ensures durability and high resistance to shock and wear from the chain. Made of PA6, it is made of two parts that allow installation without removing the chain.

6) Factory Effex Brake Reservoir

This Factory Effex Brake Reservoir cover kit Includes front and rear reservoir covers, in blue, red and magnesium. The covers are CNC machined for a precise fit, and they're laser-engraved with the FX logo.

7) ASV F4 Series Levers

The ASV F4 Series Levers are constructed from forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy and features the same "dial adjust" reach design found on ASV's premium CNC machined C6 series levers that allow you to adjust how far the lever is from the handlebar by simply turning an indexing dial wheel. Instantly adjust your lever reach with no tools. Features ASV pivot design which allows the lever to fold out of the way in the event of a crash to prevent braking or damaging the lever.

8) Factory Effex Rotating Bar Clamps

You can match the Factory Effex Brake Reservoir Kit with these Rotating Bar Clamps, available in the same blue, red, or magnesium colors. The clamps allow your bike's lever perches to rotate when you crash, protecting the levers from breaking.

9) Ride Engineering Valve Cap And Rim-Lock Spacer

This Valve Cap And Rim-Lock Spacer kit from Ride Engineering includes two billet valve stem caps with rubber O-rings, two rim lock spacers and the hex flange nuts to keep them secure. Except for the hex flange nuts, all pieces are in colored billet aluminum, either red, blue, green or black.

10) Case Saver from Hammerhead Designs

Protect the most import part of your dirt bike with this case saver from Hammerhead Designs. This case saver is machined from 6061 billet aluminum for durability. It is extremely lightweight, it weighs less than two ounces and will protect your case against broken chains and impacts. It is available in different colors to fit a variety of different dirt bike models.

11) Standard Hose Kit

This Standard Hose Kit from Factory Effex is anything but standard when it comes to looks. Plus, it's more durable, can take higher temperatures, and has an HDPE inner lining for improved water flow. For custom appeal, the kit is made to match any OEM color and sized specifically to fit any bike.

12) Factory Effex Engine Plug Kit

This Factory Effex Engine Plug Kit includes all engine plugs and oil fillers to complete your engine. The parts are machined for a perfect fit and feature Factory Effex's exclusive Mag Type 3 coating gives it a true factory look. The precision machined threads engage easily.

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