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ATV Electrical

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Products 1 to 40 of 355
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saleNGK Iridium CR9EIA-9 Spark PlugNGK Iridium CR9EIA-9 Spark Plug$12.39 $13.53Save Up to 8%saleNGK Racing BR8EG Spark PlugNGK Racing BR8EG Spark Plug$5.21 $6.10Save Up to 17%salePro Armor Pro Series Kill SwitchPro Armor Pro Series Kill Switch$39.95
saleNGK Multi-Ground LMAR9D-J Spark PlugNGK Multi-Ground LMAR9D-J Spark Plug$13.29 $20.45Save Up to 35%saleK4 12 Circuit ATC Fuse Block Without Grounding CircuitK4 12 Circuit ATC Fuse Block Without Grounding Circuit$54.99 $79.21Save Up to 32%saleNGK Laser Iridium IMR9D-9H Spark PlugNGK Laser Iridium IMR9D-9H Spark Plug$17.05 $20.16Save Up to 15%saleRick's Motorsport Electrics Starter MotorRick's Motorsport Electrics Starter Motor$71.95 - $319.95saleNGK Iridium IX BR9EIX Spark PlugNGK Iridium IX BR9EIX Spark Plug$9.15 $13.00Save Up to 31%saleK4 Contura V Momentary On L.E.D. Bar SwitchK4 Contura V Momentary On L.E.D. Bar Switch$26.99 $37.62Save Up to 30%saleK4 Contura II 1 Square Lens SwitchK4 Contura II 1 Square Lens Switch$10.99 $11.90-$14.81Save Up to 29%saleNGK Iridium IX BR8EIX Spark PlugNGK Iridium IX BR8EIX Spark Plug$9.15 $13.00Save Up to 31%saleRick's Motorsport Electrics StatorRick's Motorsport Electrics Stator$77.95 - $364.95 $108.95-$364.95Save Up to 79%
saleNGK Standard BPR9ES Spark PlugNGK Standard BPR9ES Spark Plug$3.18 $3.35Save Up to 0%saleNGK Standard LMAR6A-9 Spark PlugNGK Standard LMAR6A-9 Spark Plug$9.03 $9.50Save Up to 0%saleArrowhead Starter MotorArrowhead Starter Motor$44.63 - $262.02 $60.15-$288.75Save Up to 85%saleNGK Standard CR8E Spark PlugNGK Standard CR8E Spark Plug$7.14 $8.50Save Up to 13%saleQuadboss StarterQuadboss Starter$42.70 - $260.58 $81.79-$194.95Save Up to 79%saleK4 Contura V Rock Lights SwitchK4 Contura V Rock Lights Switch$17.99 - $22.99 $22.00-$28.34Save Up to 40%saleNGK Laser Iridium IFR8H-11 Spark PlugNGK Laser Iridium IFR8H-11 Spark Plug$16.00saleNGK Iridium IX CR9EIX Spark PlugNGK Iridium IX CR9EIX Spark Plug$9.15 $13.00Save Up to 31%saleRick's Motorsport Electrics O.E.M Style Rectifier/RegulatorRick's Motorsport Electrics O.E.M Style Rectifier/Regulator$41.95 - $170.95saleNGK Standard BR8ECM Spark PlugNGK Standard BR8ECM Spark Plug$10.21 $13.20Save Up to 24%saleNGK Iridium IX BR9ECMIX Spark PlugNGK Iridium IX BR9ECMIX Spark Plug$14.08 $15.70Save Up to 7%saleNGK Racing R6252K-105 Spark PlugNGK Racing R6252K-105 Spark Plug$7.75 $9.35Save Up to 23%saleK4 Heavy Duty Battery Cut Off SwitchK4 Heavy Duty Battery Cut Off Switch$36.99 $52.56Save Up to 31%saleNGK Standard DPR8EA-9 Spark PlugNGK Standard DPR8EA-9 Spark Plug$2.80 $2.90Save Up to 0%saleNGK Standard CR8EH-9 Spark PlugNGK Standard CR8EH-9 Spark Plug$9.45 $11.33Save Up to 19%
saleNGK Standard LMAR8D-J Spark PlugNGK Standard LMAR8D-J Spark Plug$13.29 $20.45Save Up to 35%saleNGK Standard CMR7H Spark PlugNGK Standard CMR7H Spark Plug$4.28 $5.21Save Up to 20%saleNGK V-Power LFR6A-11 Spark PlugNGK V-Power LFR6A-11 Spark Plug$8.29 $8.73Save Up to 0%saleNGK Standard BR8ES Spark PlugNGK Standard BR8ES Spark Plug$3.52saleNGK Standard CR6HSA Spark PlugNGK Standard CR6HSA Spark Plug$2.80saleNGK Iridium SILMAR9A9S Spark PlugNGK Iridium SILMAR9A9S Spark Plug$16.95saleNGK Standard DPR7EA-9 Spark PlugNGK Standard DPR7EA-9 Spark Plug$2.80 $3.38Save Up to 34%
closeoutDynatek Non-Programmable FS Ignition SystemDynatek Non-Programmable FS Ignition System$104.95 - $382.95 $230.99-$259.99Save Up to 60%saleNGK Racing BR10EG Spark PlugNGK Racing BR10EG Spark Plug$6.10saleNGK Racing R5671A-9 Spark PlugNGK Racing R5671A-9 Spark Plug$5.07 $5.99Save Up to 0%saleNGK Racing R5671A-10 Spark PlugNGK Racing R5671A-10 Spark Plug$4.85 $5.55Save Up to 20%saleNGK Iridium IX DPR8EIX-9 Spark PlugNGK Iridium IX DPR8EIX-9 Spark Plug$8.35 $11.84Save Up to 28%saleBikemaster Kill SwitchBikemaster Kill Switch$22.99 - $28.99 $35.95Save Up to 38%

Aftermarket ATV Electrical Parts & Accessories

There are multiple systems on your ATV that draw on electrical power, from the ignition to the instrument panel and more. Flickering headlights, a stalled engine, and warning lights that shouldn’t be on could all be signs of faulty ATV electrical parts. When you need to replace these essential components, come to Chaparral Motorsports for a wide selection of everything electrical. From OEM parts and ignition switches to ATV batteries and ATV lighting we carry whatever you need to keep charging ahead. Browse our huge selection of quality aftermarket ATV electrical parts and accessories from top name brands, all available at prices you can afford.

Don’t delay when you need of a relay or have to replace faulty wiring, switches, and other ATV electrical parts and accessories. Visit our online store,, to find top name manufacturers like Dynatek, Bikemaster, and Baja Designs. If you rely on heated grips to get you going on cold mornings during a fall hunting trip we got you covered. Don’t get caught without these and other essential parts and accessories, and be sure to repair or replace them as soon as possible to keep your ATV in peak condition. You’ll find dependable replacements, as well as plenty of new ideas and components in our collection of ATV aftermarket parts, accessories and gear when you shop at

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