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ASV Inventions F4 Series Front Brake Lever

ASV Inventions F4 Series Front Brake Lever

$90.00 - $120.00
sale $95.00Save Up to 6%
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The F4 series levers, constructed from forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy, features the same "dial adjust" reach design found on ASV's premium CNC machined C6 series levers that allow you to adjust how far the lever is from the handlebar by simply turning an indexing dial wheel. Instantly adjust your lever reach with no tools. Features ASV pivot design which allows the lever to fold out of the way in the event of a crash.

  • Constructed from forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Unbreakable design
  • On the fly adjustable reach
  • Adjustable lever reach without tools
  • Pivot design allows lever to fold out of the way in the event of a crash
  • Steel, sealed bearings on pivot
  • Chrome silicon high tension spring
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Completely rebuildable
  • 4 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Constructed of forged aluminum alloy and crafted to be unbreakable, these motorcycle brake levers showcase innovative elements that enhance performance. Specific features include a dynamic pivot design and adjustable lever reach.
BrandASV Inventions
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Black BDF413-KBDF413-K3 In Stock. Ready to ship.3 In Stock.
Black BDF415-KBDF415-K2 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Blue BDF413-BBDF413-B2 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black BDF408-KBDF408-K2 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black BDF401-KBDF401-K2 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Orange BDF427-OBDF427-O1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Orange BDF423-OBDF423-O1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black BDF416-KBDF416-K1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red BDF415-RBDF415-R1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black BDF404-KBDF404-K1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red BDF401-RBDF401-R1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Blue BDF401-BBDF401-B1 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red BTF401-RBTF401-RUnavailable.-
Black BTF401-KBTF401-KUnavailable.-
Blue BTF401-BBTF401-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF4A1-RBDF4A1-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF4A1-KBDF4A1-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF4A1-BBDF4A1-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF427-RBDF427-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF427-KBDF427-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF427-BBDF427-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF423-RBDF423-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF423-KBDF423-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF423-BBDF423-BUnavailable.-
Black BDF419-KBDF419-KUnavailable.-
Red BDF416-RBDF416-RUnavailable.-
Blue BDF416-BBDF416-BUnavailable.-
Blue BDF415-BBDF415-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF413-RBDF413-RUnavailable.-
Red BDF412-RBDF412-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF412-KBDF412-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF412-BBDF412-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF410-RBDF410-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF410-KBDF410-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF410-BBDF410-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF409-RBDF409-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF409-KBDF409-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF409-BBDF409-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF408-RBDF408-RUnavailable.-
Blue BDF408-BBDF408-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF407-RBDF407-RUnavailable.-
Orange BDF407-OBDF407-OUnavailable.-
Black BDF407-KBDF407-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF407-BBDF407-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF406-RBDF406-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF406-KBDF406-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF406-BBDF406-BUnavailable.-
Black BDF405SX-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF405SX-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF405-RBDF405-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF405-KBDF405-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF405-BBDF405-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF404-RBDF404-RUnavailable.-
Blue BDF404-BBDF404-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF403-RBDF403-RUnavailable.-
Orange BDF403-OBDF403-OUnavailable.-
Black BDF403-KBDF403-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF403-BBDF403-BUnavailable.-
Red BDF402-RBDF402-RUnavailable.-
Black BDF402-KBDF402-KUnavailable.-
Blue BDF402-BBDF402-BUnavailable.-
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