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Alpinestars Speedforce Riding Shoes

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  • Matryx is a strong material that is extremely abrasion and tear resistant, lightweight and is fully customizable in both weight and thickness, allowing it to be modified to best suit the different positions on the shoe
  • High cut design with engineered ankle protection incorporating multi-layer ergonomic ankle support including impact protection dual density medial and lateral TPUĀ (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) disks
  • TPF (Transversal Protection Frame) technology using forefoot front transversal metal bar, TPU shanks and a Midsole for unrivalled transversal protection while offering a running shoe walking comfort and roll
  • Midsole guarantees stability and durable cushioning for superior performance
  • 8mm drop for optimum walking comfort
  • Ergonomic Ortholite insock for durable cushioning and high levels of breathability
  • Soft slip sock construction delivers unrivalled comfort on the instep and around the ankle while also offering additional protection
  • Internal Shifting pad for enhanced riding comfort
  • Reinforced toe and heel counters for increased durability and protection in key areas
  • High grip lugs dedicated sole for control in any situation
  • Running shoe silhouette and contour for an efficient dynamic walk, creating an unrivalled casual look for a protective riding shoe
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Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black/White/Red 9.5 020-2654321-123-9.52654321-123-9.5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 9 020-2654321-123-92654321-123-9Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 8.5 020-2654321-123-8.52654321-123-8.5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 8 020-2654321-123-82654321-123-8Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 7.5 020-2654321-123-7.52654321-123-7.5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 7 020-2654321-123-72654321-123-7Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 14 020-2654321-123-142654321-123-14Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 13.5 020-2654321-123-1352654321-123-135Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 13 020-2654321-123-132654321-123-13Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 12.5 020-2654321-123-1252654321-123-125Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 12 020-2654321-123-122654321-123-12Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 11.5 020-2654321-123-1152654321-123-115Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 11 020-2654321-123-112654321-123-11Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 10.5 020-2654321-123-1052654321-123-105Unavailable.-
Black/White/Red 10 020-2654321-123-102654321-123-10Unavailable.-
Black/White 9.5 020-2654321-12-9.52654321-12-9.5Unavailable.-
Black/White 9 020-2654321-12-92654321-12-9Unavailable.-
Black/White 8.5 020-2654321-12-8.52654321-12-8.5Unavailable.-
Black/White 8 020-2654321-12-82654321-12-8Unavailable.-
Black/White 7.5 020-2654321-12-7.52654321-12-7.5Unavailable.-
Black/White 7 020-2654321-12-72654321-12-7Unavailable.-
Black/White 14 020-2654321-12-142654321-12-14Unavailable.-
Black/White 13.5 020-2654321-12-1352654321-12-135Unavailable.-
Black/White 13 020-2654321-12-132654321-12-13Unavailable.-
Black/White 12.5 020-2654321-12-1252654321-12-125Unavailable.-
Black/White 12 020-2654321-12-122654321-12-12Unavailable.-
Black/White 11.5 020-2654321-12-1152654321-12-115Unavailable.-
Black/White 11 020-2654321-12-112654321-12-11Unavailable.-
Black/White 10.5 020-2654321-12-1052654321-12-105Unavailable.-
Black/White 10 020-2654321-12-102654321-12-10Unavailable.-
Black 9.5 020-2654321-10-9.52654321-10-9.5Unavailable.-
Black 9 020-2654321-10-92654321-10-9Unavailable.-
Black 8.5 020-2654321-10-8.52654321-10-8.5Unavailable.-
Black 8 020-2654321-10-82654321-10-8Unavailable.-
Black 7.5 020-2654321-10-7.52654321-10-7.5Unavailable.-
Black 7 020-2654321-10-72654321-10-7Unavailable.-
Black 14 020-2654321-10-142654321-10-14Unavailable.-
Black 13.5 020-2654321-10-1352654321-10-135Unavailable.-
Black 13 020-2654321-10-132654321-10-13Unavailable.-
Black 12.5 020-2654321-10-1252654321-10-125Unavailable.-
Black 12 020-2654321-10-122654321-10-12Unavailable.-
Black 11.5 020-2654321-10-1152654321-10-115Unavailable.-
Black 11 020-2654321-10-112654321-10-11Unavailable.-
Black 10.5 020-2654321-10-1052654321-10-105Unavailable.-
Black 10 020-2654321-10-102654321-10-10Unavailable.-
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