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Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding Shoes

Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding Shoes

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A protective riding shoe with unrivaled off the bike, all day walking comfort. The CR-X boasts a running shoe feel which provides a snug fit coupled with ample inner shoe volume to ensure good all day foot comfort, while the Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane guarantees effective all weather performance.

  • Drystar membrane offers effective weather protection in wet conditions
  • Sole unit 'DROP' (off set between heel and toe) set at 9mm for smooth heel to toe transition when walking
  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole provides excellent all day underfoot comfort
  • Forefoot Flex grooves engineered into the midsole enhances forefoot comfort
  • Asymmetric outside stud configuration provides grip and abrasion resistance
  • Oil resistant dual rubber compound optimizes grip
  • Removable Ortholite insock provides long lasting comfort and prevents overheating
  • Hidden asymmetric lateral and medial TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) ankle discs for ankle protection
  • Lightweight inner bootie for a comfortable, glove like fit
  • Gear shift zone features a highly abrasive resistant TPU layer for enhanced durability
  • Internal EVA layer between outer and inner materials reduces pressure in the shift area
  • Full length TPU C.E. Certified inner sole plate for superior riding protection
  • Standards: C.E. EN13634:2017
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black/White/Orange 9.5 020-2611820-1284-9526118201284-9.510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 11 020-2611820-1284-1126118201284-1110+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 12 020-2611820-1284-1226118201284-1210+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 11.5 020-2611820-1284-11526118201284-11510+ In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 8.5 020-2611820-1284-8526118201284-8.510 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 8 020-2611820-31-826118203189 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 13 020-2611820-31-13261182031139 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 10 020-2611820-1284-1026118201284-109 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 10.5 020-2611820-31-10526118203110.57 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 14 020-2611820-1538-1426118201538146 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 10.5 020-2611820-1284-10526118201284-1056 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 11.5 020-2611820-31-11526118203111.54 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 9 020-2611820-1284-926118201284-94 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 12.5 020-2611820-1284-12526118201284-1254 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 10 020-2611820-31-10261182031103 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 13 020-2611820-1284-1326118201284-133 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Red/Black/White 9 020-2611820-31-926118203191 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 10.5 020-2611820-1538-1052611820153810.51 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/White/Orange 7 020-2611820-1284-71 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Camo/Red 9.5 020-2611820-993-9526118209939.5Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 9 020-2611820-993-926118209939Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 8.5 020-2611820-993-8526118209939.5Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 8 020-2611820-993-826118209938Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 14 020-2611820-993-1426118209938Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 13 020-2611820-993-13261182099313Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 12 020-2611820-993-12261182099312Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 11.5 020-2611820-993-115261182099311.5Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 11 020-2611820-993-11261182099311Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 10.5 020-2611820-993-105261182099310.5Unavailable.-
Black/Camo/Red 10 020-2611820-993-10261182099310Unavailable.-
Red/Black/White 9.5 020-2611820-31-952611820319.5Unavailable.-
Red/Black/White 8.5 020-2611820-31-852611820318.5Unavailable.-
Red/Black/White 14 020-2611820-31-1426118203114Unavailable.-
Red/Black/White 12 020-2611820-31-1226118203112Unavailable.-
Red/Black/White 11 020-2611820-31-1126118203111Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 9.5 020-2611820-1538-95261182015389.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 9 020-2611820-1538-9261182015389Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 8.5 020-2611820-1538-85261182015388.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 8 020-2611820-1538-8261182015388Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 13 020-2611820-1538-132611820153813Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 12 020-2611820-1538-122611820153812Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 11.5 020-2611820-1538-1152611820153811.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 11 020-2611820-1538-112611820153811Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Flo Yellow/Flo Red 10 020-2611820-1538-10261182011009.5Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 8 020-2611820-1284-826118201284-8Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 7.5 020-2611820-1284-75Unavailable.-
Black/White/Orange 13.5 020-2611820-1284-135Unavailable.-
Black 9.5 020-2611820-1100-95261182011009.5Unavailable.-
Black 9 020-2611820-1100-9261182011009Unavailable.-
Black 8.5 020-2611820-1100-85261182011008.5Unavailable.-
Black 8 020-2611820-1100-8261182011008Unavailable.-
Black 14 020-2611820-1100-142611820110014Unavailable.-
Black 13 020-2611820-1100-132611820110013Unavailable.-
Black 12 020-2611820-1100-122611820110012Unavailable.-
Black 11.5 020-2611820-1100-1152611820110011Unavailable.-
Black 11 020-2611820-1100-112611820110011Unavailable.-
Black 10.5 020-2611820-1100-1052611820110010.5Unavailable.-
Black 10 020-2611820-1100-102611820110010Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 9.5 020-2611820-105-9526118201059.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 9 020-2611820-105-9261182010510Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 8.5 020-2611820-105-8526118201058.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 8 020-2611820-105-826118201058Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 14 020-2611820-105-14261182010514Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 13 020-2611820-105-13261182010513Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 12 020-2611820-105-12261182010512Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 11.5 020-2611820-105-115261182010511.4Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 11 020-2611820-105-11261182010510.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 10.5 020-2611820-105-105261182010510.5Unavailable.-
Black/Grey 10 020-2611820-105-10261182010510Unavailable.-
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