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Adventure Touring Foot Controls

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salePro Moto Billet KickstandPro Moto Billet Kickstand$159.95 - $184.95 $174.95-$184.95Save Up to 14%saleDRC Wide Foot PegDRC Wide Foot Peg$49.46 $54.95Save Up to 10%
saleFlo Motorsports Pro Series FootpegsFlo Motorsports Pro Series Footpegs$125.95 - $170.06 $159.95-$188.95Save Up to 34%
saleZeta Aluminum FootpegsZeta Aluminum Footpegs$98.06 $108.95Save Up to 10%
salePro Taper 2.3 Platform FootpegsPro Taper 2.3 Platform Footpegs$170.99 - $182.30 $193.87-$202.56Save Up to 16%saleDRC Motard Foot PegDRC Motard Foot Peg$49.99 - $56.66 $62.95Save Up to 21%saleFlo Motorsports Adventure FootpegsFlo Motorsports Adventure Footpegs$152.95 - $226.76 $169.95-$251.95Save Up to 40%saleZeta Revolver Shift LeverZeta Revolver Shift Lever$38.66 - $73.76 $38.95-$67.95Save Up to 44%
saleTrail Tech Kickstand KitTrail Tech Kickstand Kit$144.95 - $179.95salePro Taper Sport Aluminum Shift LeverPro Taper Sport Aluminum Shift Lever$23.39 - $23.85 $25.99Save Up to 8%saleIMS Super Stock Foot PegsIMS Super Stock Foot Pegs$99.95saleHammerhead Designs Forged Aluminum Brake PedalHammerhead Designs Forged Aluminum Brake Pedal$99.95 - $99.99 $99.99Save Up to 0%saleMoose Racing Brake PedalMoose Racing Brake Pedal$17.95 - $104.95 $119.95Save Up to 86%saleIMS Pro-Series Foot PegsIMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs$96.00 - $124.95 $113.00Save Up to 16%saleAltRider Brake Pedal Riser And Enlarger PadAltRider Brake Pedal Riser And Enlarger Pad$30.97 - $110.97 $98.97-$110.97Save Up to 73%saleDRC Ultra Wide Foot PegDRC Ultra Wide Foot Peg$52.16 $57.95Save Up to 9%salePSR Adjustable Offroad KickstandPSR Adjustable Offroad Kickstand$185.95
saleKTM Brake Pedal TipKTM Brake Pedal Tip$54.99salePSR Adjustable KickstandPSR Adjustable Kickstand$173.95saleZeta Forged Aluminum KickstandZeta Forged Aluminum Kickstand$113.36 - $118.76 $131.95Save Up to 14%saleZeta Forged Shift LeverZeta Forged Shift Lever$24.26 - $28.76 $28.95-$31.95Save Up to 23%saleMoose Hybrid FootpegsMoose Hybrid Footpegs$127.95saleWarp 9 Racing Oversized MX FootpegsWarp 9 Racing Oversized MX Footpegs$99.00saleIMS Bigfoot Foot PegsIMS Bigfoot Foot Pegs$113.00saleHammerhead Designs Billet Aluminum Shift LeverHammerhead Designs Billet Aluminum Shift Lever$74.99 - $79.99 $79.99Save Up to 7%saleDRC Replacement Foot Peg Spring/Pin SetDRC Replacement Foot Peg Spring/Pin Set$14.36 $15.95Save Up to 7%
saleMoose Racing Forged Shift LeverMoose Racing Forged Shift Lever$34.95 $41.95Save Up to 18%saleFlo Motorsports Footpeg Replacement Cleat SetFlo Motorsports Footpeg Replacement Cleat Set$17.95 $19.95Save Up to 11%
salePSR Rider Footpegs For O.E.M FootrestsPSR Rider Footpegs For O.E.M Footrests$39.95 - $49.95 $39.99-$49.95Save Up to 21%saleFly Racing Foot PegsFly Racing Foot Pegs$139.95saleMoose Racing Side StandMoose Racing Side Stand$73.95 - $85.95saleMoose Hybrid Footpeg SpringMoose Hybrid Footpeg Spring$12.95saleMoose Bolt-On KickstandMoose Bolt-On Kickstand$139.95saleMoose Pro 1/2 in. Back Offset FootpegsMoose Pro 1/2 in. Back Offset Footpegs$131.95saleMoose Pro Standard FootpegsMoose Pro Standard Footpegs$131.95saleMoose Aluminum ShifterMoose Aluminum Shifter$39.95 $45.95Save Up to 14%saleAltRider Kickstand Foot EnlargerAltRider Kickstand Foot Enlarger$24.97 - $85.97 $74.97-$83.97Save Up to 72%saleAll Balls Rear Brake Pedal Rebuild KitAll Balls Rear Brake Pedal Rebuild Kit$35.74 - $44.69 $39.71-$49.66Save Up to 29%saleKTM Shift Lever TipKTM Shift Lever Tip$39.99saleTorc1 Racing Voltage FootpegsTorc1 Racing Voltage Footpegs$96.87

Adventure Foot Controls

When you are ready to explore the open road, your ADV touring motorcycle never disappoints. Still, to take your ride to the next level, you may want to rework your existing ADV touring foot pegs and controls. With the right adventure foot controls you can get increased grip and better control of the bike with minimal wear to your adventure touring boots. Chaparral Motorsports has a great selection of adventure touring foot pegs and controls. Replacing your stock parts with high-quality adventure touring foot controls can also help reduce fatigue, allowing you to put more miles in the saddle. On the other hand, if you just want to enhance the look of your machine, adding things like new foot pegs and adventure lighting are sure to get the job done. After all, while you certainly want your adventure touring motorcycle to perform optimally, part of the fun of owning any bike is customizing it to suit your style.

At Chaparral Motorsports, we proudly carry the adventuring touring parts and accessories you need to get the most out of your machine. We also have some epic ADV touring parts and apparel to help you show off your riding style. When you are upgrading your old, damaged, or ineffective foot controls, add some aftermarket upgrades or cool gear to transform your entire ride. Alternatively, simply look through our extensive inventory of OEM parts, aftermarket upgrades, and rider lifestyle gear for inspiration. Either way, you cannot lose when you leave all your motorcycle’s needs to Chaparral Motorsports.

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