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UTV Helmets

UTV Helmets

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UTVs and Side-By-Sides provide a much greater feeling of safety, and physical protection for riders, however you are still going to need a helmet to provide protection for your head. 

While UTVs and Side-By-Sides include safety harnesses designed to keep riders inside the vehicle, there is still a need to protect your head from high-speed collisions with objects outside of the vehicle. The helmets designed for UTV and Side-By-Side are available in full face, open face and half helmet styles allow you to choose the best fit for your driving experience.This means that you are able to choose from a much wider array of helmet options. Chaparral Motorsports carries a broad selection of UTV and Side-By-Side helmets to suit every need, and style. Looking for a helmet that will allow you to communicate easily with your fellow riders? Check out the full-selection of open face, and half UTV helmets, with no, or minimal face shields to stifle the conversation. Want more serious protection for you, or for your passengers, we’ve got full face helmets, adventure helmets, and dirt bike helmets too. 

UTVs and Side-By-Sides give you the freedom to choose your own adventure, and your own level of protection. A word of advice, because Side-By-Sides offer space for a passenger, make sure that you are providing adequate protection for young or inexperienced passengers, even if you want to go with a helmet that is on the lighter side for yourself.

Laws, rules, and regulations vary from state to state, so make sure that you are purchasing the adequate level of protection in accordance with the rules of the location where you will be riding. Helmets are optional in select cases, in select jurisdictions (though again, for safety’s sake you should always wear a helmet), while full face helmets may be required for UTV or Side-By-Side riding in others. 

Protect yourself with a helmet from Chaparral Motorsports. We guarantee that you will find the right style, and type of helmet to suit your taste in our extensive catalog of UTV helmets. Best of all, our 5-Star customer service, FREE shipping, and No questions asked return policy means that you can feel confident shopping Chaparral Motorsports for all your UTV helmet needs.

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