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Klim Hardanger 1-Piece Suit

Klim Hardanger 1-Piece Suit

$1,399.99 - $1,449.99
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Grey/Flo Yellow/BlackGrey/CharcoalBlackTan/Charcoal
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The Hardanger is KLIM’s first fully armored, weatherproof one-piece engineered to be right at home on an epic long-distance journey or your daily commute. Fully featured and streamlined yet durable, this one-piece provides high levels of protection and comfort. Industry-first integration of D30 LP1 vented armor system offers high performance impact protection while providing unprecedented ventilation.

  • 3 layer Gore-Tex performance shell technology,keeps you dryer for longer
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Streamlined interior
  • 750D Cordura overlays on knees, boot panels, shoulders, elbows
  • Biomotion recognition
  • Waterproof pass through port for heated clothing wires
  • Integrated HD metal locking clip allows locking
  • Integrates with Klim tek pak lock
  • Integrated armor system with LP1 pads
  • 2 Chest vents
  • 2 Forearm vents,2 tricep vents,2 bicep vents
  • 2 Vertical rear back vents
  • 2 Thigh vents,2 rear thigh exhausts
  • 2 External chest pockets 1 with key clip,1 inside chest zippered pocket
  • 2 Front thigh pockets
  • 2-In-one left forearm pocket for cc and stat card
  • 1 Internal hidden pocket behind backpad
  • 2 Hand pockets
  • Designed with extreme mobility and comfort in mind
  • Quick adjust straps forearm, waist and calf
  • YKK zippers throughout
  • Top down zip-in zip-out function,easy on and off
  • Helmet friendly collar cuff and hem
  • Darmstadt test passed
  • C.E. A rating certified to EN 17092-4
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California Prop 65
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XXL 261-3737-001-160-6603737-001-160-6601 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Charcoal L 261-3737-001-140-6003737-001-140-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Charcoal M 261-3737-001-130-6003737-001-130-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black S 261-3737-001-120-6603737-001-120-6601 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Charcoal S 261-3737-001-120-6003737-001-120-6001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black 3XL Short 261-3737-001-370-6603737-001-370-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal 3XL Short 261-3737-001-370-6003737-001-370-600Unavailable.-
Black 3XL Short 261-3737-001-370-0003737-001-370-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XXL Short 261-3737-001-360-6603737-001-360-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XXL Short 261-3737-001-360-6003737-001-360-600Unavailable.-
Black XXL Short 261-3737-001-360-0003737-001-360-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XL Short 261-3737-001-350-6603737-001-350-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XL Short 261-3737-001-350-6003737-001-350-600Unavailable.-
Black XL Short 261-3737-001-350-0003737-001-350-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black L Short 261-3737-001-340-6603737-001-340-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal L Short 261-3737-001-340-6003737-001-340-600Unavailable.-
Black L Short 261-3737-001-340-0003737-001-340-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black M Short 261-3737-001-330-6603737-001-330-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal M Short 261-3737-001-330-6003737-001-330-600Unavailable.-
Black M Short 261-3737-001-330-0003737-001-330-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black S Short 261-3737-001-320-6603737-001-320-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal S Short 261-3737-001-320-6003737-001-320-600Unavailable.-
Black S Short 261-3737-001-320-0003737-001-320-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black 3XL Tall 261-3737-001-270-6603737-001-270-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal 3XL Tall 261-3737-001-270-6003737-001-270-600Unavailable.-
Black 3XL Tall 261-3737-001-270-0003737-001-270-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XXL Tall 261-3737-001-260-6603737-001-260-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XXL Tall 261-3737-001-260-6003737-001-260-600Unavailable.-
Black XXL Tall 261-3737-001-260-0003737-001-260-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XL Tall 261-3737-001-250-6603737-001-250-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XL Tall 261-3737-001-250-6003737-001-250-600Unavailable.-
Black XL Tall 261-3737-001-250-0003737-001-250-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black L Tall 261-3737-001-240-6603737-001-240-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal L Tall 261-3737-001-240-6003737-001-240-600Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black L Tall 261-3737-001-240-0003737-001-240-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black M Tall 261-3737-001-230-6603737-001-230-660Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Charcoal M Tall 261-3737-001-230-6003737-001-230-600Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black M Tall 261-3737-001-230-0003737-001-230-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black S Tall 261-3737-001-220-6603737-001-220-660Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Charcoal S Tall 261-3737-001-220-6003737-001-220-600Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black S Tall 261-3737-001-220-0003737-001-220-000Available. 5-7 Days.-
Tan/Charcoal 3XL 261-3737-001-170-9003737-001-170-900Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black 3XL 261-3737-001-170-6603737-001-170-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal 3XL 261-3737-001-170-6003737-001-170-600Unavailable.-
Black 3XL 261-3737-001-170-0003737-001-170-000Unavailable.-
Tan/Charcoal XXL 261-3737-001-160-9003737-001-160-900Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XXL 261-3737-001-160-6003737-001-160-600Unavailable.-
Black XXL 261-3737-001-160-0003737-001-160-000Unavailable.-
Tan/Charcoal XL 261-3737-001-150-9003737-001-150-900Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XL 261-3737-001-150-6603737-001-150-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Charcoal XL 261-3737-001-150-6003737-001-150-600Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black XL 261-3737-001-150-0003737-001-150-000Available. 5-7 Days.-
Tan/Charcoal L 261-3737-001-140-9003737-001-140-900Unavailable.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black L 261-3737-001-140-6603737-001-140-660Unavailable.-
Black L 261-3737-001-140-0003737-001-140-000Unavailable.-
Tan/Charcoal M 261-3737-001-130-9003737-001-130-900Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black M 261-3737-001-130-6603737-001-130-660Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black M 261-3737-001-130-0003737-001-130-000Available. 5-7 Days.-
Tan/Charcoal S 261-3737-001-120-9003737-001-120-900Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black S 261-3737-001-120-0003737-001-120-000Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Flo Yellow/Black XS 261-3737-001-110-6603737-001-110-660Available. 5-7 Days.-
Grey/Charcoal XS 261-3737-001-110-6003737-001-110-600Available. 5-7 Days.-
Black XS 261-3737-001-110-0003737-001-110-000Available. 5-7 Days.-
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