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Klim Carlsbad Textile Pants

Klim Carlsbad Textile Pants

$499.99 - $619.99
sale $599.99Save Up to 17%
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The Carlsbad pant has been redesigned, built to an even higher standard from the chassis of the proven, highly mobile predecessor. Engineered for excellent mobility and comfort when riding, the Carlsbad features improved ventilation and fit, greater abrasion resistance, more refined storage options and improved impact protection. This is the light and fast, waterproof solution for hard charging adventure riders.

  • Gore-tex performance shell construction, keeps you dryer for longer
  • 3M Scotchlite C790 carbon black reflective material
  • FPL400 main chassis fabric, same as Badlands Pro pants
  • Goat leather on the inside of knees for grip and protection
  • Cordura inside knee and cuff for wear resistance
  • 630D Cordura twisted yarn overlays in abrasion zones
  • Moisture wicking, anti-microbial, Polygiene anti-odor liner
  • Klimatek cooling mesh in armor pad pockets
  • Biomotion recognition and rider position articulation
  • Cuff design allows pant to open for boot and knee guard adjustment
  • 2 Thigh intake vents and 2 thigh exhaust vents
  • 2 Billowed thigh cargo pockets
  • 2 Quick adjust waist straps
  • Removable armor pads
  • Zipper with snap adjustable cuff
  • Waterproof fly zipper gusset
  • Jacket pant zip connection
  • Authentic YKK zippers with glove friendly zipper pulls
  • Fits over off-road boots
  • D3O C.E. Level 2 LP2 pro adjustable knee and hip armor
  • C.E. AA rating certified to prEN 17092-3
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California Prop 65
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Part Numbers

SKU MPN Availability In-Store Pickup
Black 40 261-6030-002-040-0006030-002-040-0002 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Grey/Dark Grey 36 261-6030-002-036-6606030-002-036-6602 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 36 261-6030-002-036-0006030-002-036-0002 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 32 261-6030-002-032-0006030-002-032-0002 In Stock. Ready to ship.2 In Stock.
Black 40 Short 261-6030-002-340-0006030-002-340-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 38 Short 261-6030-002-338-0006030-002-338-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Dark Grey 40 261-6030-002-040-6606030-002-040-6601 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 40 261-6030-002-040-6046030-002-040-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 38 261-6030-002-038-6046030-002-038-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 38 261-6030-002-038-2016030-002-038-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 38 261-6030-002-038-0006030-002-038-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 36 261-6030-002-036-6046030-002-036-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Dark Grey 34 261-6030-002-034-6606030-002-034-6601 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 34 261-6030-002-034-6046030-002-034-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 34 261-6030-002-034-2016030-002-034-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 34 261-6030-002-034-0006030-002-034-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Dark Grey 32 261-6030-002-032-6606030-002-032-6601 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 32 261-6030-002-032-6046030-002-032-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Grey/Teal 32 261-6030-002-032-2016030-002-032-2011 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 30 261-6030-002-030-6046030-002-030-6041 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 30 261-6030-002-030-0006030-002-030-0001 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Light Grey/Grey 42 Short 261-6030-002-342-6046030-002-342-604Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 40 Short 261-6030-002-340-6046030-002-340-604Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 38 Short 261-6030-002-338-6046030-002-338-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 38 Short 261-6030-002-338-2016030-002-338-201Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 36 Short 261-6030-002-336-6046030-002-336-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 36 Short 261-6030-002-336-2016030-002-336-201Unavailable.-
Black 36 Short 261-6030-002-336-0006030-002-336-000Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 34 Short 261-6030-002-334-6046030-002-334-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 34 Short 261-6030-002-334-2016030-002-334-201Unavailable.-
Black 34 Short 261-6030-002-334-0006030-002-334-000Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 32 Short 261-6030-002-332-6046030-002-332-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 32 Short 261-6030-002-332-2016030-002-332-201Unavailable.-
Black 32 Short 261-6030-002-332-0006030-002-332-000Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 30 Short 261-6030-002-330-6046030-002-330-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 30 Short 261-6030-002-330-0006030-002-330-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 38 Tall 261-6030-002-238-6606030-002-238-660Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 38 Tall 261-6030-002-238-6046030-002-238-604Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 38 Tall 261-6030-002-238-3006030-002-238-300Unavailable.-
Black 38 Tall 261-6030-002-238-0006030-002-238-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 36 Tall 261-6030-002-236-6606030-002-236-660Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 36 Tall 261-6030-002-236-6046030-002-236-604Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 36 Tall 261-6030-002-236-3006030-002-236-300Unavailable.-
Black 36 Tall 261-6030-002-236-0006030-002-236-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 34 Tall 261-6030-002-234-6606030-002-234-660Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 34 Tall 261-6030-002-234-6046030-002-234-604Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 34 Tall 261-6030-002-234-3006030-002-234-300Unavailable.-
Black 34 Tall 261-6030-002-234-0006030-002-234-000Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 32 Tall 261-6030-002-232-6606030-002-232-660Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 32 Tall 261-6030-002-232-6046030-002-232-604Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 32 Tall 261-6030-002-232-3006030-002-232-300Unavailable.-
Black 32 Tall 261-6030-002-232-0006030-002-232-000Unavailable.-
Light Grey/Grey 42 261-6030-002-042-6046030-002-042-604Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 42 261-6030-002-042-2016030-002-042-201Unavailable.-
Black 42 261-6030-002-042-0006030-002-042-000Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 40 261-6030-002-040-3006030-002-040-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 40 261-6030-002-040-2016030-002-040-201Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 38 261-6030-002-038-6606030-002-038-660Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 38 261-6030-002-038-3006030-002-038-300Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 36 261-6030-002-036-3006030-002-036-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 36 261-6030-002-036-2016030-002-036-201Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 34 261-6030-002-034-3006030-002-034-300Unavailable.-
Green/Charcoal/Flo Yellow 32 261-6030-002-032-3006030-002-032-300Unavailable.-
Grey/Dark Grey 30 261-6030-002-030-6606030-002-030-660Unavailable.-
Grey/Teal 30 261-6030-002-030-2016030-002-030-201Unavailable.-
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