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TG Tyre Guider OES ATV Tire Video Overview

Chaparral Motorsports
January 6, 2022
Last Updated: January 10, 2022

If you’re looking for an ATV tire that hits all the right features: traction, durability, solid handling, and a budget friendly price tag, the EOS tire from TG Tyre Guider rolls up to the front of the pack. Perfectly suited for front tire applications on sporty and utility ATVs, this precision-made tire has been designed to perform magnificently on a variety of terrain types and in different riding conditions.

Comprised of a six-ply construction, the Tyre Guider EOS Front Tire’s prominent tread features distinct knobs that are reminiscent of the X-knobs found on the GBC XC Master tire. That make the EOS a great alternative with all the same features as the XC Master, but with a lower price point. The lugs on the EOS front tire measure in at a half-inch tall, one-inch wide, and one-and-one-half inches long. The sturdy and independent lugs hold their shape for optimized control. Running directly down the center of the tire is a line of knobs that are closely packed together to provide contact with hard surfaces for excellent handling and braking.

Two rows of side knobs aid in gripping and providing traction in turns, when leaning the vehicle, or when running through ruts. With the ability to bite onto rocks and roots while also delivering premium performance characteristics, the rugged side lugs can enable you tackle tough situations with confidence.

Spacing out the knobs on the sides of the tire promotes self-cleaning so that rocks, dirt, and debris doesn’t interfere with traction. The spaced-out design also reduces the number of total knobs making for a lighter and quicker handling tire that offers increased steering, better control, and immediate feedback. Characteristics such as these make the TG Tyre Guider EOS Front Tire a top selection for GNCC style racing. ATV riders that like to explore and test their skills find that these are all around quality tires for general offroading on hard pack and soft terrain as well.

With its six-ply construction, the knobs are very sturdy and hold their shape when cornering or hard braking to ensure smooth and consistent handling. The six-ply construction also makes this a very strong and dependable tire. You can rely on the reinforced bead to give you a better seal and improve the tire's overall durability, even as a UTV tire. And when the trails get really rough, this TG Tyre will endure every mile with its unique rubber compound and strong carcass that reduces punctures from sharp rocks and sticks.

The combination of all these qualities makes the EOS Front ATV Tire a great choice for serious racers as well as those that enjoy trail riding or venturing onto unknown trails. The tire is available for ten-inch wheels and comes in either a twenty-one-inch height, twenty-two-inch height, or twenty-three-inch height. For a matching set and improved handling at all four corners, you can grab the TG Tyre Guider EOS Rear ATV tires as well. If you are in the market for new tires or want to upgrade the look of your ATV, TG Tyre Guider EOS ATV Tires are a great option that will deliver superb handling and long mileage at an affordable price.

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