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Ocelot Black Diamond XTR Tire

Chaparral Motorsports
December 21, 2020
Last Updated: December 21, 2020

Seen here is our new Ocelot Black Diamond XTR ATV/UTV tire. This a very rugged and durable tire with a rather aggressive tread pattern making it an ideal choice for those of you ATV riders or UTV drivers that tend to spend a lot of time in tough terrain where traction and grip are essential.

What you'll notice right of the bat about the Ocelot Black Diamond XTR is the prominent lugs which measure in at about 1-1/8" tall. The thick and tall lugs are strategically placed to create a powerful tread pattern that can hook up in deep mud, snow, and sand but also provide smooth rolling at speed on hard packed surfaces.

Directly in the center of the tire is the main tread which features two distinct lugs. You have the main lug that is formed in somewhat of a winged V pattern. Then, spaced about two inches behind that in the shape of an arrow is a smaller but equally tall lug. Just off to the center on either side are additional lugs that we describe as check marks. These lugs help provide additional grip and a smoother ride. Along the sides of the tread pattern you have a mix between V and check mark shaped lugs that start off high and then taper down as they lead the sidewall. These side lugs are going to provide extra grip when you get into ruts and will grab onto roots, rocks, or the sides of the ruts to help pull your ATV or UTV through.

The are several benefits and features of the tread pattern and lug design. First, with the tall 1-1/8-inch lugs the tires will be able to dig into thick or deep mud, snow and sand. Second, there is plenty of spacing between all the lugs which allows the tires to self -clean and fling mud away from the tires as they roll rather than allowing the mud to get packed and caked into the tread.

The aggressive V shapes of the lugs provide leading edges that deliver the initial dispersed grip in tough situations. And then you get additional leading edge grip with recesses found within the lugs. This design allows the tires to continually bite at the terrain for maximum grip.

Another benefit of the lug design is that they are very thick and robust which will aid in stability and predictable handling. With the help of the sturdy 6-ply radial carcass, even when mounted on heavier UTVs and side-by-sides, the powerful lugs will hold their shape, minimizing flex and roll, to ensure solid handling when at speed or corning on hard pack surfaces.

As aggressive as the tread pattern is on the Ocelot Black Diamond XTR, these are very versatile ATV and UTV tires that can tackle any terrain. With the over the center V shaped tread pattern you will get a smooth and stable ride, backed by an extended wear tread compound that will help maximize the life of the tire.

In the photos is the 26x12-12 version of the Ocelot Black Diamond XTR, but there are plenty of other sizes available to fit a variety of ATVs and UTVs or side-by-sides. If you are an adventurer that covers a lot of different and difficult terrain and you want a tire that will provide great traction, longevity, a smooth ride, and good handling, but won't break your bank, then you should definitely consider the Ocelot Black Diamond XTR.

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