HJC and Sena Create a new Smart HJC Product Line

Posted on November 8, 2019 by Eric Ellis.

Yesterday at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, Bluetooth
helmet communication system maker Sena announced a new partnership with HJC
helmets. Both Sena and HJC are leaders in their respective categories and as
more and more motorcycle riders look for clean, simple, and effective ways to
stay connected to the outside world while riding it only make sense for this
connection between these two brands to flourish.

For the 2020 riding season Sena and HJC collaborated to create the Smart HJC line of helmets that will allow riders to integrate the new Smart HJC 10B and Smart HJC 20B communication systems into HJC helmets while still keeping a sleek and aerodynamic look. The 10B and 20B comms systems consist of a main unit, control unit, and a mic/speaker kit. There are currently seven helmets in HJC’s line that are Smart HJC helmets: V90, Carbon RPHA 11, Carbon RPHA 70, RPHA/Carbon 90, F70, i10, and the i90.

The Smart HJC 10B offers similar features to the SMH5 which includes
the ability to stream music from your phone, received GPS directions receive
and make phone calls through Bluetooth connection. The intercom function allows
you to connect with one other rider up to 400 meters away. If it’s longer range
and group communication you seek then the Smart HJC 20B offers all the same
features with the addition of an eight way intercom and a range of up to one

HJC and Sena worked together to ensure installation was
simple and the overall aesthetic of the helmet remained. The helmets feature a
removable cover at the rear that allows you to slide the main unit into place
and out of sight. Upon removing the cheek pads you will notice that there are
pockets to securely pop the speakers into place as well as recessed channels
for the wiring to tuck into. At the front there is a cutout for the microphone
placement. The slim control was designed specifically for the HJC helmets to be
slim yet easy to operate with gloves.           


The helmets and comms system will be sold separately. The
10B Bluetooth comms system will retail for $139.99 and the 20B will be retailing
for $299.99.

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