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Arai Introduces New Ram-X Open Face Helmet

Chaparral Motorsports
April 11, 2019
(Press release) 

The all-new RAM-X is the most advanced open-face helmet Arai has ever created.  Incorporating the latest Arai technology-including the Variable Axis System Type-Z (VAS-Z) Pro Shade System Shield, upper ventilation system shared by the top-line Corsair-X, and shell construction of the Quantum-X & Signet-X-the RAM-X gives customers who want an open-face helmet many of the same benefits, comfort, quality and protection expected of an Arai helmet. 

VAS-Z System

The RAM-X features the newly developed VAS-Z shield system with a lower pivot point that allows a more smooth shell in the temple area. This system also allows the helmet to slide more smoothly should it contact the ground or obstacles, contributing to gains in protection. The lower pivot position is possible due to the dual-pivot design, which allows the shield to function where a single pivot could not. The lower pivot point also improves the helmet's aerodynamics for a smoother ride.

Pro Shade

Arai developed the external Pro Shade System to avoid interfering with the protection performance of the helmet. The side benefits of this design are many. When raised, the external lens works like a peak, minimizing glare when the sun is higher in the sky or from street lights at night. Lowering the lens reduces the amount of light entering the helmet, which is particularly beneficial when the sun is lower in the sky.

The Pro Shade provides reduction of ambient light, while still allowing the rider to see the gauges through the lower part of the clear shield. With a quick dip of the rider's head, sudden bursts of light or glare can be handled without the rider taking their hands off the bars.


When it comes to shell design, all-day comfort starts with creating a helmet that's lightweight, but also balanced with a low center of gravity. Less weight and a low center of gravity decreases rider fatigue and helps riders focus on what's important: riding! For the RAM-X, as with all Arai shells, weight reduction without compromising protection was achieved in part by employing the newly developed Z-Compound resin. In shell construction, resin serves to bind material to material. Arai has long developed proprietary resins to create stronger and lighter shells properly bonded for maximum performance, and recently developed the exclusive Z-Compound resin. This resin achieves higher adhesion with less resin, which strengthens the shell while reducing weight.


Continuing to advance Arai's protection capability, the compact design has been refined, which helps decrease wind resistance and reduce rider fatigue. There are four shells covering the RAM-X's six available sizes (XS-XXL), each with its own finely tuned one-piece multi-density EPS liner and comfort padding, giving you a complete compact package!

Shell Balance

A new lightweight shell and liner combination lowers the center of gravity, reducing rider fatigue and making longer rides more enjoyable.


An updated ear-cup shape cradles the rider's face to provide stability and insulation from wind noise without discomfort - further enhancing the ride.


The new shield curvature minimizes distortion and reduces strain on the eyes, while still protecting the rider from wind and debris. The RAM-X has exceptional peripheral vision because of its uniformly thick one-piece multi-density EPS liner, which does not have to be thicker in the brow area, thus pushing the rider's face further back from the shield.


The new Pinlock ready anti-fog shield provides all weather riding enjoyment and the Pinlock anti-fog lens is included with the RAM-X.


The RAM-X utilizes the same diffusers as Arai's flagship Corsair-X model, with a revised stationary aero stabilizer wing to improve helmet stability and further reduce rider fatigue. The diffusers each take in 19 percent more air than the previous generation, and the center duct takes in 11 percent more air than the previous generation as well.

RAM-X Specifications

Certification:            DOT, Snell in all sizes.

Shell:                         PB-cLc2 (peripherally belted complex laminate

construction square).

Interior: Exceptional-fitting adjustable & removable interior with micro fit peel away temple and cheek pad layers as well as optional thicker head and cheek pads for personal adjustability. Uses Arai's odor resistant, anti-microbial, dirt resistant liner material.

Shield:                       Pro Shade System Pinlock Ready with clear Pinlock lens included.

Sizes:                         XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL.

Optional Parts

Standard Pinlock Ready Clear Shield (non-Pro Shade)

Standard Shield Arms (non-Pro Shade)

If riders wish to remove the Pro Shade System external lens and only use the standard shield, they can purchase a standard shield arm set to replace the Pro Shade System arm set that came with the helmet. They will need to remove the Pro Shade System lens and base plate set before installing the standard arm set on the shield.

Mirror-coated color options for the VAS-Z Shield: Green, Silver, Blue, Red

Mirror-coated color options for the VAS-Z Pro Shade: Silver, Blue, Red


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