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Tech Tips: Replacing And Bleeding Brake Lines Presented By Vital MX

Chaparral Motorsports
June 8, 2018

Of all the things people regularly check and maintain on their dirt bike, the brake fluid is extremely vital but often overlooked. In order to ride fast you have to be able to stop fast and burnt brake fluid or leaking brake lines won't cut it. If you're going to be replacing the brake fluid in your dirt bike you might want to consider upgrading the stock brake lines to something like the braided steel versions that Galfer offers.  

Your stock brake lines may be working fine but over time they can take a lot of abuse leading to leaking or a spongy feel at the lever. Even just swapping out your front brake line for one of Galfer's steel braided brake lines can be a significant improvement. Not only will the new brake line be more durable but it will provide a more consistent feel and better modulation.

Tending to your brake fluid or changing out brake lines isn't too difficult just make sure you have fresh brake fluid on hand and some proper sized tubing to fit over the bleeder vale. It only takes basic hand tools to perform the job; however, there are a couple specialty brake tools like the Motion Pro Mini Brake Bleeder and K&L Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit that make the job even easier. If you've never worked on dirt bike brake before this video from Vital MX will walk you through the process of bleeding and refilling your brake fluid.

Tech Tips: Replacing and Bleeding Brake Lines on Vital MX

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