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 Tech Tips: Installing A Seat Cover Presented By Viral MX

Chaparral Motorsports
June 8, 2018

While your dirt bike tires are necessary to provide traction across the dirt, your dirt bike seat is key to providing grip to keep your butt glued to the motorcycle under extreme acceleration. Actually, it's the seat cover that's supposed to keep you locked onto the bike. However, after hours and hours of riding the cover can get chewed up and beat down by the sun and lose its ability to provide grip for your dirt bike pants. A slippery seat cover can cause you to slide off the back of the bike in a start, thus losing the hole shot or worse, looping it out in front of everyone.

Installing a new seat cover is really straight forward. The only special tool that you will need is a staple gun-a pneumatic staple guns woks best. If it's just a seat cover swap the process will most likely only take about 20 minutes. While you are changing out the seat cover you could also add a little foam bump to help keep you from sliding back. SDG has a foam bump and Gripper Seat Cover kit that's really easy to install. If you feel that your dirt bike is too short or you're just not happy with your foam then consider checking out the options from Factor Effex, they offer tall seat foam as well as wider seat foams.

In the video below Jeff from SDG shows how to remove a stock seat cover and install an SDG seat cover. The process is the same for most other seat covers so if you are considering this upgrade this video will give you some valuable tips.

Tech Tips: Installing a Seat Cover on Vital MX

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