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Tech Tips: Fork Seal Maintenance Presented By Vital MX

Chaparral Motorsports
May 23, 2018

So you just finished washing your dirt bike and it's all fresh and sparkly. But is it really clean? You might have gotten all the major dirt off the plastics and frame, and hit the chain with a Scrub Brush, but is it really thoroughly clean? There are small, forgotten places where tiny particles of dirt and grime can hide and cause big damage-places like your fork seals.

If it's not already, dirt bike fork seal maintenance should become part of your regular routine. You don't necessarily need to clean the seals after every ride but at least inspect the dust seals and make sure there is no damage or fluid seeping down the slider. Cleaning your dust and fork seals can not only be a form of preventative maintenance but it may also help cure an issue where you notice an oily fork leg.

If you want to clean the fork seals on your dirt bike it's really easy to do as you can see in the video below. However, before you get started make sure you have some suspension cleaner on hand. And if you notice that the dust seals are cracked or you suspect that the fork seals are damaged and causing leaks, then it's time to pick up a fork seal kit. If you've never replace your fork seals we have a video from Vital MX on how to do that as well.

Tech Tips: Fork Seal Maintenance on Vital MX

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