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How To: Clutch Plate Replacement Presented By Vital MX

Chaparral Motorsports
May 16, 2018

Without healthy clutch plates your dirt bike won't be performing as it should, or worse yet, it won't be performing at all. There's a couple way to tell if you are in need of servicing your dirt bike clutch. You may notice that the engagement or feel at the clutch lever isn't quite right. The motorcycle might not be delivering the power as it should-especially under load. When stopped and in gear you might notice the bike creeping forward even though you have the clutch lever all the way in. Or you just might notice the burning smell of the clutch plates spinning against each other.

Changing your clutch plates on a dirt bike may sound intimidating but it's really not that difficult. In fact all it really takes is the right parts, some t-handles, a torque wrench, a clutch plate removal tool or a pair of O-ring picks, and a screw driver. Of course you are going to need a set of new clutch plates and before you get started on the removal steps you should soak the new plates in some fresh oil.

Since you're going to be digging into your clutch assembly it might be a good time to consider upgrading to a something like a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch setup. This kit will reduce the likeliness of the bike stalling in the event of crash and will allow you to come to a complete stop or run at idle and low RPMs without having to pull in the clutch lever. Or you could just stick with the replacement clutch plates and seal it up with a new clutch cover from Boyesen to give your bike more of a factory look.

If you take your time, go step by step, and remember to alternate between steel plates and fiber plates when installing the new clutch plates it will be a painless process. Check out the video below that Vital MX made demonstrating how to change your clutch plates.

Tech Tips: Clutch Plate Replacement on Vital MX

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