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Sport Bike And Street Bike Rider's 2017 Christmas Guide: Gift Ideas For The Street Rippers

Chaparral Motorsports
December 6, 2017

Got someone on your Christmas list that is into carving canyons, stunting on the streets, or just enjoys twisting the throttle of their two-wheeled rocket? This guide will give you some good gift ideas on riding gear, parts, and accessories for those adrenaline fiends who love their street bikes and sport bikes.

Communication System

Pretty much all street bike riders wear full face helmets, so when it comes to communicating with fellow riders, other than using hand signals, sorting out directions, gas stops, and figuring out where the last rider in the pack went can get be pretty tough. Bluetooth communication systems have been a great piece of technology for motorcycle riders as it lets them communicate with others clearly and easily.

690-10S-01The Sena10S offers a ton of upgrades over the popular Sena SMH10 such as Bluetooth 4.1, better speakers, a longer intercom distance, FM radio, and smart phone app capability. With this system users can connect to up to four riders for intercom communications with the touch of a button and with a range of up to one mile between riders. The nice thing about the intercom system is that you can connect others who are using devices other than Sena's. Connected to a smart phone or Bluetooth GPS device the Sena10 can receive turn-by-turn directions, take and make phone calls, and stream music. For the motovloggers the 10S offers Bluetooth audio recording setup for HD video that includes the mic from the headset, the intercom audio from other connected riders, and the sound of the road. We could go on and on about the 10S but just know that it's a great value with a ton of features and offers 12 hours of talk time, 10 days of standby time, and can be used while charging on the bike.
Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication System: MSRP: $239.00, currently on sale: $215.10

Motorcycle Jacket


Textile jackets have become extremely popular in the motorcycle world, especially with street bike/sport bike riders. The Atomic 5.0 Textile Jacket from Joe Rocket is the next evolution of the company's Atomic 4.0 jacket. The most significant difference in the 5.0 is that is has a slightly different cut which is more of a slimmer fit for better styling off the bike and comfort on the bike. The exterior is comprised of an extremely durable Rock Tex and Hitena outer shell that is not only highly waterproof but provides exceptional abrasion resistance and durability. Speaking of the exterior, some riders may find the 5.0 extremely convenient with CE approved armor housed in zippered external pockets in the shoulders and elbows.

This piece of riding gear is great for warm weather riding, all the wearer has to do is pull out the removable insulated full sleeve liner and then open and adjust the multiple vents for cross flow air penetration. Riders will find the Atomic 5.0 to be very comfortable as it has articulated back extension panels that allow the rider to move with ease into the riding position. Additionally, the jacket can be tailor fit the via the six-point sure fit adjustment system. The Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 is available in five colorways and sizes Small through 3X.
[mageProductLink sku="225-1651-5002" title=""]Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Textile Jacket[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $169.99 - $189.99, currently on sale: $152.99 - $170.99

Front/Rear lift stand


Even if the street bike rider on your list doesn't perform all of their own motorcycle maintenance, there are still times front and rear motorcycle stands could come in handy. From simple things like cleaning the motorcycle chain to getting the front or rear end off the ground so a new tires can be installed these lift stands from Unit Motorcycle Products offer ease of use and sturdy motorcycle support with an affordable price. The front lift can be used on most street bikes as it comes with six different pin sizes to fit the bottom of the steering stem. Once the proper pin is selected the height of the stand can then be adjusted so that it will fit into position. Solid rubber wheels at the bottom allow the stand to roll forward as the handle is pushed toward the ground and the front of the motorcycle lifts off the ground.

832-B2235The rear lift is height and width adjustable and comes with L and U attachments to accommodate a wide array of motorcycles. Made of strong steel like the front stand, this rear lift can get the back of the bike off the ground and reliably support it for service or repairs. The height can be adjusted to three different levels by 19mm intervals.
[mageProductLink sku="832-b2110" title=""]Unit Motorcycle Products B2110 Front Stem Lift System[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $64.95, currently on sale: $58.46
[mageProductLink sku="832-b2235" title=""]Unit Motorcycle Products B2235 Adjustable Rear Lift Stand[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $59.95, currently on sale: $53.96

Rain Suit

If you've never ridden a motorcycle in the rain, let me tell you it's a miserable 225-1010-2402experience and nothing is worse (except for maybe getting a bee in your helmet) if you don't have good motorcycle rain gear. As simple as it may look, the Rs2 Hi-Viz rain gear from Joe Rocket pretty much has all the features a motorcycle rider could ask for when it comes to wet weather riding. Obviously the pants and jacket are waterproof, but one problem with waterproof gear is that it doesn't breathe and can turn in to a sauna. To prevent overheating the jacket has a variable flow rear exhaust vent. The full length zipper is covered by a storm flap that goes all the way up to the collar to prevent water from seeping in.

Getting in and out of pants with motorcycle boots on can be a feat of balance and skill, however to make it easier to slip the pant on and off they feature leg zipper gussets that runs from the elastic cuffed bottoms up to the knees. One on, the stirrups at the bottom of the legs keep the pants from sliding up when riding at speed and melt resistant inner panels prevent engine heat from burning through the pants. Besides the hi-viz coloring, the pants and jacket have reflective piping to help make the rider more visible in low light and night time conditions.
[mageProductLink sku="225-1010-2402" title=""]Joe Rocket RS-2 Hi-Viz Two Piece Rain Suit[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $69.99 - $74.99, currently on sale: $62.99-$67.99

Phone Mount


For those that already have a motorcycle communication system a handlebar phone mount from can be extremely useful. Ram Mounts offers a large selection of mounts and accessories to provide riders with different mounting options. They also sell kits that will work for just about any type/brand of motorcycles. One such kit is the Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Cradle with Fork Stem Mount. If the motorcycle has a hollow fork stem then this kit will most likely work as it comes with everything needed to secure a cell phone to a motorcycle. The kit includes a universal X-Grip cradle that can accommodate most of the smaller to medium size phones on the market (not the iPhone Plus models and the like). The spring loaded ax design has soft rubber tips that does an excellent job of securing the phone while providing an unobstructed view of the screen.

Below the cradle is a quick adjust double arm socket that makes it easy to rotate the phone mount to just about any angle or remove the majority of the assembly quickly. Finally there is a rubber stem mount that can be cut to size and then stuffed in to the hollow fork stem. By applying tension to the bottom of the fork stem mount with the supplied screw and tension ring the mount will securely sit in the stem. The nice thing about the stem mount kit is that it keeps the phone in the middle of the front end and prevents the phone from interfering with the windscreen or fairing when turning. The kit is made from extremely durable powder coated marine grade aluminum, marine grade stainless steel, and high strength composite components so it will withstand the elements and road vibrations.
[mageProductLink sku="400-ram-b-176-a-un7u" title=""]RAM Mounts Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Cradle with Fork Stem Mount[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $59.99

Disc Lock


Keeping their motorcycle out of the hands of thieves is a top priority for any motorcycle owner. There are plenty of ways to protect a motorcycle from getting stolen but one of the easiest ways is also the least intrusive and easiest for a rider to carry with them. A motorcycle disc lock is light, compact, and can be carried in a backpack, tank bag, or even hooked to a belt loop on the pants. The XX-10 Disc Lock from Xena offers double the protection by locking to the motorcycle's rotor to prevent the bike from being rolled away and then it also packs a 120 decibel alarm that is motion and shock sensitive. Another convenient feature of the alarm is that it reminds the bike owner the disc is still locked before they try and ride away. The lock body is made from thick stainless steel and features a carbide reinforced locking pin that's extremely tough. To help resist against persistent thieves the body and pin is freeze spray proof and the lock is pick resistant.
[mageProductLink sku="310-0104" title=""]Xena XX-10 Disc Lock Alarm[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $104.95, currently on sale: $94.99

Bike cover


A motorcycle cover makes a great gift for any motorcycle owner because it not only protects the bike from the elements but can act as a theft deterrent. Motorcycles come in all sorts of bright colors and bike covers are rather drab so they can more easily blend in to the background. Nelson Rigg has a good selection of covers; the one we like for sport bikes is the Defender Extreme Sport Motorcycle Cover. It can cover everything from a CB300F to a Suzuki Hyabusa. The cover is completely waterproof and offers UV protection which is a great feature that helps protect seats from sun damage. The front has a soft liner to protect windscreens from scratches and there is a venting system to allow breathability and reduce condensation build up. A sturdy elastic lower band keeps the cover tight all around the motorcycle while a belly strap keeps the cover from possibly flying off the bike.
[mageProductLink sku="204-dex-sprt" title=""]Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme Sport Motorcycle Cover[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $99.95, currently on sale: $$89.99

Impact Protection


Show your favorite rider you care about their safety with some motorcycle armor, specifically this Stryker Field Armor Vest from Icon. A great piece of impact protection, this vest is lightweight, comfortable, and offers a ton of ventilation with its airmesh chassis. The segmented spine section provides plenty of mobility to tuck into the riding position and is comprised of C.E. approved Stryker back armor, underneath is a D30 back insert for extra cushioning and protection. The front of the vest features an injection-molded chest plate. With easy adjustability via the Velcro waist and shoulder straps wearers can get the vest fitting exactly as they want. There are three sizes to choose from as well as three different color options.
[mageProductLink sku="038-2701-0511" title=""]Icon Stryker Field Armor Vest[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $130.00

Fender Eliminator kit


Most motorcycle owners like to customize their bikes and one of the most popular modifications that street bike owners make to their motorcycle is to swap out the stock license plate mount assembly for a fender eliminator kit. A fender eliminator kit cleans up the back end of the motorcycle by eliminating the stock bulky and ugly license mount for one that is more sanitary and brings the license nice and close to the bike. DMP offers fender eliminator kits to fit most street bikes. Best of all their kits are quality made and require no cutting or drilling. In fact the kits are so easy to install most people can handle the task-you don't need to be an expert mechanic or have a huge toolbox of expensive tools. The DMP Fender Eliminator comes with license plate mounts that offer secure fitment for several different size license plates. It's a simple aftermarket part that can make a big difference in appearance for little money.
[mageProductLink sku="610-670-3100" title=""]DMP Fender Eliminator[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: $49.99 - $89.99, $44.99-$80.99

Passenger Grab Bar


If you have a rider that carries a passenger quite frequently, the PSR 2 Up Passenger Mount can be a very valuable piece of equipment to add to their motorcycle. Basically this is a grab handle that mounts over the stock gas cap location. Most of the time the passenger will wrap their arms around the rider as they both hunch over and motor down the road. That's' works fine, but this grab handle gives the passenger a nice firm and securely mounted handle to grip onto. The mount is precision machined out of strong aluminum and then wrapped in textured rubber for superb grip. PSR offers an assortment of mounts to fit most street bikes/sport bikes and still provide access to the gas cap. This is one of those motorcycle accessories that most people wish they would have gotten for their bike sooner.
[mageProductLink sku="312-5601" title=""]PSR 2-Up Passenger Bar[/mageProductLink]: MSRP: MSRP: $138.95 - $138.99


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