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Dirt Bike Riders 2017 Christmas Guide: Gift Ideas For MX Fans

Chaparral Motorsports
November 29, 2017
Last Updated: June 11, 2020

If you ride dirt bikes then shopping for people on your list who share the same love of shredding tracks and trails on two wheels is pretty easy. However, if you're on the other side of the fence and know nothing about motorcycles you might find yourself stumped on what to get that dirt rider on your list. Sure, you could go with the standards like gift cards and money, but if you want to get them something they can really use and appreciate then this guide can help you. Many items on this list are pretty general and will be appreciated by most dirt bike enthusiasts. However, went it comes to shopping for hard parts or accessories you're going to have to find out the year, make, and model of their motorcycle in order to get the correct parts.

Motorcycle Helmet Hook


This is one of those items that most motorcycle riders never think of getting for themselves. It's a simple metal hook that can be attached to a wall in the garage or hung in a van or from the leg of a pop up canopy and used to keep the helmet off the ground. This hook also makes it easy to air out a sweaty dirt bike helmet after a long ride or hard race. With its basic design the hook can work with pretty much any helmet and can also be used to hang other items like MX jerseys or pants. Unit Motorcycle Products E7804 Helmet Hook: MSRP: $7.95, currently on sale: $7.16

MX Boot Wash Stand

Riding dirty bikes is...well...dirty. There's a lot of dust and mud that gets kicked up, ridden through, and caked onto everything. Most riders like to keep their gear looking fresh and clean and this boot stand comes in very handy when rising off motocross boots. The boots stay suspended in one place and you can rotate them or the stand as needed to clean all around. Then once finished washing the convenient handle makes it easy to move them to a clean dry place or in the garage to air out. Unit Motorcycle Products E8013 MX Boot Wash Stand With Handle: MSRP: $23.95, currently on sale: $21.56.


Dirt bike pegs take a lot of beating from accidental tip overs to more hardcore crashes and if you have a rider that's been on the same bike for a long time chances are they could be due for some new pegs. Flo Motorsports Pro Series pegs have quickly become a popular choice amongst professional and amateur riders.

The pegs are precision made from high-quality, lightweight aluminum which make them extremely durable without adding extra heft to the bike. A wide platform equates to a more comfortable feel and better control for the rider while replaceable steel cleats mean they can be rebuilt to regain good traction after extended use. Flo Motorsports offers the pegs in variety of colors to fit just about every make and model of dirt bike. Flo Motorsports Pro Series Footpegs: MSRP: $129.95 - $134.95, currently on sale: $116.96 - $134.95

Maintenance Timer

For those that are serious about racing and/or keeping up with the maintenance intervals on their dirt bike this computer from Works Connection is a great gift idea. You get a lot of bang for little buck with this as it it's a tachometer, clock, and hour meter. What's really great is that it's compact enough that it can be mounted just about anywhere with the peel and stick mount.

The maintenance timer feature is great because it allows you to reset the timer after maintenance is performed so that you'll know when to perform maintenance again. The tachometer feature shows the engine's running RPM and records maximum RPM. This little bugger is extremely easy to install and is very versatile as it works on fuel-injected/carbureted 2-strokes and 4-stroke motorcycles. Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter/Clock/Maintenance Timer: MSRP: $44.95

Launch Control Device

Do you want your dirt biker to have an advantage at the starting gate? This Launch Control Device from Pro Circuit mounts to the lower fork leg and fork guard so that the forks can be locked in a compressed position allowing the rider to put more weight on the front of the bike for a better holeshot and less chance of riding a wheelie out of the gate. The launch control will automatically unlock the fork after the start so that the bike will ride/handle normally. It's a small addition that can make big gains when riders needed it most. The Launch Control Device is available for most dirt bikes. Pro Circuit Launch Control Device: MSRP: $109.95, currently on sale: $98.96


Dirt bike grips are always in need. They tend to wear down quickly or worse rip or get chewed up from tumbles. It's not difficult to change out grips but it can take some time to get the old grips off, get the bar ends cleaned up and then wait for the grip glue to dry after the new grips are installed.

To help reduce the time grip swaps take there's the Lock On grips from ODI. The left side grip has a tube with a clamp incorporated into it that allows you to tighten it to the handlebar and the right side grip comes with a throttle tube and a cam for the throttle cables. Basically these grips eliminate the need for grip glue or safety wire/tie wire when installing them making changing our grips a much faster process. ODI offers the grips in a variety of colors in either 2-stroke or 4-stroke versions to fit most dirt bikes on the market. ODI V2 Jeff Emig Throwback Edition 2 Stroke Lock On MX Grips: MSRP: $26.95


Just like dirt bike grips, dirt bike gloves are always on demand for MX riders. The gloves are made from thin and lightweight material which means they get can get beat up pretty easily. Many riders like to match their gloves with their pants and jersey so it's always nice to have a couple different colors and styles.

100 Percent's Airmatic Gloves are available in a wide variety of color schemes making it easy to match them up to most any gear set. The gloves feature a dual layer perforated palm to provide comfort and airflow while reducing moisture and blisters. Over the top there are bits of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that offer light impact protection for the knuckles and back of hand. 100 Percent Airmatic Gloves: MSRP: $29.50

Gear Bag

Dirt bikers haul a lot of gear with them to and from the track and the easiest way to get all that stuff back and forth is with a good quality roller gear bag. Fox Racing is well known in the industry for it stylish products and quality manufacturing and the Shuttle Wheeled Gear Bag is just one of the reasons why. Boasting a capacity of nearly 10,000 cubic inches this bag can handle nearly everything a hardcore rider might throw at it.

The bag features nine storage areas with a massive main compartment, separate helmet and boot compartments that are well ventilated, and smaller compartments for items like goggles, socks, and tee shirts. Two of the best features of this pieces of luggage are the bright blue interior which makes it easier to see your stuff in low lighting and the large pull out changing mat. The changing mat provides the rider with clean area to change into and out of their riding gear without having to stand in the dirt. A large retractable handle at the top and sturdy urethane wheels at the bottom makes it easy to haul the bag through airports or up and down driveways. Fox Racing Shuttle Wheeled Gear Bag: MSRP: $239.95, currently on sale: $167.97

Riding Gear/Casual Wear

Buying a dirt bike rider new riding gear and apparel might seem like an easy task, all you need to know is their sizing right? Wrong. Many riders have favorite brands they like to wear or types of gear they prefer. So you're going to need to know what those preferences are. To get an idea of what their favorite brands are take a look at their motorcycle. You can either get gear based on the motorcycle manufacturer (i.e. KTM or Yamaha branded tee shirts and hats) or based on the stickers they've added to their bike.

Look for stickers for brands like Fox Racing, Pro Taper, Shift, or Oakley (they are quite popular) and then you can maybe grab them a Shift Racing jersey or a pair of Oakley Goggles. Another good place to look is the bumper or back window of their vehicle-many riders affix stickers of their favorite brands to their trucks. Chances are they've subtly been telling you about their favorite brands all along just by the clothes they wear. If you're not familiar with a logo or name on the shirt they're wearing ask them about it and make a mental note.

Dirt Bike Helmet

You want your favorite dirt biker to protect that precious dome of theirs right? Well, any rider in their right mind will slip on a dirt bike helmet anytime they ride. The choices are never ending, but if you want quality, safety, and performance it's hard to beat the ATR-1 from 6D Helmets. One of the key safety features of this helmet is its Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) system that is set between two EPS liners. The small hourglass shaped dampers between the liners not only help absorb impact but also reduce rotational forces imparted on the head by allowing the liners to shift and move in six degrees of free motion displacement.

The exterior of the helmet is comprised of a proprietary woven blend of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Kevlar fibers. While not the lightest on the market this shell design makes for strong impact protection. Plenty of ventilation is provided by eight intake ports, 13 transfer ports, and four aggressive exhaust ports. One unintended benefit of the ODS system is that it allows air to flow between the two liners to help reduce heat and aid in moisture evaporation. The ATR-1 does come with a hefty price tag, however, 6D has conducted extensive research, design, and testing (as well as independent testing) to deliver a technologically advanced helmet that meets their commitment to delivering the utmost in rider protection. 6D ATR-1 Macro Helmet: MSRP: $695.00, currently on sale: $599.00

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