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Summer's Almost Here: Do You Have The Right Gloves?

Chaparral Motorsports
May 26, 2015

[caption id="attachment_46374" align="alignright" width="300"]Vented Motorcycle Gloves Vented Motorcycle Gloves[/caption]

The temperature is getting much warmer for motorcycle riders on the East Coast and in the Midwest, which means more time out on the bike. With the temperature change, it's important to adjust your riding gear to the different weather.

One piece of motorcycle equipment that riders tend to avoid switching is their gloves. However, summer motorcycle gloves are an important piece of equipment to riding safely and comfortably in the hot summer months.

Don't Use The Weather As An Excuse To Go Glove-less

Woman sitting on cruiser

Some riders simply don't wear motorcycle gloves in the summer, but covering your hands even on the hottest days is essential to your safety and comfort. Motorcycle gloves keep you alert while on the road and give you extra grip for long rides.

Lee Block, president of Racer Gloves USA, an importer and distributor of Austrian glove manufacturer Racer Outdoor GmbH, said his company has made motorcycle gloves for more than 20 years, and whether you're racing or just riding around town, gloves play an important role.

"Fundamentally motorcycle gloves have to fit you like a second skin," said Block. "If you're on your bike at a race track, you don't want ever to be thinking about your hands when you're traveling at more than 100 mph. Equally, if it's raining and cold on your daily commute you shouldn't be uncomfortable and not feel in control of your bike because of badly fitting gloves."

Why Gloves For The Summer Are So Important

Black and White Steering with Glove

Motorcycle gloves are obviously more beneficial to riders in the colder months, but there are many positives to wear the equipment in the summer too. According to experts, protecting your hands in the extreme heat is just as important as the frigid cold weather.

However, you have to choose a glove that will breathe and not make your hands too sweaty with trapped moisture. Summer gloves should be lightweight, durable and still maintain a high level of protection.

Something you don't think about until it finally happens is protection against bugs. If you've ever been on the highway driving 70 mph, and suddenly blast a bug on your hand, you know it can be a dangerous scenario. You want to stay as focused as possible when riding, and having a glove to protect your hand against high speed bugs is more important than you probably think.

Choosing The Right Fabric

[caption id="attachment_46375" align="alignright" width="300"]Fly Racing FL2 Vented Leather Gloves Fly Racing FL2 Vented Leather Gloves[/caption]

A lot of riders will tell you that leather is the best material because it can protect against the sun's harmful rays and against road rash in the event of an accident. While leather might not be the most-breathable material out there, you can invest in perforated leather or unlined leather gloves to help your hands stay dry in the hottest temperatures.

Additionally, riders tend to go toward the fingerless glove option to give more comfort and breathability. However, you're cutting down on protection with fingerless leather gloves. Some motorcycle apparel come with mesh backs to create even more airflow for your digits.

For colder weather gloves, it's a lot easier for manufacturers to put extra protection with plastic knuckle and palm protectors. In the summer, you can still find plenty of glove options that increase protection and breathe in the heat.

"The importance of good gloves is sometimes overlooked and while it's often down to personal preference you should always take the time to try on as many pairs as you can from different brands to find the ones that fit you best," Block said.

It's always smart to protect yourself with equipment that is the most comfortable to you.

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