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Head To Head: Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Systems

Chaparral Motorsports
May 10, 2015

In this Head to Head article we are taking a look at some of the current popular motorcycle communication systems ideal for two up riding.

049-71-8031HBC200HD Dual Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

Manufacturer: UClear
MSRP: $549.95

Communication Distance: Up to .43 miles between each user through multi hop technology

Group Size: 10+

Mic Type: Boomless-Mic is mounted to each earpiece

If you ride in large groups this is definitely the comms system you want everyone in your pack to have. The[mageProductLink sku="049-71-8031" title=""] Uclear HBC200HD[/mageProductLink] can connect more than double the amount of riders than the other two systems with its Super Group Intercom. Also, this system offers the furthest range amongst the three with its hop technology that connects all the riders by hopping from rider to rider (as long as each rider is within .43 miles apart)-with 12 riders using this system the lead and last rider could be more than 5 miles apart.


71JUw+poe5L._SX466_SMH10R Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack

Manufacturer: Sena

MSRP: $399.00

Communication Distance: 980 yards/900 meters

Group Size: 4

Mic Type: Boom mic and wired mic

Sportbike riders and minimalists who want a comms system without a big protruding gadget hanging off the side of their helmet will appreciate the [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10rd-01" title=""]Sena SMH10R[/mageProductLink]. The smallest and lightest of the three, this unit offers many of the same great features as the other models (hands free calling, music sharing, GPS voice prompts, and more) in an extremely compact size. One thing many people will like about the SMH10 is its universal Bluetooth tech which allows it to connect with non Sena devices.


321-0113Scala Rider Q3 Communication System MultiSet

Manufacturer: Cardo Systems

MSRP: $389.95

Communication Distance: 3,200 feet/1,100 yards/1 kilometer

Group Size: 4

Mic Type: Boom mic and wired mic

If you happen to pass by another rider (not in your group) using a Scala device you can instantly communicate with them via the Click-to-Link feature. The [mageProductLink sku="321-0113" title=""]Scala Rider Q3[/mageProductLink] has Multi Device Connectivity (MDC) with two Bluetooth channels to allow for connectivity to two mobile phones, a navigation device and/or A2DP-enabled music players. MDC also allows for rider and passenger to enjoy the option for music sharing. Lastly, a built-in FM radio with six pre-sets enables you to tune into local radio for traffic and weather updates.


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