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Blew By U: Chaparral's Turbo'd Polaris RZR XP 4 1000

Chaparral Motorsports
April 7, 2015

The Chaparral Motorsports UTV Pro Shop has been burning the candle at both ends churning out customized machine after customized machine. From wheels and tires, AnnLynn Sports cages to in-house designed vehicle wraps, our team of fabricators and techs can handle any task or project thrown their way. So when the idea came around to add some extra juice to a 2015 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 by installing a turbo kit the crew jumped at the opportunity.

These days there are quite a few options when it comes to adding a turbo to the highly popular Polaris RZR, for this project the decision was made to go with one of the new kits that K&T Performance had just released. Aside from being a complete bolt-on affair that requires no internal engine modifications, the K&T Performance XP 4 1000 Turbo Kit is designed to work off of 91 octane, premium pump gas and significantly increases the power output with only 6psi of boost. Then later down the line if the owner wants to get even more oomph out of their machine they can change out the 6lb spring to a heavier spring to increase boost, add some internal mods to the engine, and run the machine on race gas to create serious stump-pulling power.

twm-0415-fea2-19The kit arrived at the shop with everything necessary for the install including a billet wheel turbo with V band housing, 40mm external wastegate, sheetmetal plenum with additional injectors, air/air intercooler with fan shroud, billet throttle body manifold, stainless steel .120-inch thick TIG welded header, 2.5-inch stainless downpipe, fuel controller, and high-flow air filter. Once installed it was basically a stealth kit with pretty much everything hidden under the bed. The only things that may arise suspicion from other keen RZR owners is the air filter and intake elbow popping out of the rear driver's side of the bed and the Muzzy's stainless steel/brushed aluminum dual oval muffler kit ($699.99) that was neatly tucked away at the rear of the UTV.

twm-0415-fea2-15After the turbo the Chaparral Pro Shop team beefed up the suspension with an HCR Racing OEM Stock Suspension Kit ($3,499.00). While HCR dubs it the OEM Stock Suspension Kit, it's far from OEM or stock in regards to materials and build quality. A serious upgrade in strength and durability compared to the RZR components, the HCR kit replaced the stock components with heavy duty a-arms and rear trailing arms. Completely boxed in and TIG welded, the HCR kit is made of high-quality materials and features CNC'd chromoly mounting points for increased structural integrity. The I-beam look of the HCR components gave the RZRs suspension a bullet proof look, yet added less than 39 total pounds to the machine.

twm-0415-fea2-13In addition to improved strength, the kit added an extra 1.25-inch of ground clearance at the front and rear and increased the overall wheelbase by 1-inch. When it comes to hammering the throttle the longer wheelbase will definitely help make for a much more stable and controlled ride across the whoops. Installation was pretty straight forward, everything bolted in place of the stock components and only required slight relief cuts for proper clearance. Instead of reinstalling the stock wheels, a new set of Walker Evans Racing Beadlock wheels were shod with GMZ Kahuna UTV tires and mounted in place.

twm-0415-fea2-14For a more serious off road appearance, the stock cage was ditched and in its place the Chap team installed an AnnLynn Sports Radius Cage ($2,650.00). Available for the two-seater and four-seater RZRs, all AnnLynn Sports cages are hand-built in the Chaparral Motorsports UTV Pro Shop. The cages are made of ASTM-1020 1-3/4-inch OD x .095-inch D.O.M. steel tubing. The bones/mount lugs are CNC-machined out of billet steel to fit up perfectly with the stock attachment mounts. The structural components of the cages are all MIG welded, while the smaller tabs for mounting the aluminum roof and mounting brackets for accessories like whips and additional lights/LED light bars are TIG welded. The cage that was used for this particular build has a full rear wrap/integrated bumper that offers excellent structural strength and protection for the rear of the car and more importantly, the engine.

twm-0415-fea2-16Knowing that this turbo powered machine was going to be whipping up a storm of sand and dirt the stock plastic door skins weren't going to cut it so they were tossed to the side an in their place four Lower Half Aluminum Door skins from the Polaris Accessories line were installed. Along with providing additional protection for the driver and passengers, the skins give the RZR a racey and more finished look, plus they provide additional space for graphics.

twm-0415-fea2-05Speaking of protection, the build team welded together a one-off windshield frame and then fitted it with a thick piece of automotive-grade laminated glass to keep sand and other debris from peeling away the driver and passenger's top layer of facial skin when rocketing across the dunes. At the rear of the car a custom engine shroud was cut and shaped out of sheetmetal and then mounted over the rear bumper of the cage. Louvered accents were incorporated into the top of the shroud to provide extra cooling and airflow as well as allow LED lighting strips mounted underneath the cover to emit an ominous blue hue from the engine compartment. To allow for better nighttime visibility the front of the cage was outfitted with a 40 inch, 240-watt, double row, curved, LED light bar and the rear was set up with a single, 3-inch, 16-watt, Cree LED Floodlight with an amber lens cover.

Inside the RZR the stock seats were replaced with a pair of Black Suede PRP GT SE Seats ($799.99) that had been custom embroidered with the Chaparral logo. Securement for the driver and passenger was handled by black 3-inch, 5-point harnesses also from PRP. Now you're probably thinking why only two seats in a four seater? Well, while the custom engine shroud looks really cool and helps airflow for better overall performance, it also took up the place where the bed and rear storage used to be. So to regain some space to carry gear and refreshments the rear two seats were replaced with Polaris Lock and Ride Storage Boxes.

twm-0415-fea2-04The last piece of the build puzzle was to and a bit of color to RZR and that task was left up to Chaparral's in-house art director who came up with a custom wrap that mimicked the AnnLynn logo in the rear side pillars of the cage with a large "A" screamin' across the doors. The graphic is a mix of dark gray and black with deep blue striping that almost looks purple. To play off that blue hue, the cage, wheels, and HCR suspension components were sent out to get covered in matching powerdercoat. When the sun hits everything just right the blue takes on a more purple tone-it's definitely an attention getter. Some may see this RZR and call it "The Blurple People Eater," but we think "Blew by U," is a much more fitting name for this turbo monster.


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