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Ride In Comfort: How To Measure Yourself For The Correct Motorcycle Jacket Size

Chaparral Motorsports
May 21, 2014
Last Updated: June 1, 2020

If you're just getting into motorcycle riding you're probably on a quest to find all the right gear that not only looks good, but suits your riding style, and fits comfortably. While picking motorcycle gear based on looks and riding style are somewhat subjective, finding gear you feel comfortable and safe in is easier to nail down once you determine the correct sizing.

Motorcycle Jacket Sizing and Fitment Guide Video

When it comes to finding a motorcycle jacket, most people will automatically pick up a jacket based on their shirt size. While that might work some of the time, a good quality riding jacket is often a big investment and therefore you want it to fit good. If you take a several minutes to properly take a few key measurements you can then use those numbers to help you pick out the right jacket the very first time. This is especially true when you actually can't physically try on a jacket, like when shopping online.

Joe Rocket size chart
Size chart example

Most motorcycle jacket manufacturers will have a sizing chart to help you figure out exactly what size you wear. Also keep in mind that not all manufacturers use the same sizing system, some may use the more traditional small, medium, or large, others may be based on chest or arm length, while others may use something completely different. Typically what you find is that most manufacturers will have a chart that correlates their sizing to the other sizing systems (e.g. US or European) to help you find the correct size. The other thing to remember is that the style or type of jacket you choose may fit a bit differently as well. For example, a cruiser jacket might fit a little loose or be a little more forgiving than a street bike jacket which might have a slimmer/tighter cut. If you haven't already, take a look at the video above to learn exactly how to get the correct measurements for a proper fitting motorcycle jacket.

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