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Motorcycle Helmet Sizing And Fitment Guide

Chaparral Motorsports
May 12, 2014
Last Updated: December 15, 2020

A motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of riding gear you can put on before each ride. However, you shouldn't just throw on any helmet you find. If a motorcycle helmet doesn't properly fit your head it could possibly do more harm than good. When selecting a size there's more to finding the right helmet than just choosing between small, medium, or large. The most important thing you can do either ahead of time or at the helmet department of your local motorcycle shop is measure the circumference of your head.

One you have your head size you can then use that measurement to correlate it with the sizing chart of the helmet you like to get an idea as to what size you should try on first. Keep in mind that helmet sizing may vary from one helmet manufacturer to another with some measuring in inches, others measuring in centimeters, or some offering a mix of both. Another thing to take note of is that not everyone has the same head shape. To accommodate this fact some manufacturers offer different shell sizes and shapes to better fit a variety of head shapes. So, while a large sized helmet made by one manufacturer may fit one way, another large sized helmet from another manufacturer may fit completely different. In the end it's up to you to determine which feels most comfortable while meeting the criteria for a properly fitting helmet. Watch the video above for a few tips on how to determine if a motorcycle helmet properly fits your head.

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