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Explore The Benefits Of An FMF Q4 Exhaust

Chaparral Motorsports
February 18, 2014
Last Updated: September 2, 2020

Motocross riders are always looking for something that will give them an edge in a competition. While some may think this is restricted to items like aerodynamic helmets or wind-resistant protective apparel, there are many other ways you can alter a dirt bike to increase the speed and efficiency of the machine.

Why Change Your Exhaust?

Changing the exhaust system on a dirt bike can have a significant impact on the horsepower and torque production of a machine. There are other benefits that can be achieved from an aftermarket exhaust, but the most prominent is the increase in power you can receive. The right exhaust can maximize the efficiency of an engine, raising the power output throughout the entire RPM range, giving you a leg up on the competition and making the dirt bike more fun to ride.

Another benefit of improving the exhaust is that it can reduce the noise produced by your machine. In fact, the Q4 exhaust system from FMF Racing is one of the best for lowering the sound without disrupting power.

The FMF Q4 Exhaust System

If you're ready to make the leap to a new exhaust, consider the FMF Racing Q4 Slip-On Exhaust. The latest version of this product is the result of years of testing and innovations, and it is one of the top options for those who want to improve the performance of their dirt bike or ATV.

Made from incredibly strong stainless steel and aluminum, this exhaust is capable of acting as a quieting muffler for a wide range of bikes. The FMF Q4 Exhaust has a maximum sound output of 96 decibels, but most models will stay under 93 decibels for more enjoyable riding.

FMF products are often more preferable to your stock exhaust for many reasons. For example, the Q4 Exhaust is generally lighter than a stock muffler, allowing a you to cut weight from your machine for quicker acceleration and better handling. It can also reduce noise output without making it more difficult to reach high speeds. If you're a motocross race, the Q4 will appeal to you because it has been designed for the kind of intense, highly competitive riding you're participating in, which ensures that you are getting a product that meets your needs. Other products may be better suited for recreational riding, heavy-duty work, or learning the ropes of dirt bikes instead of racing.

Put A Hex On The Competition

Another great option for boosting your power and quieting your bike is the FMF Racing Q4 Hex Slip-On Exhaust. It is the latest generation of FMF's patented quiet technology, putting the forefront of modern engineering at your motorcycle's disposal. You'll be keeping the trails safe with the included spark arrestor while meeting USFS and FIM sound standards - perfect for Enduro races.

This exhaust is ruggedly built from aircraft grade aluminum with high strength stainless steel end caps and midpipe, making it pounds lighter than the stock OEM exhaust.

Titanium Power

You may feel the need for speed, and a single improvement from an aluminum slip-on exhaust isn't enough. There is a FMF Racing Q4 ATV complete exhaust system available for quads, and for dirt bikes there's a slip-on made from the ultimate racing metal - titanium. The FMF Racing Q4 Titanium Slip-On Exhaust has all the features and benefits of the regular Q4, but the canister and endcaps are made from extremely lightweight American TiMetal Titanium. With this exhaust you'll love the weight savings, quieter engine, and power increase.

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