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Shark Raw Open Face Helmet Merges Simple Designs And Complex Protection

Chaparral Motorsports
December 22, 2013

Riding a street bike calls for a particular style of helmet. Because street bike gear needs to work on everything from busy urban streets to empty country roads, cruiser helmets come in a variety of styles and designs that span a wide range of options. While it can be difficult to determine which one of these pieces is best, products like the [mageProductLink sku="380-3010-01-xs" title="Shark Raw Open Face Helmet"]Shark Raw Open Face Helmet[/mageProductLink] make it easy.

The Style

The exterior of the Shark Raw Open Face Helmet is striking. Its smooth outer shell has a distinct military feel, thanks in large part to the thermoplastic resin material it is made of. This outer shell remains close to the head, which improves the aerodynamics of the product and fits snugly to the shape of the skull. Not only does this reduce drag, but it also enhances the protection of the head.

Goggles and a detachable face mask have been integrated into the design. This allows you to shield the entirety of your face without sacrificing style - in fact, the Shark Raw Open Face Helmet likely looks best with all of these pieces in place. The goggles can even fit over existing pairs of eyeglasses or sunglasses, ensuring that you will only have to make minimal adjustments to get the item to work for you.

The Protection

Of course, the style of the Shark Raw Open Face Helmet has nothing on its intense layers of protection. Much of the interior is made from natural bamboo fiber, which has been blended with plenty of ventilation channels. Together, these tools work to absorb sweat and increase air flow, all while reducing the risk of an allergic reaction to the fibers or riders' surroundings. The ventilation system can also be opened or closed, depending on the season, to maximize a rider's comfort.

The goggles that come with the helmet are resistant to scratching and fogging. They also have a tinted double screen, which adds insulation in addition to UV filtering. The multiple layers significantly reduce glare, as well. Those qualities are excellent for when the visor is firmly in place, but when things get tough, riders will appreciate the quick-release system that allows the visor to be easily separated from the helmet.

One of the major areas of focus on the Shark Raw Open Face Helmet is the ventilation mask over the mouth. The addition of guards over the cheeks provides ample protection over the bottom half of the face, and they can be easily attached to the goggles. This results in a comprehensive shield over the entire face, with no room for wind, rain, cold air or insects to infiltrate. Riders will also like that the ventilation system integrated into the mask allows them to breathe in and out without worry.

Customization Options

[mageProductLink sku="380-3015-01-xs" title=""]Shark Raw Open Face Helmet Graphics[/mageProductLink]Those who want to add their own touches to the helmet can take advantage of things like the planned location for the brand's Sharktooth capability, which adds Bluetooth connectivity to the item. Available in black, white, matte black and matte green, as well as a few graphics options, this Shark Raw Open Face Helmet is sure to emphasize a simplistic yet sleek personal style. It can also be purchased in multiple sizes to ensure the best possible fit for any individual rider.

Although this helmet may look straightforward on the outside, it actually contains a complex system that maximizes protection and comfort. For those riders who want the rest of their gear to appear as compact and confident as their street bike, the Shark Raw helmet is an ideal option.

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