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San Bernardino Police Conducting Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation

Posted on November 25, 2013 by Motorcycle Maniac.

San Mateo Police Embrace Electric MotorcyclesThe San Bernardino Police Department is conducting a Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation today (November 25, 2013) in an attempt to lower death and injuries related to motorcycle riders. Officers will be looking for people operating vehicles or motorcycles while impaired, speeding, making illegal turns or committing other dangerous actions. The Operation will be focused on areas with heavy motorcycle traffic or where motorcycle crashes tend to occur. So if you’re riding around in San Bernardino today make sure your motorcycle helmet is DOT compliant, your motorcycle tires are in good shape and not bald, and your turn signals are in good working order.

  • There out there waiting to ""rob you""legally of your hard earn money with fines to pay for there overtime
  • This will absolutely NOT be a reason for them to harass you......right.
  • There out there again fucking the public !
  • I have to agree to a certain point. A lot of motorcycle accidents are avoidable if the riders were more experienced and didn't ride with their head up their azz. Before I hear any BS I can say this as a 40 year motorcycle rider with more miles in the saddle than most. Just this morning I was driving my cage in the carpool lane when a joker riding a motorcycle crossed the double yellow line and pulled right out in front of me going half my speed. I had to slam on my brakes so that my 6000 lb vehicle didn't plow right over him.
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  • It's to generate revenue and has to do with motorcycle safety.
  • I like to believe that if I'm not doing something wrong at that moment I won't be messed with. hopefully they target the cars and how they like to text more than the motorcycles. ride safe everybody.
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