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Recommendations For Winter Bike Storage

Chaparral Motorsports
October 30, 2013
Recommendations For Winter Bike Storage

It's getting to the time of year when many motorcyclists are packing up their motorcycle gear and placing bikes in storage for the winter. Although riders may be hesitant to put their adventures on hiatus for a few months, they need to take steps to ensure they are caring for and storing their vehicles properly.

There are some tips that all riders should keep in mind as they store their motorcycle for the winter. After all, simply parking it in a corner could result in damage and decreased efficiency, leading to expensive repairs or maintenance fees. To prevent this, all bike owners should invest in accessories like smart battery chargers. Also known as a battery tender, this item preserves a battery and ensures that it will be able to start right up again in the spring.

Another tip is to change the engine oil before packing up equipment. Leaving dirty oil, fuel or other fluids in a resting bike for weeks can harm the engine and accelerate wear and tear. Stabilizing the fuel is also important, as it can ensure that any leftover ethanol is not damaging the engine and inner workings of a bike.

Finally, be sure to wash the motorcycle before covering it up for the season. Any debris left on the exterior could chip the paint for corrode the outside.

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