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2012 AMA Motocross Unadilla Results

Chaparral Motorsports
August 20, 2012

Ryan Dungey Crowned 2012 450 Motocross Champion

[caption id="attachment_14755" align="alignright" width="300"]Ryan Dungey 2012 Motocross Unadilla - Champion Ryan Dungey made history once again as he took the overall victory and the 450 Motocross Champion's crown - Photo:[/caption]

Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey made history once again as he went 1-1 at Unadilla Raceway to take the overall victory and the crown as the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro 450 Motocross Champion.

Dungey started 5th in the first moto and suffered a crash within the first lap causing him to fall to 11th place. He quickly rebounded and moved back into the top ten on the next lap. He used the remaining laps to pick off riders as he climbed to the top of the pack and eventually put his KTM 450 SX-F into the lead at the two lap board. When the checkered flag flew, Dungey crossed the finish line to take the first moto victory.

Fans lined the fence for the start of moto two in anticipation of watching Dungey make history for KTM as he rode his way to victory in the second moto to claim KTM's first 450 Motocross Championship. Dungey launched off to a 4th place start and moved into 3rd by the fourth corner. The next lap he leaped into 2nd and moments later he had passed for the lead. Dungey never looked back and went on to lead the remaining laps to claim the overall and his first championship on the KTM brand.

"It has been an amazing year with the Red Bull/KTM Team," remarked Dungey on the podium. "I am so happy to clinch this championship and so grateful to every member of the Red Bull/KTM Team and my family that have helped me get here today. When I joined the KTM team last October, Roger told me that we would be championship contenders and I believed him. It has come true today."

[caption id="attachment_14756" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen 2012 Motocross Unadilla - Trophies Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, and Ken Roczen all had spectacular races at Unadilla - Photo:[/caption]

Red Bull/KTM Factory Team Manager Roger DeCoster was elated with Dungey's victory, stating, "The team and Ryan have worked so hard this season. We have seen him have success in Supercross and then suffer an injury only to come back stronger. This is a great moment for the team, for KTM and for Ryan. We are very proud of him and look forward to running the number one plate at the final two races."

Next Event: Steel City Raceway - September 1, 2012

Source: KTM North America

Marvin Musquin Wins First Overall 250 Motocross Victory

[caption id="attachment_14758" align="alignright" width="300"]Marvin Musquin 2012 Motocross 250cc Unadilla - Podium Marvin Musquin claimed his first 250 Motocross class victory at Unadilla - Photo:[/caption]

Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin claimed his first 250 Motocross class victory at the tenth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship after earning 2-3 moto results.

Musquin and his teammate, Ken Roczen, had a great start to the day turning the top two fastest lap times in morning qualifying. In the first moto, both Red Bull/KTM teammates started up front and quickly moved into 1st and 2nd position. Roczen held the lead while Musquin was sitting in 2nd. The two riders pulled away out front and led the field for the 30 minute plus two lap moto. When the checkered flag flew, Roczen claimed his first career victory while Musquin finished 2nd.

"I am really excited to take a win at Unadilla," remarked Roczen. "I have been working really hard and been so close so many times this season. It is a great feeling to have it pay off and to also celebrate with my teammate up here."

In moto two, it was Musquin with a top five start while Roczen sat in 10th place in the first corner. Musquin quickly climbed into 3rd position where he would remain for the moto. Roczen fought his way through the pack and eventually finished in 6th position. Musquin's 3rd place result earned him his first overall 250 Motocross victory while Roczen's 1-6 moto finishes earned him 3rd overall for the day.

[caption id="attachment_14759" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ken Roczen 2012 Motocross 250cc Unadilla - 3rd Place Ken Roczen claimed his first career victory and placed 3rd overall - Photo:[/caption]

"I was very nervous on the last lap," stated Musquin. "I knew if I finished inside the top three I would get the overall and it was a very exciting last lap. I was so happy when I crossed the finish line. I would really like to thank the whole team, especially my mechanic, Frankie, for all of their hard work. It is a great feeling to get the overall on the same weekend Ryan Dungey claimed his championship. We have a lot to celebrate as a team today and I am glad to be a part of it."

Next Event: Steel City Raceway - September 1, 2012

Source: KTM North America

Jason Anderson Picks Up Best Result At Unadilla

[caption id="attachment_14799" align="alignright" width="300"]Jason Anderson 2012 Motocross 250cc Unadilla - 8th Place Jason Anderson picked-up his best moto finish of the season at Unadilla.[/caption]

Rockstar Energy Suzuki's Jason Anderson picked-up his best moto finish of the season at the weekend's 10th round of the AMA Motocross Championship at Unadilla in New Berlin, New York with fifth place in the opening moto of the Lites class aboard his RM-Z250.

In the second moto, he struggled a bit but still finished 12th but still finished the day in eighth overall.

"This weekend was decent," said Anderson. "I had a good first moto then I crashed on the start of the second moto and came back to 12th. I have some stuff to work on and my plan is to come in to Steel City feeling good."

Rockstar Energy Racing team mate Martin Davalos recovered from his illness last week and finished right behind Anderson in the 250 class overall results. Davalos was consistent in both motos picking up 13th and seventh-placed results to capture ninth overall for the day.

[caption id="attachment_14800" align="alignleft" width="300"]Martin Davalos 2012 Motocross 250cc Unadilla - 9th Place "I finally felt like I was riding like myself again. So we'll take a short break and come back ready for Steel City." - Martin Davalos[/caption]

"In the first moto, I didn't get the greatest start," said Davalos. "I rode tight and did OK and I got 13th. In the second moto, I got a way better start and I was able to ride my own race at my own pace. I was pretty happy with my second moto and I finally felt like I was riding like myself again. So we'll take a short break and come back ready for Steel City."

Rockstar Energy Racing's Blake Wharton started the day strong by finishing his first moto in a very respectable fourth place. In the second moto he suffered a crash and didn't finish but still finished a solid 11th overall.

Rockstar Energy Racing's Hunter Hewitt remains out due to illness, but hopes to be racing before the end of the season. And Rockstar's Jessica Patterson is on hiatus until the WMX class resumes at the final round of AMA Pro Motocross at the Lake Elsinore National in September.

The next event for the Rockstar Energy Racing Suzuki is the 11th round of the 2012 AMA Pro Motocross Championship on Saturday, September 1st, at the Steel City National in Delmont, PA.

Source: Team Suzuki

JDR/J-Star/KTM Race Report - Unadilla Raceway

[caption id="attachment_14751" align="alignright" width="300"]Malcolm Stewart 2012 Motocross 250cc Unadilla - 13th Place Malcolm Stewart's 13th place result does not give him justice for his impressive rides - Photo:[/caption]

JDR/J-Star/KTM rider Malcolm Stewart's 13th place result at the tenth round of the Lucas Oil AMA 250 Pro Motocross Championship Series does not give him justice for the impressive ride he put together in both motos on the tough and challenging track.

Stewart started the first moto in 16th position and made some impressive passes on the second lap to move into the top ten. He continued to charge forward moving up one position on the third lap to takeover 9th place. He remained consistent in his lap times and held 9th place through the halfway mark of the race. A few mistakes on the last two laps caused him to drop one position with a lap to go. He eventually crossed the finish line in 10th position on one of the most difficult courses of the season.

In moto two, Stewart launched off the line to a slightly better start rounding the first corner in 11th. Unfortunately, he hit a rock on the second lap which bent his shifter. He tried to ride it out for another lap before coming into the mechanic's area for assistance. His mechanic quickly replaced his shifter, but Stewart dropped to the end of the pack during the exchange. On the fourth lap he was marked down in 37th place. From there, he put his head down and rode an impressive race to put his KTM back in a points earning position. With five laps to go, he broke into the top twenty. With four laps remaining, he moved up two positions to capture 18th place. He held that position through the end of the race. His 10-18 moto scores earned him 13th overall for the day.

"The track was really rough today," stated Stewart. "The ruts were so deep and there were quite a few rocks. This race is always one of the toughest and that was definitely proven today. I am happy to walk away safe from this race but am really hoping to close in on a top five finish before the end of the season."

Next Event: Steel City Raceway - September 1, 2012

Source: KTM North America

Unadilla Overview And Point Standings

2012 AMA Pro Motocross Unadilla Image Gallery (Click for full size images)

Overall Results - 450 Class - Moto 1 / Moto 2

  1. Ryan Dungey - 1 / 1
  2. Broc Tickle - 2 / 4
  3. Andrew Short - 4 / 3
  4. Davi Millsaps - 3 / 5
  5. Josh Grant - 5 / 6
  6. Nico Izzi - 6 / 8
  7. Tyla Rattray - 8 / 9
  8. Phillip Nicoletti - 7 / 11
  9. Kyle Chisholm - 12 / 7
  10. Mike Alessi - 39 / 2
  11. Robert Kiniry - 10 / 12
  12. Justin Brayton - 15 / 10
  13. Vince Friese - 11 / 16
  14. Austin Howell - 14 / 14
  15. James Stewart - 9 / 35
  16. Ben LaMay - 16 / 15
  17. Robert Marshall - 20 / 13
  18. Kyle Regal - 13 / 21
  19. Derek Anderson - 22 / 17
  20. Jesse Wentland - 19 / 19

450 Motocross Point Standings - ( Round 10 of 12 )

  1. Ryan Dungey - 480 - 2012 Champion
  2. Mike Alessi - 367
  3. Andrew Short - 311
  4. Jacob Weimer - 293
  5. Broc Tickle - 293
  6. Josh Grant - 226
  7. Justin Brayton - 202
  8. Kyle Chisholm - 182
  9. James Stewart - 163
  10. Davi Millsaps - 150
  11. Brett Metcalfe - 142
  12. Michael Byrne - 138
  13. Nico Izzi - 123
  14. Tyla Rattray - 109
  15. Tommy Hahn - 101
  16. Ryan Sipes - 94
  17. Robert Kiniry - 73
  18. Vince Friese - 73
  19. Ben LaMay - 68
  20. Les Smith - 66

Overall Results - 250 Class - Moto 1 / Moto 2

  1. Marvin Musquin - 2 / 3
  2. Eli Tomac - 6 / 1
  3. Ken Roczen - 1 / 6
  4. Justin Barcia - 7 / 2
  5. Blake Baggett - 3 / 5
  6. Justin Bogle - 11 / 4
  7. Wil Hahn - 9 / 8
  8. Jason Anderson - 5 / 12
  9. Martin Davalos - 13 / 7
  10. Jessy Nelson - 14 / 9
  11. Blake Wharton - 4 / 33
  12. Jake Canada - 12 / 13
  13. Malcolm Stewart - 10 / 18
  14. Zachary Bell - 8 / 31
  15. Travis Baker - 16 / 14
  16. Cole Thompson - 15 / 15
  17. Ryan Sipes - 38 / 10
  18. Alex Martin - 37 / 11
  19. Dakota Tedder - 23 / 16
  20. Jacob Hayes - 39 / 17

250 Motocross Point Standings - ( Round 10 of 12 )

  1. Blake Baggett - 436
  2. Justin Barcia - 412
  3. Eli Tomac - 408
  4. Ken Roczen - 385
  5. Marvin Musquin - 336
  6. Wil Hahn - 255
  7. Blake Wharton - 215
  8. Jason Anderson - 206
  9. Jessy Nelson - 189
  10. Travis Baker - 168
  11. Jake Canada - 149
  12. Malcolm Stewart - 137
  13. Alex Martin - 119
  14. Justin Bogle - 112
  15. Gareth Swanepoel - 106
  16. Ivan Tedesco - 105
  17. Kyle Cunningham - 96
  18. Martin Davalos - 80
  19. Kyle Peters - 73
  20. Ryan Sipes - 55

WMX Inactive for this Event

Women's Motocross Point Standings - ( Round 7 of 8 )

  1. Jessica Patterson - 280
  2. Ashley Fiolek - 275
  3. Tarah Gieger - 270
  4. Mariana Balbi - 227
  5. Sara Pettersson - 209
  6. Jacqueline Strong - 206
  7. Kasie Creson - 174
  8. Alexah Pearson - 149
  9. Sade Allender - 148
  10. Sayaka Kaneshiro - 137
  11. Amanda Brown - 130
  12. Sarah Whitmore - 120
  13. Brianna DeGray - 110
  14. Meghan Rutledge - 78
  15. Jackie Ives - 62
  16. Shelby Rolen - 54
  17. April Zastrow - 49
  18. Hailey Larson - 48
  19. Ashley Boham - 38
  20. Marissa Markelon - 36
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