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AFX FX-50 Motorcycle Helmet Product Review

Chaparral Motorsports
May 23, 2012
AFX FX-50 Motorcycle Helmet

Open-face motorcycle helmets are best suited for a certain type of riding. Whipping down the highway at 70 miles per hour, an open-face design can get old pretty quickly - unless riders have installed a windscreen on their bike. For those who primarily ride in the city, however, the open-face design provides better visibility and airflow than most other types of helmets.

The AFX FX-50 is the company's entry in the open-face design market. AFX has garnered a reputation as making very solid motorcycle helmets that challenge the top-of-the-line models in overall quality, while still maintaining a low price point. The FX-50 is no different, an excellent choice for city riders that don't have a huge budget to spend on a motorcycle helmet.

Riders should know that one of the reasons the cost of the FX-50 is low is because it doesn't come with a bunch of fancy graphic options. The model comes in silver, white, black, matte black, red and neon yellow. Still, just because the helmet doesn't have eye-catching graphics doesn't mean it isn't stylish. The overall design of the helmet coupled with the excellent paint quality make the FX-50 a great complement to most motorcycle apparel.

For most riders the overall fit of the helmet is the most important aspect, and the FX-50 does not disappoint in this area. For starters, the open face design obviously allows for a bit more breathing room in the front of the helmet. The helmet runs slightly large, so riders should be sure to try the FX-50 on in person to ensure they get one that fits their head type. The FX-50 is made in two shell shapes with varying thickness of liner to then make up the individual sizes. The shell shapes are XS-M and L-XXL, so a medium helmet will have just as much padding as an XXL, but a smaller overall architecture.

One of the big benefits of an open-face design is the ventilation. It's safe to say that you won't need to worry about staying cool in the FX-50, making it the perfect helmet for summer riding. The model does include a face shield that will provide some protection from wind if things start to get too uncomfortable. In addition, there's still top and rear vents on the helmet that keep the interior parts of the head cool, not just the face. Overall, ventilation is one of the biggest reasons to buy an open-face motorcycle helmet and the FX-50 doesn't disappoint.

Of course, there's a bit of a trade-off in the noise department. Simply put, no helmet that allows this much air in will be as quiet as one that has a more closed design. That being said, the FX-50 does an excellent job of keeping things relatively quiet thanks to its deep ear pockets. Riders who like to use in-ear communication devices should be warned, however, that it can be tricky to fit these devices inside the helmet.

Visibility is another area where the FX-50 excels. This helmet is perfect for city riders who need to keep their head on a swivel, checking for pedestrians and other traffic. The open design allows for excellent peripheral vision. The FX-50 also includes a sun visor that slides down for those bright summer days.

Overall, the FX-50 is a well-balanced helmet that is best at home among the skyscrapers, although it can likely be taken out on some longer highway rides with a windscreen shielding the rider a bit. Ultimately, the rider has to like the open-face helmet design to enjoy the FX-50, but if they do this is a top-notch model at an excellent price.

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