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Turn Your Honda Into A Supermoto

Chaparral Motorsports
July 13, 2010

Have you ever watched a Supermoto race and thought about how much fun it would be to whip a light-weight bike like that through your hometown streets? Imagine how fun blazing through the twistys would be on a CRF450! Well, no need to day dream my thrill seeking friend, you can make the street legal Supermoto Honda CRF450 a reality! Braking, tire choice and aesthetics are the three components that make a Supermoto bike unique.

Tire Choice
To start with you'll need to switch out the tires and rims. Toss away the knobbys and get some Continental Supermoto tires. 120s for the front and a nice fat 150 on the rear for added grip. The Conti's are designed for both street and track use so you get high levels of grip in the corners, excellent braking and they are D.O.T approved which is important when you head down to the DMV for inspection. Mount these to Warp 9 Supermoto wheels in a 17X3.50 front rim and 17X4.25. Be sure to pick up some new Supermoto sized tubes.

Next we need to talk braking. Stopping is every bit as important as going fast so a 320mm oversized rotor is a must have for a Supermoto racer. Smooth accurate braking is all about dissipating heat so make it a wave rotor. The irregular "wave" edges helps the rotor keep its' cool so you have braking power when and where you need it. You will have to relocate the brake caliper. Investigate the options of adding a slick anodized brake caliper relocator. Adding a heavier duty steel rotor on the rear is also recommended.

While we are at the rear wheel, think about gearing. The off-road gearing is way too low for Supermoto street duty so a change to the rear sprocket is imperative. You will need more top end. The best bet is to upgrade to a 7075 T6 Aluminum for light weight and superior strength.

Let's go topside for a moment. You need to see at night and look good in the day. The Acerbis Dimension Universal headlight gives the bike a sleek fast Supermoto look, and will light your way. Most DMV offices require a DOT approved light; the Acerbis Dimension will also look good to the inspectors because it's approved by the Department of Transportation for on road use.

Replace your stock fenders with Acerbis Supermoto EVO front and rear fenders. They are available in six different colors, but black makes the bike look mean and street ready! Add a pair of Acerbis universal off-road mirrors on the front bars and for safety a universal reflective strip kit in red on the back of the bike.

Signals and Electrics
Install the D.O.T approved Acerbis universal brake taillights and front and rear universal D.O.T. approved turn signals. Install a universal horn mechanism, front and rear brake light switches, universal relay flashers and a universal control switch with signal, headlight, horn and on/off switches to control it all. This will all need to be connected up with a new universal wiring harness. To power your lights you will need to replace the stock stator with one from Moose. These come ready to plug in like the OEM part but include a 75W lighting output.

On a final note, be sure to check with your local DMV for particular requirements in your area. Not all States are the same. Make certain you have everything ready for inspection before you go to register your bike. Once you have your DMV's blessing, go ride, you will instantly realize it was well worth the effort.

Wish List for your Supermoto Conversion
Continental Supermoto Tires 120 Front, 150 Rear (SET)
Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels, 17x3.50 front mated with a 17x4.25 rear
Set of Supermoto Size Tubes
Stainless Steel Wave Brake 320MM Front Rotor
Anodized Brake Caliper Relocator
Rear Steel Rotor
7075 T6 Aluminum Sprocket
Acerbis Dimension Universal Headlight, DOT Approved
Acerbis LED Universal Brake Tail Light, DOT Approved
4 Universal DOT Turn Signals, DOT Approved
Universal Control switch with Signals, Headlight, Horn, On/Off
Universal Wiring Harness
Universal Front and rear brake light switches
Universal Horn mechanism
Pair of Acerbis universal off-road mirrors
Universal Reflective Strip Kit (RED)
Universal Relay Flasher
Moose Ignition and Lighting coils/stator
Acerbis Supermoto Fenders (BLACK)

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