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2010 Supercross And Motocross National Numbers Announced

Chaparral Motorsports
November 27, 2009
AMA Announces 2010 National Numbers For Supercross And Motocross
AMA Logo

In partnership with Feld Motor Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced the 2010 national numbers for pro-licensed riders in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, and the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

National numbers in the disciplines of Supercross and Motocross are assigned by the following process:

  • No. 1: The current series champion must run the No. 1 plate in that series.
  • Nos. 2-9: A champion from the previous competition year may choose a permanent single-digit number if available, with the exception of No. 4. The AMA has reserved No. 4 for exclusive use by Ricky Carmichael through 2011.
  • Nos. 10-999: Riders who finish in the top 10 in combined championship points in Supercross, Motocross 250 and Motocross 450 competition in the previous competition year have the option to choose a career national two-digit number, if available. These riders, by their option, may instead select a three-digit national number.

Riders who finish outside the top 10 but in the top 100 in combined championship points in Supercross, Motocross 250 and Motocross 450 competition in the previous year will be assigned consecutive two-digit numbers from the available supply until that supply is exhausted.

A comparison of riders' best moto finishes breaks a tie, unless one of those riders competed in only one discipline. In the case of a tie between a rider who rode one discipline (e.g., Supercross) and a rider who rode both disciplines, the tie is broken in favor of the rider who rode both series.

A rider who fails to earn at least one championship point during the season preceding the current season will lose his or her career number and be issued a new number based on current points. Special consideration is given to a rider if an injury impeded participation the previous year.

Note: Lower three-digit competition numbers (e.g., 100-125) are traditionally held for past or current champions from non-U.S. series who participate in a Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, or a Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross event.

AMA National Motocross/Supercross Competition Numbers

* Career numbers
** New career numbers for 2010
*2: Ryan Villopoto
*3: Mike Brown
**5: Ryan Dungey (No. 1, Motocross 250 and Supercross Lites West)
*7: James Stewart (No. 1, Supercross)
*8: Grant Langston
*9: Ivan Tedesco
10: Thomas Hahn
*11: Travis Preston
12: Jake Weimer
*13: Heath Voss
*14: Kevin Windham
*15: Timmy Ferry
*16: John Dowd
17: Justin Barcia
*18: David Millsaps
19: Tommy Searle
20: Broc Tickle
21: Blake Wharton
*22: Chad Reed (No. 1, Motocross 450)
23: Justin Brayton
*24: Brett Metcalfe
*25: Nathan Ramsey
*26: Michael Byrne
*27: Nicholas Wey
28: Tyla Rattray
*29: Andrew Short
30: Cody Cooper
31: Matthew Lemoine
32: Kyle Cunningham
**33: Josh Grant
34: James Albertson
35: Matthew Goerke
36: Darryn Durham
37: Tyler Bowers
38: Trey Canard
39: Ricky Dietrich
40: Jake Moss
41: Kyle Regal
42: Ben Evans
43: Steven Clarke
44: PJ Larsen
45: Austin Stroupe
46: Ryan Sipes
47: Matt Boni
48: Max Anstie
49: William Hahn
50: Alex Martin
51: Paul Carpenter
52: Antonio Balbi
53: Jeff Alessi
54: Jason Lawrence
55: Kyle Chisholm
56: Ben Coisy
57: Jarred Browne
58: Weston Peick
59: Daniel Reardon
*60: Broc Hepler
61: Vince Freise
62: Jason Thomas
63: Sean Borkenhagen
64: Taylor Futrell
65: Troy Adams
66: Blake Baggett
67: Chris Blose
68: Robert Kiniry
69: Adam Chatfield
70: Robby Marshall
71: Kyle Summers
72: Christian Craig
73: Ben Lamay
74: Tucker Hibbert
*75: Josh Hill
76: Martin Davalos
77: Charles J Summey
78: Gavin Gracyk
79: Justin Sipes
80: Billy Laninovich
81: Cole Siebler
82: Jesse Casillas
83: Steve Boniface
84: Michael Hall
85: Scott Champion
86: Bobby Bonds
87: Les Smith
88: Ricky Renner
89: Jacob Marsack
90: Willy Browning
91: Jase Lewis
92: Michael Willard
93: Justin McDonald
94: Ryan Morais
95: Lucas Crespi
96: Josh Hansen
97: Robert Fitch
98: Roberto Castro
99: Topher Ingalls
**377: Christophe Pourcel (No. 1, Supercross Lites East)
*800: Mike Alessi

About the American Motorcyclist Association
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