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Bikemaster Lithium Ion Battery

Bikemaster Lithium Ion Battery

$57.97 - $305.48
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  • Ultra high cranking amps from a super lightweight battery - only 1/3 the weight of a lead acid battery
  • The most advanced high-power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology available from Bikemaster
  • No corrosive liquids and no toxic heavy metals make these batteries environmentally friendly
  • Superior vibration resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damage
  • Cylindrical cell with energy storage welding technology for higher output
  • Built-in charge and equalizing protection board, preventing battery from over-charging
  • More than twice the service life of conventional lead acid batteries
  • Remarkably low self-discharge for extended storage periods up to one year
  • Suitable for low temperature environments
  • 12 Volt battery
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty

Note: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle.

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